Dahn Yoga Basics

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Dahn Yoga Controversy Continues • Yoga Basics

They are not a small organization. They are huge and growing. A lot of people can get hurt. Occultists like Alice Bailey, Aleister Crowley and their Golden Dawn, OTO organizations published originally through a company known as Lucifer Trust, know known and promoted via the UN as Lucis Trust, sold the same spiel of planetary consciousness, enlightenment, be a god unto yourself, etc….

The aim is to unite the world under one government… and these sorts of cults just keep you blind to it by making you feel good.

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Tai chi chaun and qi gong its benefits to its practice which are not that dis-similar to yoga. Yoga or not, there are 24 practioners that have issue with the founder and the company which their in itself should tell you something. When was the last time any founder of a yoga style said it was a company and believe it to be a cult. The ladies on this comment track do not feel the same as the 24 practioners.

Maybe that is something to be further investigated. Why the big difference in opinion? I would like to see Happybodyhappyheart and onion comment on the allegations brought forth from the 24 practioners vs their experiences rather than to comment on whether the Dahn style of practice has the right to be called yoga or not.

I tried Dahn Yoga, after I had been practicing yoga for more than 10 years. I found few similarities to ANY yoga class I had ever before taken.

Dahn Yoga Basics

I had to have a pre-class 60 minute session where a person poked and prodded me — DEEPLY into my intestines and I was plopped in front of a tv to watch a video on digestive disorders. This was uncomfortable, but bearable. After this session, I had to change into cotton pants and shirt they offered me to use. I was told I would need to buy my own for future classes. But, I did not think it was yoga. This is not to say it is not a good practice, but I was so thankful this was not my first experience with a yoga class. After the class we shared tea and our experience of that days class around a circle.

Needless to say, I declined. I inquired if I might drop-in on occasion, but that was greatly frowned upon. I do understand the business model of this organization, and I appreciate that teachers would like a commitment from students, but geeze, life so gets in the way of attendance way too often. I want to come to my yoga class with joy. And leave feeling better than when I came in without having to endure a sales pitch. I have shared my experience with others.

I think Dahn is a business. It may be yoga, but not like any other yoga I ever heard of before. I agree it smacks of a martial arts school more than a yoga studio. It is not bad or good. Just not what I expected of a yoga establishment. Makes me think the Yoga part of the name is but a marketing tool.

I felt the Dahn school was more interested in my monetary commitment than in me. I have been doing some searching on the net about Dahn Yoga. I just want to log on my experiences to help others like me who are on the fence about this type of practice and decide for themselves. I am from Calgary, Canada and 3 new dahn yoga studios just popped up. I have attended 2 classes now and find some of the comments above similar.

I am in love with yoga. I tried the studio because I was trying to find a studio near my house to go to. When I attended I thought I was going to a yoga class but it turned out very different. I was first sat down to be educated on the class especially to speak Korean sayings after certain exercises. I was poked and told I have emotional issues.

During the class I did feel certain sensations I did not before. Like feeling really warm with little movement and feeling energy between my hands during meditation. She was a little pushy when we would come back for an assessment session. I just attributed it to her enthusiasm for the practice.

I just had the assessment done today and took another class. This time she really poked me hard so much so I am getting really sore 12 hours after the class. I am starting to wonder if she did it so hard so she could prove to me I had emotions blocking my solar plexus point. She told me I have specifically family issues. I think in retrospect every human being at any point of their lives have emotional stuff with family in shape or form. For me, it is more charged as I have been through some unusual things.

So yes it hit a sore point for me. I also told her I have been having a problem with my skin and she immediately said I would have clear skin in weeks. I did book an appointment but I may cancel. So far what I think from my experience is she may be mixing some truths with her beliefs—good or bad I am not the one to judge. But I know when you agree with someone on one thing and they immediately present you with something else that you may not you are more likely to agree.

I know this because it is a sales tactic I use to upsell sometimes at work. I am definitely a little put off with the pushyness.

Yoga Basics

I guess from my typing this out I have more suspicious points than really positive points. It is turning out to be more expensive than the hot yoga classes I have been attending. For me, when attending the hot yoga classes I always leave feeling like a million bucks. When I was in Korea in , I began to learn from a Korean co-worker a Korean form of martial art that he had learned from a disciple of a mountain man. Mountain men had stayed in the mountains, and their whole lives would usually teach only one disciple. About many mountain men received the revelation to come down from the mountains into the cities and to teach everybody.

The motions were more circular than Tae Kwon Do. Along with motions there were breathing an cleaning the energy center visualizations, such as imagining the bright sun at the point below the navel Dan center , and then tar or black smoke coming out the back at the point opposite the dan center. Then he showed me a book. It looked like a yoga book. I learned that they believe this came from Mongolia years ago, same time as a branch went to India. Definitely it is yoga equally as old as that from India. Actually just having read all the other comments, I have to really chuckle.

