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For eight summers she's been sitting on his fence hoping he would show her some kind of attention. But Cordon "Cord" Walker is back in town now, and he's told Sugar that he's sweet on her. And now Cord is back in town looking better than he has a right to. Since he's been back, Sugar's heart feels like it's being pulled in two directions. She has wanted Jace for eight summers. Cord ignites a fire inside of her that she has never known was possible. Now, both cowboys want a taste of Sugar. What's a country girl to do when lust and passion come calling in a small Southern town?

Overige kenmerken Extra groot lettertype Nee. Toon meer Toon minder. Anna M January 19, 9: In my view, Ross Douthat is completely right because for America to strive as it has for the last years it needs to remain theoretically the same. Although Ross Douthat might object that we are still striving for social equality, I maintain that our radical government has lost sight of the goal of raising the dregs of society to become the equals of the upper class rather lowering the elite to fit the molds of the lower class. Collin L January 19, 7: Linda Chavez knows the value of optimism and the power of hope and persistence, seeing these qualities as the roots of our nation.

In unity we have exceeded all expectation and speculation, and with our can-do attitude we will reach even farther. In a poll taken in April of , seventy-two percent of Americans believed that coming from poor to successful in America was possible, a very high percentage especially given the state of the economy today. Whether or not those people believed they themselves would have this kind of success is irrelevant; America is a country of possibilities and Americans are people of strong faith in those possibilities. Through these trials we have overcome and eliminated our problems, coming out the other side of our failures harder working, more united with fellow Americans, and even more optimistic of what is in store for the future for us and the future of America.

The American dream is heavily connected to our ability to look forward to an even brighter tomorrow because we must first look forward in order to move forward. Ally R January 19, 2: In my view, Leymah Gbowee is right about her view of the American dream. Her dream is the same dream as the forefathers of America, which is that the American dream is an actual dream and is something to be achieved. One of her strong beliefs is that people who were once in prison should be able to have a second chance at life.

I agree with this because everyone should be given a second chance at life no matter what they have done. America is a land of second chances and it is full of opportunities. Former prisoners ought to be able to get a job and live as a normal American citizen. Leymah also mentions that our military should not be destroying other enemy countries. Just because our country and military is powerful does not mean that we should destroy other countries at our own will. America should take pride in their military but should not take advantage of it.

The American dream should be something that we should all strive for and do our best to achieve. Ryan L January 19, In my view, Scott Bittle is right because democracy is what keeps dreams alive. Even more, the ability for the common man to make decisions, empowers him to dream and aspire to become something more. I maintain that the American Dream is only partly based on democratic system. In my personal opinion, Drew Altman is wrong because from what I have seen most Republicans tend disagree with the Health Care Reform and in its approach.

More specifically, I believe that Republicans are more likely to be of the older age group like that of the forty and up, and the Democratic is gaining a younger age group. For example, when people see Barak Obama playing basketball, it is much easier to relate to him, making it much easier to side with him on topics such as the Health Care Reform. Although Drew Altman may object that the intentions of the Health Care Reform are for the overall good of all people and needs to be changed, I maintain that the current Health Care is the best solution for us and the intentions are in fact geared toward the Democratic Party.

Therefore, I conclude that the people of the Republican Party are reacting fairly to the Health Care Reform and that the Health Care Reform is not approaching America in a manor of equality but approaching America to better the Democratic Party. In my opinion Maria Echaveste is totally right. Americans cannot just sit back and think the American dream will just happen on its own. It takes hard work to achieve the American Dream. If someone wants to start from rags and go to riches it does not come naturally.

A person must work hard to achieve it. Luckily in this country we have the resources, education and opportunities, to go from rags to riches. Too many people just expect the American Dream to happen. There are not many cases where a person has been successful with out hard work and the desire to fight for what he or she wants which in my opinion is the real American Dream. The heart to fight for what one wants so that he or she can be successful in the world that we live in today.

January 18, In my view James K. Galbraith is partially right because the country should figure out their problems in a faster manner but these problems are complicated and it needs time to resolve it. More specifically I believe that the government should find out a fast working plan that works so that they can put America to be were it is supposed to be as soon as possible.

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However, I would rather have the government to take its time so that they can have a better plan to solve its problems without making mistakes. If they create their plans to fast, then the plan might not work, but it is a good idea to start the plan as fast as they can. Galbraith might object that the Government should solve their problems slowly, I maintain that the government should take its time to accomplish their goals properly but, they need to do it in a faster manner.


