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For those nay-sayers who think there is no practical reason or benefit for this, remember, it was the space race that gave birth to many of the technologies we enjoy today. Ok, that having been said, why a rating of only 4 stars given that I gushed on and on? My main criticism of the book has to do with Mr.

Galactic Exploration Series by Peter Cawdron

It has a slightly disjointed feeling and syntactically felt stilted. I'd have to go back and re-read for technical accuracy in order to be more specific, but if anyone has thoughts about this, I'd love to hear them. I think the author tried something very ambitious and ultimately successful, but I feel like these novellas could have use further revision to tighten up the sentences, the transitions, and the pacing.

I still think it's a worthwhile read, and for the third time let me offer Kudos to Mr. Cawdron for writing something very intelligent about a subject that does not get enough attention in my opinion and for being unapologetic when he asserts "Yes, we should do this. Jul 12, Courtney Nicole rated it it was amazing. What they saw was astonishing, tens of thousands of galaxies in an area of the sky that appeared smaller than a full-stop. And, unlike any other photograph, the depth was extraordinary, stretching back twelve billion years. It wa Overall Stars Rank: It was a fossil made from light.

The synopsis does not do these short stories justice at all and neither does my quote above. I think that may have been what kept me from reading them sooner, that and hardly anyone has read them. After reading them though, I hugely regret not reading them earlier.

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I loved the thought that was out into all the short stories, the characters are lovely and I found myself really feeling for some of them. It almost reminded me of what could have been a few episodes of Stargate sg1 or Stargate Atlantis, which says something because I love both of those TV shows so much. Story 1 Serengeti was my favorite of the four but them all together just gave me examples and more reasoning behind why I love sci-fi so much. I also really enjoyed that at the very end of the final story there is writing from the author explaining his logic; reasoning behind the stories: The only thing I wish could be different is that these were a book or books, maybe more short stories in the future please?

Science Fiction, Aliens, Action; Futuristic. Jul 27, L rated it really liked it Shelves: I love sci fi that goes beyond the ordinary. Cawdron does not disappoint with this compilation of four stories which read seamlessly as a single work. He draws on multiple theories and existing sci fi traditions, but always with a twist or two. In fact, sometimes the twist comes before you know quite where you are, much less what tradition you might be following.

Cawdron's characters--human, alien, and controversial--are well drawn. Nov 27, Tara Bush rated it really liked it. I'm not a fan of short stories, but these fit together so nicely that you are essentially reading a novel. If I had only bought the first short story, I might not have gone any further, but since I purchased all four together, I kept reading and became more and more intrigued. Nicely done and very creative. Mar 17, Sophia rated it it was amazing. This book is so good!

It's just the kind of science fiction I love and haven't read for too long of a time. I highly recommend the book and have had to highly edit to not spoil it for the next reader. But to sum up Jun 06, Chad rated it really liked it. Some books create their own unique universe, and this is one of them. This is out there, but very well thought out. It is not profound in the sense that there is a twist or shock value in the story. It is more something that will make you think. It is a far future novel which goes outside of the box of typical sci-fi novel thinking.

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Dec 31, Chris Riddick rated it it was amazing. Intelligent and creative science fiction about possibilities for human expansion throughout the galaxy. Numerous twists and turns keep the reader going. I couldn't put it down! Very believable premises for all the stories. Thought-provoking and challenges some of our preconceptions on how space exploration might unfold. Mar 03, Brandy Stangland-burks rated it it was amazing.

An amazingly well thought out journey among the stars is nothing less than what I have come to expect from Peter as an author. I happened upon him by chance, and I have fallen in love with his stories! This is an incredible adventure that combines the what if aspect of sci-fi and the possibilities of technology that we have around us now. Apr 28, Thomas Quatrale rated it liked it. I have mixed feelings about this book. As a novel, it is interesting, but slow moving.

As a discussion of what type of multi-generational commitment would be required for Mankind to search for intelligent life elsewhere in the Universe, it is very thought provoking. But, if you are looking for a fast paced space opera, this ain't it. Aug 27, Bob rated it it was amazing. Good writing, thought-inspiring ideas The interrelationship of plots in the stories, as well as the development of the key characters, I found very appealing and well written. Peter Cawdron is one of the better writers out there. Aug 03, Anthony rated it really liked it.

Interesting premise and well written. A collection of 4 stories some more and some less connected over time. Alexandr rated it really liked it Jun 17, Seth rated it really liked it Apr 28, Paul Dennison rated it it was amazing Aug 29, CJ rated it it was amazing Mar 07, Guillaume Joron rated it really liked it Jun 18, The spacecraft returned to Earth on 13 June Deep space exploration is the branch of astronomy , astronautics and space technology that is involved with the exploration of distant regions of outer space. Some of the best candidates for future deep space engine technologies include anti-matter , nuclear power and beamed propulsion.

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In the s, several plans for space exploration were announced; both government entities and the private sector have space exploration objectives. China has announced plans to have a ton multi-module space station in orbit by The NASA Authorization Act of provided a re-prioritized list of objectives for the American space program, as well as funding for the first priorities.

Additionally, the SLS will serve as a back up for commercial and international partner transportation services to the International Space Station. The SLS rocket will incorporate technological investments from the Space Shuttle program and the Constellation program in order to take advantage of proven hardware and reduce development and operations costs. The first developmental flight is targeted for the end of The idea of using high level automated systems for space missions has become a desirable goal to space agencies all around the world.

