Breaking Logans Laws (Quinn Security Book 4)

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There's certainly alot of sex, but sadly it's very dull.

Breaking Logan's Laws (Quinn Security Book 4) by Cameron Dane | LibraryThing

I thought this was a great premise if all the other kinks hadn't gotten in the way. Sep 16, Karel rated it did not like it Shelves: The characters tend to read like sexual offenders.

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I'm not a guy, but I somehow doubt that they get an erection staring at someone they've just met, or just about every time they lay eyes on them. Great chemistry is possible, but the characters act like they've never had good sex before. The sex is ten pages long.

Breaking Logan’s Laws (Quinn Security #4)

With Logan and Nate I half hoped they'd never confess their feelings just so I don't have to flip through moar sex scenes. Some parts of the story felt unnecessarily long.

Especially in the 3rd and 4th book, where all the distrust and angst felt like a way to add to the word count and to add an extra make up sex scene. And as I've stated in No. I think they should just change their name to Quinn Charity.

Breaking Logan's Laws

Other than that, the books were a decent read. View all 4 comments. Melissa Jane rated it did not like it Nov 21, Will Man rated it did not like it Mar 19, Mabel rated it did not like it Sep 27, Strina B rated it did not like it May 10, Purplegirl rated it did not like it Dec 30, Bridgette rated it did not like it Mar 22, Signe-anita rated it did not like it Apr 02, Elci rated it did not like it Jan 06, Elizabetta rated it did not like it Jan 30, Chana rated it did not like it Jan 22, Rahma rated it did not like it Mar 25, Kelsey rated it did not like it Jan 03, Logan has laws, though, and he won't break them.

Not even for the gentlest, sexiest man in the world. Meanwhile, Nate is falling harder and faster for Logan every minute they spend together. The craziest damn thing is that he thinks he senses attraction under Logan's controlled facade. While never one to flout the rules, Nate might just have to break every one of Logan's laws if he hopes to capture the man of his dreams. Breaking Logan's Laws Author s: In the present, Logan has just come aboard Quinn Security as head of a new investigations division.

Neither man has been able to get the other out of his head or his fantasies, and Logan is deeply closeted. The stage is set for interesting drama and passion to unfold.

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My experience with this book was not positive. Each time I picked it up, my shoulders tensed painfully and I felt on edge. Reading this book was akin to watching a hyper-vibrant Technicolor movie on a foot screen from 10 feet away. I longed for the black-and-white world of Kansas on my inch LCD.

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Reading this book, the one word that came to mind repeatedly was superlative , defined by dictionary. Through two layers of material, not even feeling skin—although Logan did sense the little jolt that went through Nate too—it somehow became the fucking most overly sexual move Logan had ever made in his life. Yes, superlative with an chaser of awkward.

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The word fucking appeared so often I had my Kindle count: God, how I want him! I know Wave commented on that in her reviews of the previous books and it stood out to me in this one, too. The sex scenes are vintage Dane: Overall, this was not an pleasant reading experience for me, which was disappointing.