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Others need time to mourn — either because the election has confirmed their suspicions about this country, or because it has shattered their faith in it. It seems absurd to put aside the world for hours and memorize facts.

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The afternoon after Election Day, I left my bed only to attend a mandatory ultrasound class. While trying to identify the thyroid, I felt an acute sense of disorientation. It was as if that darkened room was an alternate universe in which all that mattered was my ability to distinguish between shades of gray. I wished everyone who was afraid for their future could be in that warm and orderly place.

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Or, no — I wished myself out in the world with my loved ones. I wished I were reading editorials, crying, yelling at senators and checking in on friends. As a cis-gendered, straight upper middle-class Asian-American woman with no experience of disability or sexual assault, I feel no less physically, emotionally or financially safe than I did a week ago. While I have always felt afraid in certain spaces and while I have always been subject to certain slurs, my body is not subject to the same violence as the bodies of black or brown, undocumented or non-gender conforming folks.

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Given the lack of consensus regarding this higher-level question and the lack of space in current curricula, the likelihood of much time being devoted to teaching advocacy competencies is low. This should not serve as a deterrent to those who wish to bring about change. It is absolutely possible to effect change without formal training.

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For those looking to become involved, here are four lessons I have learned. First, find a mentor. Like most things in medicine, having a relationship with someone who is knowledgeable and willing to lead the way makes things easier and more enjoyable. This is especially true when it comes to advocacy activities.

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Many medical centers have prohibitions on lobbying but not on advocacy, and a mentor can help you understand and walk this fine line. Furthermore, accomplishing things on a large scale is rarely a one-person task, and a mentor can connect you with other like-minded people. Second, teamwork is key.

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The hospital is full of nurses, case managers, and social workers who are all striving for better patient care, both inside and outside the hospital. It is a fallacy to think that tackling social issues is solely the domain of the clinician, and it would be counterproductive to reinvent the wheel or duplicate the work of others who are more skilled in these areas. I have found the best way to do this is simple: Third, find win-win situations.

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  7. Advocacy is fundamentally about change, and often change is met with criticism. One of the best ways to obviate this is to find outcomes that are good for both sides. Some of the best advocates are those who can come up with options for mutual benefit. Help America appreciates the reasons a patient is in your facility, and we work diligently to assist the patient with their financial responsibilities to ensure an expeditious resolution!


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