Geier in Europa (German Edition)

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The band made its first notable splashes in with a variety of gigs including some dates in America and Canada and a full debut EP, Bang! Geier Sturzflug] [Version ]. Der ultimative 30 Minuten Lollies-Hitmix.

Besuchen Sie Europa (solange es noch steht) (English translation)

About The Lollies Pop never dies, it just finds various fun forms to mutate into. Hier kommt Alex Live. Cotton Eye Joe Live. Verdammt ich lieb' dich Live. Live Hits Tour Ooops, had forgotten about this The Pershing rises, "erhebt" in German could be understood in both ways, either the Pershing rises in the air or it is just standing there, looming over the country.

Olympus is actually also the name of the whole mountain range, not just one peak. Well, about tenses in english you probably know more than I do, maybe in english it should be: Then it's already way too late or Then everything is far too late.

About The Lollies

We can leave it like this, I guess. Before trying the translation into Portugese I read the two other translations and I recognized that this one word Neutronenwaffelduft should be: The french translation does not show it well, neither the word Atompilz. Become a translator Request new lyrics translation. Login Registration Sign In.

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Besuchen Sie Europa solange es noch steht English translation. Besuchen Sie Europa solange es noch steht 4 translations Translations: Czech , English, French , Portuguese Advertisement.

Lollies feat. Geier Sturzflug "Besuchen Sie Europa (solange es noch steht)" Version 2017

When submarines drop anchor in the Grand Canal. When in front of the ancient cathedral in Cologne a mushroom-shaped cloud rises,. The author of translation requested proofreading. If you are proficient in both languages of the language pair, you are welcome to leave your comments. Besuchen Sie Europa solange es noch steht.

Geier (surname)

Click to see the original lyrics. Add new translation Add new request. More translations of "Besuchen Sie Europa English Grampa Wild Willy. Collections with "Besuchen Sie Europa Popular Artists Popular Songs.

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La Tout Eiffel ne 'tumble' pas vraiment, elle s'incline simplement pour saluer. Le reste me semble aller: Je pense que "waiter" est notre mot pour "Kellner.

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Okay, a more thorough proofreading: What do you think of it now?