When the government solves the countries problems then it will give other people an opportunity to achieve their American dream. January 18, 9: In my view, Scott Bittle is absolutely correct because many voters are unaware of what exactly they are voting for when they vote. More specifically, I believe that many vote for candidates for the wrong reasons. For example, it is common knowledge that our new President is a black man, as well as the first black president in the history of the United States of America.

Although many people may object that his race made a smaller impact than his political views and promises, I maintain that most people that voted for our President did so in order to make history. It is no secret that the stereotype for an Obama supporter is a black man. I am in no way saying that every black person voted for Obama and am in no way saying that every black person that did vote Obama did so because he was black. However, I still believe that many voted for him simply to make history.

I have asked supporters of Obama why they voted for him, and while some people stated correctly his political views, about fifty-percent of the people whom I have asked responded that they were not familiar with what he planned to do for our country. Therefore I conclude that if every American voter knew exactly what they were voting for that our country would greatly improve because the American population could prevent a fool from entering the most important office in our nation, and perhaps the world.

AndrewT January 18, 9: In my view, Merle Black is right because each and every American has their own dream. Their dreams may not be evident to the life they hold, or it may even be different then the dream they voice. Either way, I believe everyone should be encouraged to fulfill his or her dreams. For example, many people have amazing talents and gifts that God has given them; however, there are many things that hold them back.

Many people do not have the means to get a good education. Some people have the money, but simply do not have moral support. As Americans we need to support each other in fulfilling our dreams to the best of our own abilities. For those of us who are blessed enough to have extra money to spend, it should be used to benefit others instead of our own selfish desires.

However, simply lending support and encouragement to the people around you is so much more meaningful than handing over a check. AndreaF January 18, 9: Where all human beings have the ability to realize whatever gifts they have. In my view, Frum is right because he and every person in society, both in America and around the world, can make a difference. More specifically, I believe that America and her citizens have the responsibility to help make the world a safer, more virtuous place where disputes between countries and individual people do not take on violence in any form, but rather are fought with the mighty pen.

Thus far, the United States and her residents have done much in attempting to achieve these goals. Parker M January 18, 9: People are arguing that because we are in an economic recession that the American Dream is dying, and that it is no longer attainable. However, I take the opposite stand, because the American Dream is just as alive today as it has always been. That is because the American dream is not to work in a corner office, own a corvette, and have a wife and two kids but rather a more abstract goal. A goal that, while abstract, is rather simple.

That is something that anyone can do, and that is why the American Dream is more alive today than ever. If one leaves the world a better place than when they entered they have been a part of the fulfillment of the American Dream. January 18, 8: We as an American people have drifted apart and we need to reconnect as a country.

This country is more than well equipped to support the people in need and provide them a decent life if they cannot provide it them selves, and yet there are people living in this country having to work multiple jobs just to make enough to get through the day. Our American Dream should be a country were no one need fear loosing their jobs or being unemployed because they know they can rely on their community and government to help support them.

To make this dream become a reality we need to stop thinking only of ourselves and think more of the others around us so that we can help support each other in hardship, and if we can do that then our country will come closer together as a whole. Will Epperson January 18, 6: In my opinion, Emma Coleman Jordan is partially correct because the American society has, in fact, become less racial and prejudice towards those of different races and ethnicities.

More specifically, I take a stand on the belief that discrimination still exists on American soil, even though Congress has passed the Bill of Rights, which states the equality for every citizen.


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For example, segregation exists in schools and churches such as cliches, lunch groups, and youth studies. Neighborhoods, districts, and counties represent the separation between different races and ethnic groups as well. Some may relate the suburbs to rich American folks while some may say that the ghetto consists of African Americans and Hispanics.

Although Emma Coleman Jordan might object that the Civil Rights Acts, the Thirteenth Amendment the abolition of slavery , the Fourteenth Amendment the emphasis and definition of "citizen" , and the Fifteenth Amendment the right to vote without regard to color or race all promoted and encouraged the movement of equality for all, I still maintain that there is still hostility towards African Americans and minorities.

Therefore, I conclude that the United States of America cannot acquire a peaceful nation among its citizens because the separation between races is human nature. Alexandra B January 18, 6: The American dream has to do with opportunity. More specifically, I believe that the services and education provided in America is more accessible to everyone no matter class or race than any other country in the world. For example Americans are provided an education from elementary all the way to high school, and has the opportunity to go to any college in the country.

Although Mark Danner might object that we can never go back to the original plan of the founding fathers; I maintain we are a new America and must redevelop ourselves as a new nation with new values therefore establishing a new American dream. Therefore I conclude that because America is a melting pot and everyone has equal access to any level of education the past is the past and the American dream established by the founding fathers cannot be taking into the future; as a nation we are different and must take different values into the future.

