The Bushwhackers

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The marching and the licking and all of that BS. Vince gave us a new name but we came up with the characters. He came up with that. We were always creative, when we first came over to North America in , we were Sweet William and The Brute but he Butch had to change his name because the Brute here was Brute Bernard.

The BushWhackers

I was doing that from around 19 69 to , we were doing the Beauty and the Beast gimmick at the time and we constantly changed our gimmicks. That was the Whoa and Yay. In , the Bushwhackers were used to "put over" the newly signed team the Headshrinkers Fatu and Samu [42] and made a few appearances in comedy matches alongside midget Tiger Jackson against the Beverly Brothers and Little Louie.

Hughes and The Warlord.

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Williams and Miller, as well as Mo and Mabel , all appeared at Survivor Series wearing the trademark green wig and face paint associated with Doink the Clown. In March , the Bushwhackers returned to the WWF after a 6-month hiatus to participate in a tournament to crown new tag team champions.

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The Bushwhackers appeared as themselves in a episode of the sitcom Family Matters , wrestling against Carl Winslow and Steve Urkel , who are forced to fill in for and wrestle as The Psycho Twins. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other uses, see Bushwhackers disambiguation. The Pro Wrestling Hall of Fame: Retrieved 22 April Wrestling Title Histories 4th ed.

Memorial Tag Team Tournament Cup". Archived from the original on 9 October The Fabulous Ones beat The Sheepherders in a "massacre" match.

The Bushwhackers vs. Hardcore Holly & Mike Samples: March 30, 1991

Retrieved 21 April PNW 16 Page 2". WWE Hall of Fame inductees.

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James, Frank and Jesse. Battle of Lone Jack. Former Bushwhackers Capture Lexington. Platte Bridge Railroad Tragedy.

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