I have been associated with Koreans for a long time and find it interesting that all Koreans seem to like me very much, but also that they have very aggressive and bossy personalities. The Korean I mention in my last comment in fact learned raja yoga meditation from me, that I learned from Ram Chandra of Shajahanpur. After an evaluation and a hard to understand the gentleman Seos ability to speak English was difficult to understand introduction he asked me to sign up and how much could I afford.

After that was completed Seo told me that I would have to come back for another introductory appointment and I would need special clothes to participate. By the end of two hours the last 45 minutes spent in a battle over money and a contact I folded. When I got home I read the contract thoroughly and realized that I had made a huge mistake. I have called the local center 3 times in two days-each time there is a different excuse and a promist to call me back later.

I have also emailed and called the Dahn Yoga Customer Service number. No response from them either. I can honestly say I have been had by an organization that does is not ethical and is not yoga which I have participated in before. I am disabled and live on a very fixed income. Thanks for you comments, and no need to apologize. We appreciate your input and sharing of your direct experience.

Body and Brain Yoga, formally known as Dahn Yoga, is a very well structured cult. While their practice encompasses various Eastern esoteric exercises, not one of them are strictly their own; copied from many different sources, Tao principles, Chan Buddhism, Japanese martial arts, etc. There are some benefits to the practice. They made it very simple so just about anyone can start training their body, mind, and spirit.

However, that is where the benefits end. I had just experienced a spiritual awakening on my own outside of any spiritual or religious background in July, But soon realized how rudimentary the practice was. Many of its principles came natural to me. They were basic knowledge for anyone that had any spiritual background. That is when hard sales pitch and push started.

I was promised more knowledge and higher training if only I attended various workshops, some at the local centers, and some were national trainings in Sedona, Arizona. Which I gladly accepted as I thought this will help me grow. I attended multiple classes a day and many of the local workshops. Then I was asked to take national workshops in Sedona.

I gathered all my credit card to pay for them as I was being convinced by the regional manager and trainer Eunice that this cost is for my own growth and education. She was very insistent that I ask around for money. When I told her no, she said she can arrange a monthly payment plan for me. The workshops were devastatingly disappointing. First of all, I was told to purchase various items that were necessary for the workshops.

However none of them were used. Very deceptive and shoddy practice to sell merchandise. Second, there was no new principles or exercises I learned. Third, I witnessed the mind altering brain washing process. Loud music, frantic dancing, and zealous body movements to lead people into trance like altered consciousness then they bombard members with subliminal and suggestive guided meditation in which they introduce worshipping of their founder Ilchi Lee.

Lastly, half the workshops were commercial for other workshops they offer, franchising information, and product demos. It felt like sitting at a Time Share presentation. He hates himself for brain washing members but he is extremely talented at it. This was another issue. None of the masters seemed sure about the practice. All of them seemed to have mixed feelings about the it. After consulting with many fellow members about my concern, I realized that there is something really wrong with this organization.

I was really disheartened and taken aback by her. I started going to regular classes less and less and I decided to do research into this organization. Fortunately for me, I am fluent in Korean. Instead of English search, I decided to look at Korean websites for more information. These are some of the findings I thought were worth sharing.

Most information is shared by former masters and individuals who worked closely with founder Ilchi Lee and the organization. The information is in Korean but if you can, I strongly encourage you to take a look at this website and maybe Google can somewhat translate for you. They are the number one complaints of fraud and being a cult. There are some 60 or more sub organizations and institutes in Korea and internationally operated by Ilchi Lee which he launders his money.

He is suspected to be worth billions but no one knows for sure how much. These include many different types of Chan Buddhism institutes, Tao fellowships, HSP brands, brain education institutes and miscellaneous unidentified organizations. One of the biggest sister organizations of Dahn in U. While they are supposedly trying to help environment, they have not made any significant donation to any cause as of yet.

Dahn has more than 30 years of history. They say they are promoting the ideology of benefitting all beings on Earth yet only thing they have been doing all these years is growing themselves in size. All talk, no action. Just collecting money from its members for themselves only. This helps recruiting new members which equals more money for the organization. While Ilchi Lee has claimed that he is not religious and Dahn is not a religion, he himself has been registered as Chan Buddhist Institute since in Korea receiving tax benefits.

They take advantage of members who are vulnerable, weak, and fearful. They seem very nice, kind, and warm at first glance, but as soon as you are out of money and you are no use to them, they will cut you out cold hearted. When you first join the practice, they may give you aura readings or other consultation in which they boast you to feel special. They may tell you things like you were meant to be a spiritual leader and that you should become jidoja. Jidojas or center masters are taught to use their sexual energy when interacting with members.

Especially, male masters are instructed to be very affectionate with excessive touching and hugging interacting with female members. This creates general attraction towards the masters from members and they are more easily convinced to pay for workshops and make donations. Many male masters use this ability to seduce female members to sexual relationships. Dahn has been heart break of many unsuspecting families.

