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We customize your eBook by discreetly watermarking it with your name, making it uniquely yours. Click on "Features" in the "More Information" box to find broadband facts, as well as the real story behind some common misconceptions. Understand what broadband is, why it is the fastest growing consumer media product since the VCR and what it means to you. The fastest-growing consumer media product since the VCR, broadband is a lightning-fast, always-on connection to a world of digitized media content.

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A technology that transforms the Internet from a dry medium of words and pictures to a multimedia extravaganza. Until recently, high-speed broadband data connectivity was purely the province of corporate America. But now, thanks to an ambitious multi-billion dollar investment by the telecommunications industry, broadband is fast becoming the most influential medium of communications since the telephone.

Planet Broadband helps readers understand the looming era of broadband communications and how they can profit and prosper from its onset. Written in an informal-but-informed voice, it begins with an observation about the broadband age. Each chapter discusses a key element or implication of the broadband era, including references to its historical development, explanations of how it works, and discussions of its influence on various elements of society. The book includes anecdotes, quotations, and interview excerpts from recognizable leaders in business and government that reinforce the subject's importance.

Demographic and Social Trends in the Broadband Home. Download - KB -- Chapter 5: The Internet Broadband Speed. Download - KB -- Index. Get unlimited day access to over 30, books about UX design, leadership, project management, teams, agile development, analytics, core programming, and so much more. Part of the Network Business series. Book This product currently is not for sale.

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Our Residential Plans are offered with no contract. What type of equipment is needed for installation? A typical installation consists of an externally mounted antenna and radio unit usually a small parabolic dish mm in diameter.

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  • Any equipment mounted externally must be mounted with a clear line of sight to our nearest base station, so this usually requires placement on the rooftop or upper floors of your home or office. Our installers will strive to find a location which enables a strong signal, yet is as inobtrusive as possible.

    We provide a single Ethernet jack on the internally mounted radio power supply that you can plug into your router, as desired, for distribution to your in-house network. Each radio requires an AC outlet and we recommend a surge protected outlet for power. Can I install the equipment myself?

    No - FCC regulations require the equipment to be professionally installed by a trained installer similar to Satellite TV. Our installers make sure you are connected with the highest possible signal available.

    Planet Connect Internet

    Is a 'Line of Sight' required to obtain your service? In order to establish the best connection to our network, the antenna mounted on your home or office should have a clear line of sight to one of our transmitters. Obstacles such as dense foliage or buildings could impact your line of sight and prevent a clear signal.

    Does your plan have usage caps on the amount of data transferred like Cellular data or Satellite Internet plans?

    Helping your Business Succeed

    Currently customers that are served from a tower site utilizing unlicensed frequency band line-of-site radio equipment have no hard usage caps, however, service is subject to Planet Connect's discression. What is your service restoration policy in the event of an outage? Like all utility companies telephone, electric, cable we prioritize service responses based on the number of customers affected by the outage.

    How to start internet business in coxial network

    Internet backbone issues affecting multiple tower sites are priority 1, Outages at a single tower site are priority 2, Commercial business customers with a service level agreement SLA are next, followed by outages at single residential customers whose service is sold on a "Best Effort" basis. What is your policy on billing credits? Residential Internet service is provided on a best effort basis, just like DSL, cable, or Cell data plans. Planet Connect may provide pro-rated billing credit when an outage is caused by a failure on our part.

    To qualify for a credit, the following conditions must be met: Customer called in the outage at the time of occurrence and worked with customer service to determine if the problem was caused by customers equipment such as home router or computer. Outage was not caused by an act of God, such as a thundertorm that causes the electric utility to lose power. Your request for credit is made within 30 days of the event. I just found out that Planet Connect service is not yet available in my neighborhood. Is there a way to find out when service might be available in my area?

    We are growing daily and are focused on expanding into areas that are in need of local internet services. If you are in an area that does not have an internet option available, or if you are just interested in finding out when we will be reaching your neighborhood, drop us a line and we welcome hearing from you. Once setup, can I network the equipment to other computers? Yes - under our Residential plans you can utilize a router to share the connection with additional computers in your home.

    However, you may not share the service with other homes, businesses, or additional third-parties without the explicit written consent of Planet Connect. I would like to connect additional home computers to my network but don't know how. Can Planet Connect help?

    If you would like additional support, please feel free to contact us.

    Planet 1 Networks

    Are there restrictions I should be aware of relative to the Planet Connect service? There are no unusual restrictions associated with service apart from the normal items and conditions associated with any internet connection. For details, please reference your subscriber agreement and accptable use policy. What type of radios do you use for the Residential Service Plans?

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    • Depending on your local tower, we have four radio options for the residential plans. I've noticed that when I'm surfing the web, certain web sites are slower than others. What causes this behavior? No matter how fast your connection speed is to the internet, there are certain factors that can affect your download performance times on the internet.