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Winter descended from the mountains, a cloak of ice wrapped about his shoulders.


A living force of nature, his very presences consumed all before him. A blanket of snow and ice spread out at his feet, the earth crunching beneath his foot falls. A shroud of mist hung with baited breath behind him, waiting for his invitation to slip down into the valley and consume all before it.

Even the sun, once bright and warm in its track, cast a cold glow upon the frozen landscape.

Half-Blood Dragon

Brittle ice caked outstretched tree limbs, weighing them down and snapping off the fragile ends. Dark rich earth and pale green grass gave way to a blanket of cold crystals as he passed. Silence enshrouded the unnatural winter as birds fell from the sky, and rodents scrambled into dens, never to emerge, their blood frozen. No being could come near to the vision of ice. For miles nothing ventured beyond the grip of winter. Nothing save the wind, and footfalls of the one carrying ice in his very soul.

The great leaders of the cities to the south did not see the danger creeping steadily closer to them. They could not feel the cold of winter, or hear the fury of the winds descending from the mountain. I hung the lace curtains for her just two summers ago when the sunlight had become too much for her weakening body. I sat on the edge of her bed, taking her hand in mine. It was like clutching a skeleton with thin paper wrapped over her birdlike bones.

This was my mother, or what was left of her. Only thirty-eight and she was succumbing to a wasting disease that no cleric could seem to heal. Not that there had been many clerics visiting our small village. I had to lean forward to hear her words, like crushed leaves on the breeze, cracking and popping as she spoke.

And what will dad do without you? Mother always had an odd sense of humor. From the back of a plow horse? I might not have been a wife yet, but I knew it would come soon, and all the stories of mages and dragons mother shared with me would be replaced with babies and laundry. She had been married to my father for twenty years, and knew all too well his temper.

I knew it too, and had been on the wrong side of it more often than not. I tried to brush it off, to remind myself that he loved me, but it had gotten harder to do so since mother took ill. She was dying and there was nothing I could do. No wizard to call. No demon to summon. My mother was going to slip into the next world, and it would be soon. Her skin was warm beneath my lips, and smelled of sour elderberries. The wasting disease had come on two summers before, slowly creeping inside her. The strong jaw, and quick smile had been replaced by a skull covered in thin parchment.

He overhears Draco bragging to his friends about the mission Lord Voldemort has tasked him. However, Malfoy is suspicious that someone else is in the carriage and discovers Harry Potter was listening to his conversation. He petrifies him and breaks his nose out of rage. Harry cannot get off the carriage, and is worried the Hogwarts Express will depart before he can move again.

To his relief however, Nymphadora Tonks finds Harry and escorts him back to the castle during the opening feast. In the meantime, Horace Slughorn will resume his previous post as Potions teacher. Harry now excels in Potions, thanks to having received a used Potions textbook that once belonged to someone named "The Half-Blood Prince," a mysterious former student who wrote numerous tips and spells in his Potions textbook. Harry uses this information to achieve superb results. Believing that Harry needs to learn Voldemort's past to gain advantage in a foretold battle, Dumbledore schedules regular meetings with Harry in his office.

Amidst these lessons, Ron starts dating a girl named Lavender Brown, who is also a sixth year Gryffindor student, and Ron and Hermione start yet another quarrel. Also during this time, Dumbledore and Harry use Dumbledore's Pensieve to look at the memories of those who have had direct contact with Voldemort. Harry learns about Voldemort's family and his foe's evolution into a murderer, obsessed not only with power, but with gaining eternal life. Dumbledore shows Harry a memory involving Slughorn conversing with the young Tom Riddle at Hogwarts, which has clearly been tampered with.

He sets Harry the task of convincing Slughorn to give him the true memory so that Dumbledore can confirm his suspicions about Voldemort's rise to power and near-invincibility.

Half Blood Sorceress

This is proven vital in the defeat of Voldemort. After being sent an invitation to the funeral for Aragog the Spider, he uses an hour's dose of Felix Felicis and succeeds in retrieving Slughorn's unedited memory while at the funeral. In it, Slughorn tells Riddle about the process of splitting one's soul and hiding it in several objects called Horcruxes.

Only by committing a murder can a wizard turn an object into a Horcrux; Voldemort has created six of them, making himself virtually immortal by placing a piece of his soul in each one, and keeping the seventh and last one within his body. Dumbledore explains that in order to destroy Voldemort, all the Horcruxes must first be destroyed. Two Horcruxes, Riddle's diary from Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets and a ring belonging to Voldemort's grandfather Marvolo Gaunt, have already been destroyed; but four others remain.

As Harry learns more about his great enemy, the love lives of the main characters start to become more active.

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Ron and Hermione grow closer together, but after learning from his sister Ginny , that Hermione had previously kissed Viktor Krum, Ron is angered and shuns her. Harry's attempts to repair things between the two fail, resulting in Ron going out with Lavender Brown and making Hermione jealous.