Such systems are believed to yield benefits such as lower cost, less human oversight, and ability to explore deeper in space which is usually restricted by long communications with human controllers. Autonomy is defined by three requirements: Autonomous technologies would be able to perform beyond predetermined actions. They would analyze all possible states and events happening around them and come up with a safe response. In addition, such technologies can reduce launch cost and ground involvement.

Performance would increase as well. Autonomy would be able to quickly respond upon encountering an unforeseen event, especially in deep space exploration where communication back to Earth would take too long. The autonomy of ASE is capable of on-board science analysis, replanning, robust execution, and later the addition of model-based diagnostic. Images obtained by the EO-1 are analyzed on-board and downlinked when a change or an interesting event occur. The ASE software has successfully provided over 10, science images. An article in science magazine Nature suggested the use of asteroids as a gateway for space exploration, with the ultimate destination being Mars.

The research that is conducted by national space exploration agencies, such as NASA and Roscosmos , is one of the reasons supporters cite to justify government expenses. Economic analyses of the NASA programs often showed ongoing economic benefits such as NASA spin-offs , generating many times the revenue of the cost of the program.

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Such expeditions could generate a lot of revenue. Another claim is that space exploration is a necessity to mankind and that staying on Earth will lead to extinction. Some of the reasons are lack of natural resources, comets, nuclear war, and worldwide epidemic. Stephen Hawking , renowned British theoretical physicist, said that "I don't think the human race will survive the next thousand years, unless we spread into space. There are too many accidents that can befall life on a single planet.

But I'm an optimist. We will reach out to the stars. NASA has produced a series of public service announcement videos supporting the concept of space exploration. Overall, the public remains largely supportive of both crewed and uncrewed space exploration. Clarke presented a summary of motivations for the human exploration of space in his non-fiction semi-technical monograph Interplanetary Flight. Spaceflight is the use of space technology to achieve the flight of spacecraft into and through outer space.

Spaceflight is used in space exploration, and also in commercial activities like space tourism and satellite telecommunications. Additional non-commercial uses of spaceflight include space observatories , reconnaissance satellites and other Earth observation satellites. A spaceflight typically begins with a rocket launch , which provides the initial thrust to overcome the force of gravity and propels the spacecraft from the surface of Earth.

Once in space, the motion of a spacecraft—both when unpropelled and when under propulsion—is covered by the area of study called astrodynamics. Some spacecraft remain in space indefinitely, some disintegrate during atmospheric reentry , and others reach a planetary or lunar surface for landing or impact. Satellites are used for a large number of purposes. Common types include military spy and civilian Earth observation satellites, communication satellites, navigation satellites, weather satellites, and research satellites.

Space stations and human spacecraft in orbit are also satellites. Current examples of the commercial use of space include satellite navigation systems , satellite television and satellite radio. Space tourism is the recent phenomenon of space travel by individuals for the purpose of personal pleasure.

Private spaceflight companies such as SpaceX and Blue Origin , and commercial space stations such as the Axiom Space and the Bigelow Commercial Space Station have dramatically changed the landscape of space exploration, and will continue to do so in the near future. Astrobiology is the interdisciplinary study of life in the universe, combining aspects of astronomy , biology and geology. It is also known as exobiology from Greek: Space colonization, also called space settlement and space humanization, would be the permanent autonomous self-sufficient human habitation of locations outside Earth, especially of natural satellites or planets such as the Moon or Mars , using significant amounts of in-situ resource utilization.

Valeri Polyakov 's record single spaceflight of almost days aboard the Mir space station has not been surpassed. Long-term stays in space reveal issues with bone and muscle loss in low gravity, immune system suppression, and radiation exposure. Many past and current concepts for the continued exploration and colonization of space focus on a return to the Moon as a "stepping stone" to the other planets, especially Mars. At the end of NASA announced they were planning to build a permanent Moon base with continual presence by Beyond the technical factors that could make living in space more widespread, it has been suggested that the lack of private property , the inability or difficulty in establishing property rights in space, has been an impediment to the development of space for human habitation.

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Since the advent of space technology in the latter half of the twentieth century, the ownership of property in space has been murky, with strong arguments both for and against. In particular, the making of national territorial claims in outer space and on celestial bodies has been specifically proscribed by the Outer Space Treaty , which had been, as of [update] , ratified by all spacefaring nations. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

For the company, see Space Exploration Technologies. Observations and explorations of Venus. Exploration of the Moon. Exploration of the asteroids and List of missions to comets. The examples and perspective in this section may not represent a worldwide view of the subject. You may improve this article , discuss the issue on the talk page , or create a new article , as appropriate.

September Learn how and when to remove this template message. Future of space exploration.

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Exploration of the asteroids. Astrobiology and Extraterrestrial life. Space colonization , Space habitat , and Space Station. Outline of space exploration.

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Animals in space Monkeys in space Russian space dogs. Spaceflight List of spaceflights Timeline of Solar System exploration List of artificial objects on extra-terrestrial surfaces Space station Space telescope Sample return mission Atmospheric reentry Space and survival Ozone depletion by rocket launches Space disasters Religion in space Militarization of space French space program Russian explorers U.

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