Jesus Goes to College

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Required Education

As soon as the child was able to speak, he was to be taught some Bible verses. The learning of the Hebrew alef-bet began at about age three. The focus at the start was to train the memory, and the letters were learned both forwards and backwards. Since written documents were rare and accessible to only a few, memory was in many ways more important than the ability to read.

Where Did Jesus Go to School?

The ideal student was compared to a cistern which does not lose a drop, and of one who forgot something he had learned it was said that he was like one who had forfeited his life Avot 3. The student was to repeat what he heard, using the same words as his teacher. This method of learning also helps us to understand why Jesus sometimes quoted only part of a Scripture: Only at about age five did the child begin to learn to read the letters so that he could study the Torah.

It is possible that girls were also given some rudimentary education in the Scriptures. However, generally it was ruled that girls were not to continue with such study, for several reasons: In the generation before the destruction of the Second Temple, Joshua ben Gamliel instituted rules regulating schools.

Jesus’ Education

At age 6 or 7 all boys were to go to school, which was attached to the local synagogue. The teacher, who was usually the chazzan of the synagogue, taught reading by drawing letters on a board. When Jesus referred to the tittle kotz, Matt. Besides, the stories which comprise most of the first two books of the Torah would already be familiar to the child.

Do you know how old Jesus was when He started His ministry?

Did Jesus Go To School? What Did His Education Likely Include?

He was 30 years old. We know that Jesus also worked as a carpenter, possibly to help pay for His education. So probably Jesus had to go to school at least some of the time just like you will be doing this week. Dear Jesus, bless all the children starting school this week.

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Be with them, their parents, their teachers, and school staff, so they have a wonderful year and learn what they need to know. We ask You to keep them safe and be kind to each other too.

Did Jesus Go To School? What Did His Education Likely Include? | Jack Wellman

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