Adultery and sexual harassment is very common place in Dahn. Ilchi Lee is obsessed with money more than anything. He has many houses and properties in Korea, US, and Japan. He has personal jets, yachts, limos, Hummers.

Yoga For Complete Beginners - 20 Minute Home Yoga Workout!

Many of the properties are under his families and relatives. Ilchi Lee is addicted to sex. He has frequent sexual relationships with many female students. He is surrounded by ongoing, nonstop sex scandals even now. Ilchi Lee is big fan of gambling. He has a private residence in Las Vegas and he visits quite frequently. He is loyalty and VIP at many of the Vegas casinos. He is a complete glutton. He eats big meals a day and is suffering from diabetes and obesity.

He has stopped doing any of his exercises many years ago.

See a Problem?

He calls himself the Heaven. His lectures are basic information rehashed and repeated from the same information available everywhere. He has to be bowed and worshipped before he comes out and speaks to his followers. He has created a division between himself and fellow human beings. They control their members through fear. They say that the world is coming to an end in so we should dedicate ourselves and our money to reach an enlightenment now.

They prey on innocent people who really want to make a change in the world and help themselves. Jidojas are slaving their lives away with almost no pay while Ilchi makes more than double the money of or so jidojas throughout his organization each year. Jidojas live away from their families and friends in a dorm with other masters. They spend ungodly hours working. There are handful of cases where these jidojas committed suicides. Ilchi has been arrested for fraud, misrepresentation, false advertisement, falsification of legal documents, and reporting manufactured sales and tax information multiple occasions.

They have been reporting that they are making profits but in actuality, they are losing so much members these days. He has made a claim that he was one of the chosen 50 spiritual leaders by U. After finding more about the organization, on December 21, I met with Eunice and talked about my findings and concerns.

So what of it? Then she tried to convince me that there is no other practice like Dahn. At that moment she just completely cut me out and told me to get out. I asked about how can I get my money back and they were going to call me about how in couple days. However, as of today January 2, , they have not made any attempt to communicate with me about refund.

While Dahn promotes wonderful message of hope and harmonious world, the organization itself is extremely corrupt and evil. In that core is Ilchi Lee who is worshipped by these blinded masters and members follow without questioning. When you step back and look with objective eyes, it become very clear.

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Look deep and wide and see it for what it truly is. There is no singular truth or ideology to enlightenment. There are as many doors to enlightenment as there are people in this Earth. Take a step back and free yourself from these restrictions and limitations. I only want to share my view of the practice.

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  6. I want people to question everything and make that choice from their heart and soul. But there is a beautiful world out there and real growth comes from researching and applying yourself in your life, not hiding behind a safety of an ideology of a cult leader. If you check any of these items as characteristic of the group in question, and particularly if you check many of them you may well be dealing with a cult and should critically examine the group and its relationship to you or your loved one.

    These are some of the vital information I felt like needed to be shared. Here are some links to other sources you should look into. What am extensive and important post! It should be its own blog. I wish I had checked into reviews of Dahn yoga before I joined for next 3 months I have just completed my 4th class of first week and found myself to be suspicious of a few things but I just checked off to my usual attitude of suspicion and sarcasm. That sounds very cultish! I suffer with a couple of ruptured spinal discs and very arthritic knees.

    The 4th class I took was called meditation 70 min. The major part of which was approximately minutes Of cardio. But I kept up and finished. However my knees were tattered and I had to stay off my feet the whole next day. So I will continue and be more selective of classes offered and keep my expectations low and in 3 months I will fine myself an adequate yoga studio that offers just classes at a fair price without the rhetoric.

    Thank you for writing this article , as it has helped me clarify my intuition. I started taking classes at a Dahn — now called Brain Body Yoga — love the work, but felt a strange manipulation from the very beginning. My fears have been validated through your article and a few others as well. Although I think they actually have a wonderful system, it is obviously being run by people without integrity.

    It is now — and they are still going strong…. I cannot say everything I would like to — but, I will definitely not be attending their classes or workshops anymore. What defines a cult? The numbers of people practicing and popular opinion, nothing else. Christianity has all the trappings of a cult, yet nobody is very concerned including the massive body count. Any teaching or system of thought can be called a cult if you want to pass a negative judgement on it.

    Yes, Dahn Yoga is named so purely for marketing reasons, but so is every yoga shop in the US. How is that a bad thing? Fear shows us exactly where we need to go on our spiritual path. But sure, stick with your yoga — it threatens nothing, AND gives you a good-looking ass. Dahn has created a beautiful picture out of fragments of truth claiming it to be more powerful and real than perhaps what it really is. Dahn yoga is so contrived…. Ilchi lee was never part of the 50 leaders of UN he happened to be in a group photo and Dahn used that to make their own title. He was never a doctor despite adding Doctor to his name for period of time.

    It was a papermill degree. Did he really stay awake with out laying down or eating for 21 days?