January 18, 4: I believe that the ideal American Dream is to have a country that meets the needs of all their people whether they are millionaires who are becoming more prosperous each or ordinary commoners who are down in the dumps, not making income. More specifically, I believe that our country could contribute to meeting the needs of immigrants who are seeking better education, freedom, and a good standard of living. For example, Baker claims that all people deserve a satisfying education and a fulfilling standard of living. Therefore, I conclude that everyone in America deserves to be treated equally in that they all have a decent education and standard of living.

Maya D January 18, 4: I agree with what Merle Black says in that we should be optimistic about the future of America because there are so many opportunities that America has to offer to future generations, if they try to succeed. I believe in the point that he made that people can make it in life if they really try and I also think that they need people to back them up and encourage them to pursue their dreams. For example, I know that my mom and dad are very supportive of me and my musical career and my desire to be a music teacher.

They help me believe that I can do anything that I really put my mind to. With their encouragement I feel much more confident about my decisions than I would with no one backing me up. Merle Black might not fully agree with me that the generations need to encourage each other for them to have better futures, but we do agree that if we put our minds to it, we can accomplish a lot of things people never thought possible. America has already come so far technologically and many other aspects of our culture have advanced faster than anyone thought possible.

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January 18, 3: In my view, S. Bittle is right because the general population has become too lax when it comes to politics. More specifically, I believe that people have stopped truly paying attention to the core fundamentals of politics and instead, just vote by what ever their party is. For example, it has now become legal in many states for people to walk up to a voting booth, and just click a button that chooses every one that is a republican, or a democrat, or so on and so forth.

Although Bittle might object that in order for the American dream to continue to exist, all people must participate in politics extensively, I maintain that the people as a whole must retain their ability to think and understand politics so as to make educated decisions based on government. Therefore, I conclude with the statement that in order for the American dream to continue to last, the people must learn how to become involved in politics on an everyday situation and not just at election time.

Harrison P January 18, 3: In my opinion Andrew J. Bacevich is only partially right in his thesis. He says, "My vision would be that we find ways to preserve that which is best about the past". I agree that we should recognize and cherish what went right and was good about the past.

More specifically, I believe that we should also take note of what went wrong. If we knew what we did wrong, it can be avoided or made better. Bacevich might object that we should omit what was wrong to focus on what was good. I conserve that we need to know the mistakes we made so that we can become a better America. Therefore, I conclude that The American Dream can only be accomplished by knowing what went wrong with our forefathers and knowing what we do not want our America to become.

January 18, 2: In my opinion, Mere Black is right. If this country is to be restored to its original glory we cannot afford negative attitudes from the people. Furthermore, I believe that Mere Black is wise to be optimistic because this is not the first time the United States has been in trouble. For example, the Great Depression was the worst economic crisis to hit any country, but even so Americans pulled through like we always have and beat the odds. We even had a time of great prosperity following the Great Depression, which goes to show Americans willpower and determination.

In conclusion, I restate the fact that Americans have survived many things including the Great Depression and two world wars, but the key to our survival is staying optimistic. As history has shown us, change and hardship have always played a part in the development of our country, but we must be patient and optimistic if we wish to prevail. Corbin Welch January 18, 1: In my view, Andrew Bacevich is wrong because the American dream is ever changing with today society.

More specifically, I believe that the American dream must be one that changes with and where a person is in life, something that can change with according how they are doing in life. Although we must preserve the past, America has always been about the future, looking ahead to create the next best thing. We have tried endlessly to prepare for the future, and our dreams are no different.

Therefore, as Americans we cannot focus too much on the past, but rather the future and how our dreams and actions will put us where we want to be later in life. This is how America was formed and how it still operates today, based on a dream that we can all one day achieve our own personal goals and dreams. That is the American dream. From under the shaded shadows of Silverado to the twisted grip of Enron, through the soaring cost of oil and gas well on into the accumulation of wealth by the banks amidst the worst recession since the great depression, compounded by the gambling gain of Wall Street.

We have all seen the price of goods glaring back from the gap beyond the reach of real value. And there, stirring at the core of matter inhibited by the derivatives of quantity relative to the rate of exchange. And for those most disposed where do they go when devoured by the desire to survive. More specifically, I believe that Americans are overconfident in the idea that our nation will rebound from this hard hit because that is what has occurred in the past.

For example, during the recession after World War I many people were out of work and felt defeated, but over time united and built the economy back up to its former glory. Therefore, I conclude that the hope and optimism in the American Dream born during times of disunity and peril, is based solely on the notion that America will redeem itself no matter what happens. I believe that if situations in America were to change and America would fail in its ability to step back up after a fall, the overall hope and optimism of our nation would decrease drastically and the currently increasing numbers of citizens who have achieved the American dream or hope to, would begin to decrease and virtually come to a halt.

