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Chapter 9 holds its own; keeping me riveted and mesmerized in absolute fear. Wow is a paltry interjection. This is one scary mofo of a book! Subtly interwoven are unique love stories to dilute the terror, lol. While Grace and Ian are tempestuous personalities who survive off of sarcasm and red wine, their repeated clashes dare the other to take closer notice. They coalesce into a fiery harmony. Fates, and a family tree, align this group to uncover evil and restore peace within the home and themselves. Grace Sullivan and how she deals with the death of her parents, a mysterious inheritance, and the presence of spirits from another world.

Grace is not the kind of person that believes in the existence of ghosts and paranormal phenomena, so when she is faced with inexplicable events, even though she decides to use the services of a team of ghost hunters, she is still skeptical about the existence of the spirits.

The story progresses, and as Grace is struggling with the loss of her parents, the other-world presences, the medium and ghost hunters team, she is overwhelmed by her feelings and the never-ending mystery of the inherited house. So Fell the Sparrow is more than a ghost story; it draws you in from the start with an engaging title, a wonderful cover, and excellent writing style. The characters and story are strongly defined by the author, which makes it easier for readers to envision the world that Katie Jennings describes.

If you like ghost stories and are not afraid of a little mystery, So Fell the Sparrow is the book for you. The action happens in exactly the kind of small town that you would think a ghost tale would happen, and it has everything you need in order to enjoy it from cover to cover. Expect sudden turns of events, powerful characters, a unique love story, and a frightening storyline. Reviewed for Readers' Favorite I think about the cover now that I have reached the end of the story. I think about how that image tells the story so perfectly well.

I didn't find it hard to latch onto some of the devices the ghost hunters were using, or the termi I think about the cover now that I have reached the end of the story. I didn't find it hard to latch onto some of the devices the ghost hunters were using, or the terminology, even though I had to read on a bit to find out what a Mel meter is. I think definetly something for everyone. I read this very quickly and found that kind of broad appeal and riveting plot line I was hoping for. I have read a few stories by this writer and had told myself that When Empires fall was as good as it could get.

You know how when you're reading a book sometimes each chapter or section is from a different person's point of view? It's still written in 3rd person, but you can tell that you're 'seeing' the story through the eyes of a certain character. Well she does this, but it's all jumbled up. One sentence will be from one character POV and the next another. That said, I really liked the story. Hated the main character at first. You're kind of supposed to but, for me, so much so that I a You know how when you're reading a book sometimes each chapter or section is from a different person's point of view?

You're kind of supposed to but, for me, so much so that I almost quit reading. I was sure she wouldn't be able to redeem herselfstill not sure she did. But I liked the other characters. So I did find flaws? I normally don't read ghostly books because they just aren't my thing. Mainly, because they keep me up all night and the hubby gripes because every light is on in the house as soon as the sun goes down.

BUT, although this book did have some spine tingling, hair standing on end moments, Mrs. Jennings added enough to the story that helped ease the spook. I was so caught up in the story line that the "scary" stuff really didn't bother me, it just intrigued me to keep reading on. Great job yet again, Katie! This is a marvelously scary tale and love story at the same time. It's well written and flows effortlessly. I love the characters and the setting. It's a great read, really exciting.

I loved the plot and twists in the storyline. I highly recommend this to all who love ghost stories and romance! May 07, Kathryn rated it liked it Shelves: The premise of this was great: I really liked the atmosphere and there were some genuinely creepy moments that made my skin crawl.

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I particularly liked the little details Jennings used, such as the furniture, which was something ridiculously cool that I never would have thought of. Readers looking for some good ghost manifestations will find plenty to like in this novel. As someone who watched a lot of Ghost Hunter 3. As someone who watched a lot of Ghost Hunters in the past and really liked it, I was happy to see the use of the technology play out in this.

I actually would have rounded up to a 4 were it not for a few things. The first was my personal opinion - I hate when the main cast all gets paired up. None of the romances struck me as believable, for they hadn't known each other nearly long enough to be in "love", and I thought the whole story would have been much stronger without the addition. I don't think all stories need to have romance, and this one certainly didn't; it didn't add anything at all to the plot, and the fright would have been stronger without it.

The second thing was sort of a compilation of small issues regarding language use: And describing what seemed to be the one PoC in the book as "exotic" is an example of language that fetishizes PoC. And lastly, use of the m-word in reference to those with Dwarfism is also in poor taste. I wish these hadn't occurred in the narrative, and they influenced my rating lower. Grace is devastated after the deaths of her parents. Struggling to combat depression, she travels to a house she has never heard of, but has now inherited, only to find it guarded by a pushy neighbor who is determined it is haunted.

As though her opinion doesn't mean a thing, ghost hunters, Ian and Alex, are called in and soon a medium, Jackie, is at the house too, all investigating ghosts which Grace is not at all convinced exist. Oh, how I love a great gothic romance! There's something about the contrary emotions of falling in love and being freaked the hell out, that make for a fantastic story combo, but only if it's done well.

