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Roxas grinned, and he took his sister by her shoulders. I'm planning to borrow some cash from Selphie We're gonna pay for your studies ourselves ," Roxas said confidently, as he picked up the newspapers to browse through it, "and for starters, I'm gonna juggle two jobs. Now, how does pastry chef Roxas sound? Axel picked up another copy of the newspapers.

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You could ask her out and-". What am I going to say after her date? You're just 1 year older. She's 23, and you're I'm 28," Axel pointed out. He stood up, indicating that he was about to say something important. Maybe weasel some mone-". Maybe Marluxia will give you two a raise or something for the publicity Finally, my big brother, going on a date with someone of the opposite gender ," and on cue she glanced at Axel, who looked up from his newspapers, "who is not related in any way!

You're still young, and I want you to No one bothered to answer him, and Roxas was left to peruse the scintillating opportunity of baking pastries. We could call her down now It has a good ring to it, I suppose. Hope today's my lucky, lucky day! Meanwhile, the redhead scanned the newspaper intently. Finally, he put his hand out, his eyes never leaving the page.

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Xion flicked on the lights drearily. She wrestled the black high heels out of her feet, and she walked into her lush apartment, sighing as she surveyed her home. She didn't even have a pet to greet her since she killed at least 5 goldfish in a year , let alone a man. The raven-haired woman sighed again, before she shuffled to the couch. She lounged there, playing with her velvet ribbon on her waist for a moment, before finally standing up. The redhead promptly shoved the phone to Roxas, who yelped. You promised you'd call her for us!

Who was that Axel guy I was speaking to before? Roxas gulped, Axel turned around and punched his fist into the air, "She got my name, baby! Axel's still sizzling with the ladies!

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We really need the pub-". If you read my column, you know what I'm expecting and what this entails. Roxas was about to say 'Sure', but he soon realised something amiss. N-No, I don't want a da-!

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The blonde man stumbled back, flabbergasted. I just arranged a date with Xion Leonhart today!

The Critic

Just In All Stories: Story Story Writer Forum Community. Meet Xion, known as The Love Critic. She goes out on dates with random men, and humiliates them in her weekly column from the date. She's also really rich and single. He could change that. Xion let out a smile. She was famous, professional and rich.

What more could she want? The happily ever after in my life. So insignificant, that the employees could loaf around, and lounge on the couches. Apparently they checked out our family background. You could ask her out and-" "I'm not going to go on a date just to cheat her of her money and a meal, okay?

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Maybe weasel some mone-" "Not a chance, Axel," Roxas interrupted. She was about to walk away when her phone rang. She jumped, and then raised her eyebrows. Who would be calling at this time for a date? I would like to We really need the pub-" "A date? An Unexplained Date 2.

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Audience Score Percentage of users who rate a movie or TV show positively. More Top Movies Trailers Forums. Page 1 of 3. There are enough good bits to keep it interesting, but just because the show feels more believable than the than the romantic comedies that it eschews doesn't automatically make it more compelling. Natalia Marcos El Pais Spain. Far from being the perfect romantic comedy and with a somewhat unequal result, its protagonists love each other precisely because they insist again and again to prove that they are not perfect. I watched all of Love in a single night. I have no idea how it'll play for you, but I was totally invested, and I'm awfully curious to see where Apatow, Arfin and Rust take the series in the already-ordered second season.

Love, like the genuine article, takes its time and the result is a romantic comedy somewhere between the acid cynicism of You're the Worst and the deceptively aimless dives into white, affluent Los Angeles' semi-urban ennui found in Togetherness Pat Stacey The Herald Ireland. Love, all 10 episodes of which are available on Netflix, could well be the best thing Judd Apatow has been associated with since the short-lived, much-loved Freaks and Geeks all the way back in Full Review Original Score: Alan Pergament Buffalo News.

Love is a sweet comedy with a healthy dose of sex and sex games that Apatow's movies and programs have become known for over the years. Rohan Naahar Hindustan Times.

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  • It adds some spice to our relationship with romantic comedies, and in its ten emotionally and tonally rambunctious episodes, reminds us why we started going out in the first place. Ian Crouch New Yorker. A darkly funny, pleasantly shambling romantic-comedy series. John Doyle Globe and Mail.