The Frogs Stopped Singing

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Is there something we could do or call an agency to help with this? Could you maybe put up a fence that would at least deflect the sound? I relealize this s an older article, but you have bullfrogs do not call out until the water warmed up to 60 degrees centigrade, or degrees F. Thanks for pointing it out. On a given night the frogs near our house will all croak for some time and then all stop at once for 30 seconds to a minute or so. Then one frog will start and others will chime in until the chorus is as loud as ever.

This repeats many times during the night. Why do they do this, and how do they communicate so that they all stop at once? They seem to compete for length of croak and alternate back and forth. Then, briefly, they all stop. We have Spring Peepers in their thousands at our pond. When it rains the chorus is deafening. Last night the racket turned into a single sound like a fire alarm siren, never heard this before, comments anyone? Hi Andrew, any possiibility that a new fish species has been introduced? Or that the state is stocking the lake with trout?

What is the name of the lake? I actually find it puts me to sleep.

Singing Frogs - Once In A Lifetime

I really miss it when it gets cold and they stop. Normailly here in Costa Rica we enjoy frog songs.

The Frogs Stopped Singing: Thomas Sandusky: Books

There have been no frog songs at all in the area where I live in which is weird because for the last 25 years I heard them always in rainy season, this year I didnt hear anything. Last year we had very hot temperatures…Yet our rainy season was extra long and great so I wonder what happened to All the frogs and toads this year???!!! We recently moved into a home with 2 large ponds. They never shut up! I hope they are just mating. They go back and forth at all different times and keep you up all night. I would never kill them, but I want to.

Spring Peepers Hijack My Brain With an Arrhythmic Chorus About Chance and Survival

I must say I enjoy your article of why they sing and next day silence. I am in northeastern Ohio and live in a heavily wooded area.

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It has been a cold and rainy spring here which has delayed the opening of my above ground pool. A community of gray tree frogs have decided to make my pool their breeding pond! I literally had thousands of tadpoles in the water on top of my pool cover. My husband and I painstakingly caught ALL of them and relocated them to a nearby marshy pond.

The frogs have been incredibly loud, every night, but have completely stopped now that we removed the taddies and opened the pool! Hi Twintucky, Frog mating is often triggered by weather conditions. Did you have a change in weather? Hotter or cooler, wetter or drier? Thanks for your efforts to save all those frogs!! I love frogs and toads. We still have a number. It will die down in late June. In August, the crickets will start. I love our frogs. The best is they will all have a jam session some nights — literally every species sings their heart out by our pond.

But nights like tonight, for whatever reason — there is absolute radio silence — except for boss bulldog — making announcement every 15 minutes. The quiet is weird though! Oh and I brake for frogs.

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I am a nature person but, when it comes to the bullfrog they could get lost in the burmuda triangle if you ask me. When working hard all day with long hours, you just want peace and quiet and rest, not the any annoyance of a noisy amphibians, very little noise during the day, but the minute it gets dark, it now becomes a long drooling night of madness for myself and my husband, I would love to have the pond dried up.

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Hi Betty, I think you must have meant Kim. I assume your pond is not a backyard pond that you could, in fact, drain? All spring and summer we delighted in all the various frog songs, and then BAM — they all went silent. The birds are also very quiet, too! Perhaps for the same reasons? I am in upstate N. Thanks Colin ccty mweb. Any idea what kind of frogs? The basic answer is to catch them when the water is drained down, and take them to the nearest natural body of water, but my answer might differ somewhat depending on what kind of frog they are. Tom from Ask a Naturalist.

I was just sitting at my porch one night… frogs were loud as can be. Then, in one instant, they all stopped.

What Made the Frogs Go Quiet?

I think they are sensitive to the following: Really — they are an orchestra if you listen closely. My frogs went silent last night. I hope it is not because I had the house perimeter sprayed for ticks, but not mosquitos. They said not a danger for people and pets.

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My wife and I hear frogs outside every night, and every few minutes or

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