January 17, 2: Bacevich is right because he bluntly describes the issues that are occurring today. More specifically, I believe that his opinion directly outlines how the outlook of the American Dream is falling. For example, he says that America has a great inheritance both environmental and political. America is a wonderful country but in his opinion we do not treat it as such. Another point that Bacevich makes is that our political history as a country is an amazing one.

For instance the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution has made our country, but sadly those documents have not made us what we are now. Bacevich would like to see our country try to recover and preserve the original American Dream. Although, Andrew Bacevich might object that in recovering our nation some laws will have to be added due to how far our country has fallen.

People are no longer fighting really for our freedom from overseas but now for freedoms such as gay rights and those laws, I feel, will never be able to go away now that they have once been put in affect. Christine O January 17, 1: In my view, Dave Beckmann is correct about addressing the needs of millions being impoverished in America, but the focus needs to shift away from the global desire to help the hungry and realize the destitution in our own backyard.

While increasing amounts of people are lining up for food stamps, money is being given to those who do not need help, and those expenditures spent on people who do not need help is actually doing damage. Beckmann addressed the fact that 35 million people struggle to put food on the table daily. This could change by balancing money in a more economical sense: Helping countries that struggle from poverty is very important, but first we must make it a priority to solve it here, therefore allowing the U.

By eliminating poverty and giving promise, we could then focus on the impoverished around the world. January 17, In response to Andrew Bacevich, In my opinion Andrew Bacevich is deeply mistaken when he stated that we need to preserve the past. The American Dream is not and never will be about the past. More specifically, I believe that America solely succeeds by looking ahead. The source of the American Dream is not due to past traditions; it is due to mere competition.

Just as children play dodge ball at recess, the average American citizen fights through and dodges blows to be the last man standing. Focusing on the future and staying ahead of the competition is key to continuing what America has already done so well. Joseph Pidala January 17, 2: Bacevich is right because our country is forgetting more about the past as we further our future and not caring how important our independence, our values, and our resolved issues came to be.

Although Bacevich might disagree with the thought, I believe that we should not just preserve the good, but the bad also. Even though the good builds up our self esteem and our good deeds, the bad shows us how we achieved that goal and how we were able to solve our conflicts along the way. Therefore, I conclude that all things about the past should be remembered, good or bad. Marissa T January 15, In my view, Phil Donahue is wrong because there is not a specific and explicit definition of what exactly the American Dream is.

Some people may argue that in America, there has always been a rooted meaning of what the dream is, but I maintain that it can be shaped and fitted, making it able to achieve. January 14, 5: Without a SANE man to land ratio that is based on sustainable agricultural supply, there is no future. You can't tweet a sandwich or a glass of water. Anna D January 14, 4: I believe that Cory Booker has the correct mind set on how the American Dream should expand itself. More Specifically, I believe that we need to look deep into America's history and who our founding fathers were.

For example, our country does not dig deep to see the American Dream and what America really stands for. Although many other politicians may object with where the dream may come from, I maintain that America's dream started a long time ago and it has been pushed further and further from the American society. In order for the American people to have the same view, we need our congress and government to show the history of our country.

Therefore, I conclude that Cory Booker statement is right for America, we should try and make it come through. Andrew C January 14, 2: In my own view I agree completely with Joan Claybrook because administrations continue to take away our liberties. Every new group that comes into office has a different way to slowly take away our freedom.

More specifically I believe that we as citizens of our counrty should be listened to when we speak out. The government walk all over us forgetting who put them into office and who all their efforts are actually for. America is not just a land, it is a group of diverse and colorful people that do not like having things done to them that takes away our liberties.

For example, the Patriot act, passed under George bush, allowed the government to tap into our phones when ever they feel necessary. His administration may argue it is for our own safety, but it is in reality a huge invasion of privacy. Our nation was founded on the basis that the people choose how their country is run. When our government stops listening when we speak out is when they take over, and we no longer have a say in what happens in our country. Joan Claybrook and I continue to urge Americans to let there voices be heard and never give up even if they see no results.

We must keep our voices loud to hopefully keep our liberties that our founders wanted us to have. I completely agree with Mr. America can make strides in reducing world hunger. More specifically, I believe that if we spent more time and effort to consider this universal plight, we could make great strides in its reduction. This site improves vocabulary through simple vocabulary tests.

For each word answered correctly, ten grains of rice are donated to the United Nations World Food Program. To put the simplicity of this program mathematically, ten questions answered correctly equates to 50 grains of rice. So, ten questions equates to grains of rice. This process may take all of a couple of minutes. Although the opposition may contend that our economy is deteriorating and that our resources are rapidly depleting, I maintain the every ounce of effort is important in the reduction of world hunger.

