Julius Rosenthal will make candy no more.

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On a cold winter day that could very well be his last on Earth. Julius comes face to face with the Nazi war machine that is ravaging his people. This and five other heartfelt and exciting tales are included in this collection of short stories.


Julius Rosenthal will make candy no more & other stories

Take a fictional journey through a crumbling family run circus and Julius was a candy maker and candy makers rarely encounter evil. Take a fictional journey through a crumbling family run circus and run the ramparts of a starship as its crew revolts to bring the truth to light about its hidden cargo.

Step into the life of a woodworker as he contemplates the loss of his hobby. Ride along with a police officer in a future dominated by the technology we want so desperately to possess.

Communicating Science: Professional, Popular, Literary by Nicholas Russell

And finally step past the gates of hell with the gatekeeper. Kindle Edition , 82 pages. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Lists with This Book. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Dec 28, Tio Lishomwa rated it did not like it. Although the first story was quite gripping in the way it was told, and seemed to have some effort put into it at least, the other stories here were littered with grammar, punctuation and some spelling errors that made it hard to read them at all.

Not only that, they failed to arouse my interest by not introducing the characters in a creative or intriguing way. This might have been a result of the author frequently not making use of punctuation or grammar. The third story in particular in this Although the first story was quite gripping in the way it was told, and seemed to have some effort put into it at least, the other stories here were littered with grammar, punctuation and some spelling errors that made it hard to read them at all.


The third story in particular in this Kindle book, 'The Gatekeeper', stuck out to me as having the least imaginative storyline; a mysteriously powerful main protagonist, and an equally mysterious 'sidekick', if you like, trapped by another unexplained organisation. I really wouldn't recommend reading this book - it makes for quite a painful read if you feel the way I do about punctuation and grammar! It is also difficult to enjoy the read, because of how hard it all is to make sense of. Email or Phone Password Forgotten account?

Julius Kigombe is on Facebook. Georg e Washington - 1st American President From optimist's creed by christian d. An Educated man is one who is trained to use the tools of human intercourse with readiness, precision and accuracy. An educated man must be able to study and to think without guidance from others. He must be - to some extent - a thinker, not a mere imitator. An educated man must have sufficient knowledge of nature to understand the main processes upon which human life and happiness depend. An educated man knows enough history to enable him to understand the main achievements of man.

An educated man is acquainted with the major resources for intellectual and esthetic enjoyment.

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He knows nature, literature, music, and the other arts sufficiently to choose superior rather than inferior enjoyments. An educated man is marked by his interest as well as his trained abilities. His attention is habitually attracted by significant rather than by trivial objects, events, pursuits, and enjoyments. An educated man must have not only this general culture, but also training for a specific occupation An educated man must have toward his fellows the habitual attitudes that are commonly called ethical - such attitudes as honour and honesty, helpfulness and good-will, and cooperation.

How To Make The BEST FLUFFY SLIME! DIY Cotton Candy Slime! Slime Tutorial For Beginners!

An educated man must have loyalties to at least some of the important organizations and institutions of society If there is an inclusive meaning in life, the sort of education that i have been outlining should include some apprehension of, and feeling for, the Divine; the ideally educated man will reverence GOD, and know how to worship. From " what ails Our Youth" Scribner's. Am i learning to study and to think? Am i getting the knowledge that i need most?

Am i living in the real world or in a corner apart? Am i progressing, standing still, or going backward? When the results are out for their labour of many years, a majority of them, unfortunately, reach their academic cal de sac, for reasons that might be varied but poor grades certainly being the most contributing factor. To some, this eventuality becomes so unbearable and so painful that based on their poor results, some go on to the extent of committing suicide, for indeed they have the perception, which in all truth might be erroneous, that they are doomed, now that their many years of toil, has become nothing, naught, zero work, indeed wasted time.

But this begs the curious question of whether whatever is taught and tested, is able to exhaustively nurture the innate abilities and talents of our children. Are the trainees the ones to blame for their poor grades, or do we blame our education system? May be there is none to blame, and perhaps we are just comfortable with the matter as it is. Out of the more than , candidates who sat the K. E series, , pupils garnered less than marks out the possible marks. While10, pupils had less than marks. Now that quite a good number of these pupils, and others of course over the years, continues to post dismal results, does it really mean they lacked any other talents they could excel in, which the education system failed to capture in the course of their long training?

Incidentally quite a good number of them are likely to forever be consigned to the lower hierarchy of the society as they try to eke a living out of what may be considered - and sometimes rightly so, by some of us who are favoured by the apparently skewed education system- as nuisance undertakings such as hawking in the central business districts, informal settlement arrangements in the slums or ghettos- which are sometimes adjacent to posh estates, and at time criminal activities which are anyway a threat to national security and growth.

But certainly we are not happy we these outcomes over the years, for it is there in the records. As Kenyans, we should never forget the words of Prof. This indeed reflect our collective painful expression, when we mourn the demise of students who cannot afford to imagine the prospects of a future that might be different from what their grades seems to dictate or herald. Competency based education is likely to be the key to the development of our nation.

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  8. It has been argued that the education system in Kenya is very much examination based. To give credence to this sentiment, a majority of those who have performed unsatisfactorily according to the system are very likely to lose tract of the mainstream activities of the nation. Their many years of toil almost become meaningless in the society. In his extremely incisive book, Lifetide: Lyall Watson, vividly and compellingly explain how great talents are lost through an education system that does not put into consideration the innate abilities of its recipients.

    Please allow me to share the opinion of Dr. Watson, a great scholar, by painstakingly quoting him verbatim - once again of course with the indulgence of the publisher - from pages through , 19 through 24, and to Nadia was six and still virtually mute, large for her age, lethargic and poorly co-ordinated. In playrooms filled with toys and delights enough to amaze most children, she remained passive and unmoved, unless she was involved in one of her rare and uncontrollable bouts of screaming.

    Nadia had been presented with fat crayons which seemed suitable to the general level of play and manipulative competence that she had shown so far, and was scrubbing away at the paper to produce a formless yellow scribble… We started to talk about the things Nadia liked doing at home, and her mother rummaged in her bag and produced a bundle of half a dozen drawings.

    Candid Candy still ambitious

    I looked at items in the half-light: I went through the little pile again … My first reaction to the drawings was to marvel; my second, I am ashamed to say, to doubt… the drawings were not possible. From the age of three, when she was first given access to her preferred medium, a ball point pen, she was able to produce line drawings of extraordinary sophistication. She would not draw to order, but only when moved to do so. Then left-handed, very swiftly and deftly, she composed with fine, certain strokes. She could stop a line exactly where it met another despite the speed with which the line was drawn.

    She could change the direction of a line and draw lines at any angle towards and away from the body. She could draw a small and perfect circle in one movement and place a small dot in the centre. Her horses and riders leap out of the page at you at angles which could tax the skill of an adult artist. Her crowing cockerels are vibrant with early morning vitality.