Thankfully, So Fell the Sparrow strikes a great balance and had me hooked on all counts.

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Grace is a particularly troubled character, as the story begins not long after the deaths of her parents, as she struggles with severe grief and even depression. She's also just gotten out of a bad relationship, with a man who constantly tried to psychoanalyze her, thus making her mental health even more difficult to contend with. She's a doctor and a skeptic, and nothing like Ian who makes his livelihood as a ghost hunter.

The two couldn't be more different and they are at each others' throats from the start. Despite their arguments, though, Ian's a really sweet hero and mostly just wants to look after Grace. They definitely have a difficult relationship, made no easier by the ghosts who are haunting them, but I was desperate for them to get over themselves and realize how much they care for each other. The secondary romance is between Alex and Jackie, and while I would have liked to get to know Alex a little more, I think Jackie is the most interesting character in the story - probably one of the most interesting characters I've read in a while, actually.

As a medium from a strict religious and abusive family background, she hasn't had an easy life. She's also had complicated and disturbing relationships which trickle into her present life and disrupt her and Alex's relationship, even as they are just beginning to get to know each other. Despite that, she's a kind, strong character, who really acts as this complex, intriguing glue to the whole story and the other characters. Although the final resolution in So Fell the Sparrow is dependent on Ian and Grace's romance storyline, I think that this novel is, above all, a ghost story.

And it's a good one too. It has all my favorite ghostly elements: One of the things I particularly liked about this novel is that, just as there is nothing simple in the romance storylines, there is nothing black and white about the ghost storyline either. There are ghosts who are evil, but ghosts weren't This is not at easy ghost story, nor a simple romance though both romances have HFN endings! Instead So Fell the Sparrow is a rather dark journey of four characters struggling with some pretty serious inner demons while they battle more or less tangible ghosts.

Whether you like dark journeys, ghost stories, romances, or all of the above, this is an extremely worthwhile and satisfying read. May 29, A. The atmospheric New England setting will seep into you as you turn the pages, and the eerie events revealed in the storyline very well might keep you awake. It gave me at least two nightmares.


So Fell the Sparrow Series

The story of Grace Sullivan, surgeon and skeptic, is saturated with fright, passion, intrigue, and a transformative journey into believing the impossible. As a ghost story, this tale could be defined as classic. Rarely have I connected with the ghosts in hauntings so much as I did with the characters in this novel.

The twist at the end was a particularly good one! There were several very clever touches, such as the deteriorating furniture and the dock that claimed a life that truly drove home the chilling nature of this tale. As far as scariness, this book might not horrify you the way a Stephen King or an H.

Lovecraft could do, but its eeriness and discomfiting nature is masterful, dramatic, and even beautiful. This book is perfect for those who are too disturbed by the more hardcore horror stories, yet are still seeking a thrill. The romance pervades most of the novel, and is as heartwarming as it is enjoyable. Their connection ranges from snappy, witty dialogue to an almost gothic romance at times. A good, fast read for any who love horror or romance. So Fell the Sparrow felt very much like watching a scary movie. It's been a while since I've read anything with the elements that creep me out, and I was super excited to start it--so much so, that I skipped all the other books in my queue and read this first.

I wanted to get myself in the Halloweeny mood By far the best part of this book was Jackie. Her speech patterns were a bit odd, but I liked that it set her apart a So Fell the Sparrow felt very much like watching a scary movie. Her speech patterns were a bit odd, but I liked that it set her apart and that she was so darn lyrical all the time. The visions she saw were totally creepy. Bodies reaching and stretching from the walls of the basement--you can't tell me that isn't terrifying.

Had it been me standing down there and seeing that, I wouldn't have gone back. Ian and Alex were great opposing personalities working toward the same goal. The severity of Ian's seriousness was of course lessened by Alex's easygoing attitude, and it definitely made Grace feel less threatened. And holy crap Grace was someone that needed to let her guard down--her snippy attitude got on my nerves real quick, and I definitely did not like her.

I think I was meant to soften towards her as the story progressed, but she was such a damn bitch all the time I couldn't do it. Even though Sally liked her, which I suppose gives her some brownie points.

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Poor thing, being locked in that house for so long with all the creepy trapped souls. Especially as a child, that is so freaking creepy. I also really enjoyed the twist with Nellie. It was something I kept wondering about throughout the story, so when it was finally revealed I was glad to find it out. This was a great way for me to start off my Halloween season, and I feel like I chose well! I first discovered MS.

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Jennings when I read her Vassar family saga novels. I fell in love with them, so it was with just a little trepidation that I read this change of genre. Ghosts stories are quite a departure from high society intrigue and drama. I was very pleasantly surprised. She does spooky quite well. It is at times fairly dark and makes the hair stand up on the back of your neck a time or two to say the least. Free with day trial Membership details Membership details 30 days of membership free, plus 1 audiobook and 2 Audible Originals to get you started.

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Give as a gift. Publisher's Summary A skeptic, a ghost hunter, a tech genius, and a medium. Will the spirits win? What members say Average Customer Ratings Overall. No Reviews are Available.

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