Therefore, the reduction of world hunger is not a dream. It is a waiting reality. January 14, 2: In my view, David Beckman is partially right because hunger is a huge problem not only around the world, but right here in the United States. More specifically, I believe that we need to help those who cannot help themselves.

For example, just by simply giving our time and effort to help feed someone or give them clothing etc. Although David Beckman might object that we cannot end hunger, I maintain that we can.

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Therefore, I conclude that America can help end hunger just by giving a little out of the mass of things that we have. The original American Dream was the dream of being able to come to America and make a living for not only yourself but for your family as well. American is the "land of opportunity". Though that dream still today resonates with many people, that idea along with many other ideas must be changed with time. When I think about America and I talk about how wonderful my country is I want people to see what I do.

An America that helps others, and itself. Not only is America the land of opportunity, but also along with the opportunity we have resources. America is one of the wealthiest countries in the world, and with that wealth comes responsibility. We have a responsibility to our country to help those in need, and we can do that by at doing the bare minimum of feeding them. Hanora C January 14, 2: In my opinion, I completely agree with Ms. Rubin's thesis because the dreams of optimism, social flexibility, individual rights, and economic chance are not only an "American" dream, but also a human ideal.

More specifically, I maintain that it is misleading to call this ideal the "American Dream. Although one might object that this belief is a form of ideological imperialism, I maintain that this human ideal is accessible in many different ways, and is not necessarily obtained solely through the American system of government. Therefore, I concur with Ms. Rubin in claiming that the term "American Dream" should be changed to the "Global Dream.

And it has to do with rule of law. In my view, Mark Danner is partially right because America is a land of opportunity, especially concerning education. More specifically, I believe that individuals have the capability to achieve their goals and improve their circumstances through obtaining an education if they take advantage of opportunities. For example, students have access to scholarships for education; however, it is their responsibility to pursue the scholarship. Although Mark Danner might object that the government should be handing out money, I maintain that the government should make opportunities available to those who are willing to take the initiative.

Therefore, I conclude that America is full of opportunities; anyone can achieve their dreams if they take initiative and pursue opportunities. Carrie C January 14, 2: In my view, Scott Bittle is right; in order to accomplish the American Dream, people should be able to let their voice be known. More specifically, I believe that we, as Americans, should not just sit around and watch America change; we should let our opinions and voices be heard and thought of when making major political decisions, affecting the everyday life of the average American citizen.

For example, with the recent elections, we, as the American public, should be able to become publicly engaged in the choices that come in-between these elections.

We should not just watch politicians make lifestyle changing choices, without having any say at all. Although some people might object that we should let the politicians and important office holders be the only ones to have their say in political decisions, I maintain that the public should have their opinions be taken into consideration when making important lifestyle changing decisions. I conclude that Scott Bittle is right in believing the public should become more engaged in important political decisions. In my view, Maria Echaveste is right because a dream is not given it is earned.

More specifically, I believe that the American dream is not a right; it is a privilege and it has to be fought to achieve. For example, the war we are in right now is to make sure that opportunity is still available. Many people believe that this war is all for nothing, but I am willing to bet most of these people have had a taste of the American dream. The other people understand that the soldiers are fighting for them and their opportunity to succeed. In conclusion, the American dream is attained through hard work and persistence, not laying around waiting for it to knock on the door.

In my view, Earl Baker is right because in this country, the population is just as diverse as the opportunities we have. More specifically, I believe that the ideal of the American Dream changes depending on social status and race. For example, an immigrant may view the American Dream as obtaining equality among other citizens despite gender, color, or religion while a lower class American citizen might view the American Dream as winning the lottery.

Each person has their own dream, and their dream can be connected to their country because that is where the resources to reach that dream are available for those who have an "American" Dream. Therefore, I conclude that since there are many different people in America, it is reasonable to believe that there is a multitude of American Dreams, each one representing the people of America.

We are culturally diverse, and so are our dreams. Thank you, Bill Moyers and Mother Jones editors for your fine investigative reporting on why nothing has been done to stop the Wall Street excesses that recently brought the world to it's financial knees. How do I sign up? January 14, In my view, David Beckmann is completely right because poverty and starvation are one of the most global problems of our time. More specifically, I believe that because we have so much wealth and opportunity in our country, we should help aid and feed the millions of starving people in third-world countries.

Therefore, I conclude that a key element of the American Dream should be helping those around the world who are not fortunate enough to have our abundance of opportunities, wealth, or freedom. In my view, Heather Booth is right because many people view themselves as not good enough.