After Ron is nearly killed in an attempt on Dumbledore's life, he and Hermione reconcile. Ron and Lavender break up when Lavender sees the two of them walking out of the boys dormitories together. Harry develops deep feelings for Ginny, but is reluctant to pursue her for most of the year because of his friendship with Ron.

Following a wild Gryffindor Quidditch victory, Harry and Ginny finally strike up a relationship, with Ron's reluctant consent. Near the end of the year, Harry and Dumbledore journey to a cave to retrieve a suspected Horcrux, Slytherin's locket. Dumbledore expertly finds a secret passageway to a large, pitch black underground lake, which Harry and Dumbledore cross in a small boat to an island in the centre. The locket is at the bottom of a basin on the island, and can only be reached by drinking the potion above it. Harry aids Dumbledore, who drinks the potion, causing him hallucinations and immense pain.

Though Dumbledore is severely weakened after finishing the potion, together the two manage to fight off Voldemort's Inferi that have been hiding in the lake.

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They take the locket and return to Hogwarts, to find that the Dark Mark has been placed over the highest school tower in their absence. Harry and Dumbledore ascend to the tower where they are ambushed by Draco Malfoy, accompanied by Death Eaters that he helped get inside Hogwarts. Dumbledore freezes Harry under his Invisibility Cloak with a body-bind spell, to keep him hidden. Draco disarms Dumbledore of his wand and then threatens to kill him, which turns out to have been his mission from Voldemort all along.

Draco is unable to go through with it and when Snape arrives, he casts the spell to kill Dumbledore instead. Harry ignores the battle raging in Hogwarts to pursue Dumbledore's killer. Snape successfully fights Harry off, and he reveals that he is in fact the Half-Blood Prince before he, Draco, and the rest of the Death Eaters escape. After Dumbledore's funeral, Harry decides to break up with Ginny, saying it is too dangerous for her to let their relationship to continue. Harry finds out that the locket is not the real Horcrux, containing only a note from someone named " R.

Harry is so devastated by Dumbledore's death and upset by its futility that he tells his friends he will not be returning to Hogwarts. Instead, he will spend the next year searching out Voldemort's Horcruxes. Ron and Hermione insist on joining him in destroying Lord Voldemort for good. Rowling stated that she had Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince "planned for years", but she spent an entire two months going over her plan before she began writing the story seriously. This was a lesson learned after she did not check the plan for Goblet of Fire and had to rewrite an entire third of the book.

Book six does what I wanted it to do and even if nobody else likes it and some won't , I know it will remain one of my favourites of the series. Ultimately you have to please yourself before you please anyone else! Rowling revealed the title of Half-Blood Prince on her website on 24 June The record-breaking publication of Half-Blood Prince was accompanied by controversy.

In May , bookmakers in the UK suspended bets on which main character would die in the book amid fears of insider knowledge. A number of high value bets were made on the death of Albus Dumbledore , many coming from the town of Bungay where, it was believed, the books were being printed at the time.

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  • Betting was later reopened. The Canadian publisher, Raincoast Books , obtained an injunction from the Supreme Court of British Columbia that actually prohibited the purchasers from reading the books before the official release date or from discussing the contents. On 15 July, less than twelve hours before the book went on sale in the Eastern time zone , Raincoast warned The Globe and Mail newspaper that publishing a review from a Canada-based writer at midnight, as the paper had promised, would be seen as a violation of the trade secret injunction.

    Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

    The injunction sparked a number of news articles alleging that the injunction had restricted fundamental rights. Canadian law professor Michael Geist posted commentary on his blog; [23] Richard Stallman called for a boycott, and requesting the publisher to issue an apology. Some reviewers noted that Half-Blood Prince contained a darker tone than the previous Potter novels.

    The Christian Science Monitor 's reviewer Yvonne Zipp considered the first half to contain a lighter tone to soften the unhappy ending. I felt depressed by the time I was two-thirds of the way through".

    Covenant Series by Jennifer L. Armentrout

    She also compared the setting to Charles Dickens 's depictions of London, as it was "brooding, broken, gold-lit, as living character as any other". She suggested a connection to the 11 September attacks , as the later, darker novels were written after that event. Julia Keller, a critic for the Chicago Tribune , highlighted the humour found in the novel and claimed it to be the success of the Harry Potter saga. She acknowledged that "the books are dark and scary in places" but "no darkness in Half-Blood Prince Rosenberg wrote that the two main themes of Half-Blood Prince were love and death, and praised Rowling's "affirmation of their central position in human lives".

    She considered love to be represented in several forms: Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince was met with positive reviews. However, she considered Rowling's gift "not so much for language as for characterisation and plotting". They considered Rowling's "wry wit" to turn into "outright merriment", but called the climax "tragic, but not uncomfortably shocking".

    On the other hand, she noted that it "gets a little exposition -heavy in spots" and older readers may have seen the ending coming. Christopher Paolini , writing for Entertainment Weekly , pointed out that the change of tone was "disquieting" as the world evolved, and praised the character development, though he considered Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire the best. The film adaptation of the sixth book was originally scheduled to be released on 21 November , but was changed to 15 July From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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