For example, people who are famous should not be exalted just because of their fame and fortune, but people should become famous for their personality. People should have the ability to build their own dreams without being criticized, no matter the circumstances. Although Heather might object that people should believe in themselves, I maintain that it is even more important to believe in others as well. Therefore, I conclude that if all people in the world praised and honored their neighbors, they would feel better about their own dreams, and they might even be able to make them come true.

Ed December 6, 2: Unfortunately no one that matters will read my book and this message will be lost in the noise of vested. We need your "noise", Walt. First, we have to stop the passing of this latest health insurance legislation being magically called "health reform" People like to lead interesting lives, that's what "health" is all about. There's the very real possibility that they are all so full of hubris that they have again miscalculated the "risk" and the blowback. Anna D September 17, 4: Did you know that Hughes Aircraft was a non profit organization and its earning went to the Howard Hughes Medical Institute www.

When Hughes existed it never entered the medical field because it did not even want the appearance of any impropriety. What a tragedy that was because they were a premiere system engineering technology power house that could have transformed health care in the USA. I also go on to state that many of our defense companies should have developed transition strategies after the Berlin wall came down.

It has now been 20 years. What if some had entered into the health care arena with their massive systems engineering knowledge and technologies? And let's not forget "property taxes" where the home owner's slave wage is updrafted to cover the cost of city infrastructures for corporations Anna D September 17, Racism is but a stalking horse for the classism and cronyism thatgradually degenerate into slavery. Our present scourge is wage slavery. Long live Johnny Rocket wherever you may be.

Another correspondent, Klark Mouvinon, was reported lost when his compatriot returned from out of country contracting to reclaim his camping trailer and tow truck job. Where are Johnny and Klark now? On the street, I guess. That's where we'll all be heading if needed change is not forthcoming. Don't get behind on your rent, Anna. Grady Lee Howard September 17, I myself am committed to this greater national purpose, and do my part.

I embrace my role as one of the impoverished masses, because I know that the vast fortunes of a few are possible only if others are willing to live in poverty. I am proud to be unemployed, because I know that low wages can only be maintained if workers are desperate for jobs. I nobly partake of meals that consist of cheap, non-nutritious or harmful ingredients because I know that with each swallow of aspartame, each mouthful of fully hydrogenated vegetable oil, I am helping our country's Corporations. My sacrifice allows them to absorb wealth while my body absorbs unhealthful foodstuffs.

I relish the opportunity to inhale and drink toxic industrial waste products that have infiltrated the air and drinking water, because I understand that my own life is of no importance when compared with the chance to concentrate greater wealth into fewer hands. I happily go without the medical care I need, to help the pharmaceutical industry, the insurance industry and the medical industry to create the billionaires that are so vital to the realization of our Great Purpose.

I am learning to like the new American wilderness of flat, barren land where forested mountains once were. I know that mountain-top removal mining is efficient, and that mountains are unnecessary. The fewer there are, the more of America I can see with an unobstructed view. And as everyone knows, the only value of timber is in its harvesting. In what other country are people sufficiently patriotic to sacrifice more than mountains for the Greater Good? I humbly wallow in ignorance, because I understand that if educated, I might be subjected to dangerous ideas.

I might be corrupted by unnatural desires for a home, respect, dental work, a little time to relax, and similar extraneous desires that might distract us from the accomplishment of our Goal. Unlike the fools in every other industrialized country, I recognize that I do not deserve a job, decent pay, proper nutrition, a heated home, an education, clean drinking water, respect, or any such absurdities.

I, like millions of others, am a proud American, willing to subjugate my own welfare to the Laudable Endeavor to create a tiny parasitic class of billionaires who can have whatever they want, and do whatever they like, without regard for anything or anyone. How glorious it is to contribute to this Land of Opportunity! A land in which a billionaire can find enough write-offs to pay absolutely nothing in taxes, while every homeless veteran who gathers enough coins to purchase a cup of coffee pays tax on it.

Ah, to be American! Anna D September 16, 9: I see that you already understand how narrow and limited your comments must be to "get a grade. Jews, Blacks,and the 'Post Racial" Presidency". America should not be conceived of by college students as a melting pot, vegetable soup or a healthy salad. Those are nursery concepts for day care kids. Much of the fervor in the health care debate comes from racism and classism fostered by propaganda from big corporations. So much for free speech.

Some of you students say people come here for a better life, but isn't it often the actions of first world business keeping poorer countries from developing or having a democratic government? So you immigrants are now in the core rather than the periphery. Were you part of the elite privileged class at home? If you were you might have quite a good time exploiting uninformed American natives when you graduate.

They may have degrees but they are allowed to learn very little. Young people, in the last decade of American empire you must learn to read between the lines, even on Bill Moyer's Journal. Get curious and get active. Demand that your instructor let you learn something useful!

Grady Lee Howard September 15, 7: Im a student at the Northern Virginia Community College doing a assignment for my communciations class. My opinion is that I agree with this vision on how America welcomes other countries and provides opportunities for them. The Melting Pot metaphor does tie in with the American Dream by how the United States is very diverse with many people from different countries living there. All these people share their cultures with others and want to live free and happy. Racial issues continue to be a problem in this society.

I do agree with what she says on how it should come to an. We should move on from the past, accept the differences and move forward into the future. I notice that the racial problems are delaying us from being able to fix the other important problems we are facing today. How can society function properly if we continue to hate each other because of the color of our skin or our cultural backgrounds? This metaphor Melting Pot does tie in with the American Dream by how the United States is so diverse and people should get along with each other no matter what cultures they come from.

Melissa Fernandez September 15, 5: I have always been an advocate of freedom of speech and I felt really strongly about it. Coming here I was aware, mostly from reading books and watching a few American news editions, that there was freedom of speech but what I found exceeded all my expectations and made me realize of the real meaning of the word. It shockingly made me realize also that what I was fighting for before was far less freedom than these people actually have. Intercultural communications —comment on Mr.

Adela Gernandt September 15, America is a wonderful country and I realize that every day more and more. I believe this is the place where other ethnicities become conscious for the first time of their natural roots, and all this because these amazing people have such genuine interest in other cultures and embrace all of the diversity in such a wonderful and noble way. This is my second year here in America and I can say that I have grown intellectually and I am a better person now due to constant positive reinforcement and encouragement of talent and ability as Mr.

Merle Black also states. It really is the land of opportunities and if you are able and willing to grab one you can be anything you want to be. Intercultural Communications-Comment on Mr. How are we going to ever achieve world peace without accepting diversity? There are more advantages to accepting other cultures than disadvantages. Maybe another nation has a better way of running government?

Kelly September 15, 8: Anytime i hear anyone speak of the American Dream the first thing that comes to my mind is money. I believe people think that in order to be happy, you have to be wealthy. This media is constantly spewing stories and images of wealth and it translates to the general public as wealth equaling happiness.

In my opinon this is a huge misconception. My American Dream would be to do something in my life that i love and that gives back to not only my country, but my world. Jessica Dabaghi September 15, 7: Phillip Pan Intercultural communications Pan is a perfect example of the salad bowl concept, because like his dream he has immigrated into American society but he holds the cultural values that his parents thought him. Also the salad bowl concept represents a culture open to add ingredients different people from different culture to the mixture along the way.

Greg Mitchell Intercultural Communications Maintaining free speech of press is key concept to the salad bowl concept because it allows for each culture in America to host their own news programming, which express their cultures values and gives a pride to peoples cultural roots. Jeremy Bilowus September 15, 7: With the concept of the American dream in mind a quote of Carl Shurz: Laws might be just but the people that enact them might carry their own prejudices.

By each of us following the American Dream, we encourage and strengthen the principles we hope our country to follow. TF September 15, 2: I believed that the American dream lies to each individual trying to improve their lives in the United States. It is true that the United States is the land of opportunities but opportunities varies from each individual depending on what they want to achieve.

The American Dream only happens to people who works hard and has a goal in life. It is still up to the person on what they want to achieve in life. Everybody has a choice; most people consider rich and fame are the definition of the American Dream but for others American Dream is just being happy and satisfied living. I think these videos are very inspiring. These are only about a minute long or even shorter than that, but it concisely presents some great points. There seems to be a debate whether it's an American Dream or an American Nightmare.

In reality, immigrants seem to go through various challenges; however, they don't tend to speak up for their rights. People complain about the hardships, but not many people seem to stand up and raise their voice. Just like Mr Bittle mentioned in his video, "public should be really engaged and have their voice be counted". It is not a "sports". If we want things to change, we need to be actively engaged.

Harris also claims that American Dream is a "collective action", and a "process of being together". American Dream is not about one individual's goal; it is about all Americans'. Seong Hee Shim September 15, 2: The point is that the time I had spent with my family and friends, whether happy or sad, I felt happy by just remembering the memories.

On the other hand, money is still important in our life. It gives us freedom, power and maybe happiness. Cris Bobis September 15, 1: America itself is a beautiful country, full of opportunities. People from different countries see America as a place for freedom, a place where people struggle to make a living, a place where everyone works together to form a strong community. My vision of the American dream means reaching out to help others working hard and treating everyone the way you would want to be treated.

America is about everyone coming together as one, as a nation, in order to work together to make the American dream possible. We can do so much more if we could just take the time to look around and share what we have with one another.

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Many have failed to go through the American dream because they are not motivated enough or that they are not willing to change for the better. Moving to America from another country means that you are willing to adapt to a new life and getting used to new customs. Also, the Melting Pot could tie into the concept of the American dream because America, for example, is a place where immigrants of different cultures or races form an integrated society. Americans have continuosly been a country of great achievements, but we did not do it by bashing eachother, rather working together.

Priya Satheesh September 14, 8: Many people may have goals to achieve the American Dream but what may look like stepping stones away to achieve, more stones seem to be added along the way to make it more difficult to accomplish. A vast number of immigrants come to America in hopes to have a "better life" and more opportunities, but honestly, are there really more opportunities? For some, yes- those that work extra hard, have some sort of luck, and know people who may be able to help them out, but for an average Joe from a country such as Guatemala that comes here from doing labor work all his life has a big chance of being thrown back into doing labor work, waiting outside of a for a slight chance of getting picked from an American who may in fact is trying himself to achieve his rendition of the American Dream.

No one said it would be easy although having leaders in charge that allow people to speak of what we want may make it easier. America, supposedly being all about equity and fairness may not be living up to its standards. Certain leaders with power that contribute to our government make decisions based upon their favors and advantages. The American Dream is more like the American Nightmare in reality. Tina Yoon September 14, 4: The first of these views is idyllic and classically iconic and represents the principles upon which this country was founded.

It is the Vision. The other is shrewdly unsentimental and rather disheartening and reflects what I as an individual perceive to be the unforgiving truth. It is the Reality. It is psychologically exhausting to have two opposing identities struggling to fit into a concept in which conventionally there is only room for one. Rather than Vision vs.

Reality, I would like to see Vision inspire Reality. And in order for this American Dream to become an American Reality, we have to fight for it. We most make it so through our own actions and examples. And we must speak out. But I believe that perhaps it is better than bitterly denouncing and abandoning a dream that still for many provides a glimpse of hope and new beginnings.

Jack Martin, "He'd be a much better man, and a more perceptive leader, if he did not feel the crosshairs' shadow. Obama and Palin, were to date in USA history, the most snaringly, hate-dominated selection of backroom power brokers for the theatrical actors for the political stage. Hire Disney execs to turn the area into a vation destination - all are free to walk around their symbolic black cube, or stick wishes written on paper into the wall talk about data mining opportunities for marketing!

Yes, indeedy, "fascist" roots evolved from the "church" having been granted a status of personhood greater than "god" and the individuals created FOR love. Anna D September 13, 3: Cerf talks about how our media is not as helpful as it once was. We are not getting s in depth coverage as we would like or what will be most helpful to us. He feels that the internet is our only true way of communication now.

I agree one hundred percent with him, on our media we are not getting any positive news, and if it is positive it is only a brief statement. Our news notifies us of all the negative things going on in our world and our specific nation. Our internet is also helping with our democracy, people can voice their opinions and be notified of current issues, both sides that is.

With the media we are not able to voice our opinions because it is just a notification network, communication one direction. By using the internet we can communicate in two directions. Cerf said, we can get back to using the original Bill of Rights, because we can use our freedom of speech on the internet. It will also help get our input to congress from a larger more diverse group of people. Ally September 13, Blackmon is absolutely correct; we have accomplished things today that thirty years ago we never thought we would have been accomplished.

The first major example is having someone of a different race as our President of the United States. Thirty to forty years ago, the privileges for women and people of color barely existed; the right for women to work or vote was shunned upon. African Americans were not allowed to do the same things as white people were, and they were not allowed to even use the same drinking fountain as a white person. And is just fantastic to look back at all the changes we have made and will continue to make. Blackmon also mentioned how we are able to talk freely about the past and help make change.

And we all hope that the dreadful things in the past can be put away for good. Beckmann makes a point very clear: He wants an America where kids never go hungry and for people to step up to end hunger and poverty. He ends it by saying that, "This isn't a dream, it can happen. Around the world, millions of kids everyday are going hungry because they don't have anything to eat. We here, in America have anything we would ever want to eat and at times, we just throw food away because we're "too full" and "don't want to eat it anymore".

I myself eat everything that is on my plate whenever I eat something. If I don't finish it, I don't throw it away, I save it for later. We shouldn't be wasting food because around the world, there are people less fortunate than us because they have nothing to eat. If society as a whole would step up and make an attempt to end world hunger, then nobody would be starving anymore. Mike September 11, 1: