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Anyone enthralled by Death Valley National Park now has one succinct and witty source for answers to thousands of insightful and intriguing questions! Discover fresh perspectives and definitive information of significant places, events, people, and institutions from 1. The Death Valley Book of Knowledge, a rich and authoritative resource on all things Death Valley, commemorates this Land of Legend in one versatile volume … suitable as a roadtrip field guide, campfire companion, or stranded activity while awaiting rescue by the next passing auto!

Here is your personal handbook to learning all about Death Valley National Park, led by veteran territorial explorer, Steve Greene.

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Dirt Roads of the Death Valley Territory | Trike Asylum

This encyclopedia and guidebook takes you for an unforgettable and detailed tour through the largest National Park in the contiguous United States, revealing the numerous diverse aspects of this region in an enlightening, entertaining, and educational way. Consider this thorough volume the definitive revelation of the formidable and untamed Death Valley realm, a comprehensive knowledge resource at your fingertips.

Science Writer, Lecturer, Author of: The Intelligent Universe and Biocosm. World Adventurer, Motivational Speaker, Author of: On your own, it might take many visits to find the most spectacular places, and even more to discover the hidden nuggets. Unless you want to devote a good fraction of your life to discovering Death Valley, you are going to need help.

Readers familiar with the region will also find in it a plethora of information about the area, and treasure it as a valuable reference. His unbridled enthusiasm for the lowest place in North America has reached new heights. I have read and learned things in this book that I have never previously seen in print. Death Valley Book of Knowledge is an informative and welcome guide for you as you explore this captivating region.

Please join us on our desert adventure. It will make a great companion for your next trip.

Steve’s DV Books

Editorial Director, Overland Journal magazine. He knows this unrivaled country very well! He takes hundreds of pieces of the elusive Death Valley puzzle, describes their relationships, and suggests how they have influenced our opinions. Charles Wade , aka: This is the Swiss army knife of Death Valley books!

He has effectively shown us all sides of this legendary land in one convenient book, offering well balanced viewpoints in the process. The facts and stories in this book take readers on an awe-inspiring thrill ride through the time and space of a long-feared place! Professional Photographer, Death Valley Enthusiast.

Of course, I may be somewhat biased in these proclamations, but age and ancestry do bring certain privileges of self expression that shall not be denied. Joan Greene , also known as Teakettle Mama. Most Helpful Customer Reviews. This book contains a wealth of knowledge and provides a vast amount of information for those who wish to do more research on such an amazing park-Death Valley National Park.

When I received the book it seemed overwhelming but once I read through the introductions and table of contents it was not daunting at all. I did make my trip to Death Valley and this book is incredible.

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We used it the whole time. If we came across something we needed more information about it was at our fingers within a moment. Great book for anyone planning to go to DV!

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An avid backcountry enthusiast, Steve has been exploring the Death Valley territory since age four, following the old mining roads, hiking the footpaths, and loving the nature. Now in his sixth decade of life, and more active than ever, Steve continues his yearly visits, with a keen eye on the relationship of the natural world to his existence in it.

The source of his continuing peace, happiness, and meaning in life is found in all that wild nature has to offer. The Death Valley territory is one of his life-long favorite haunts. And, if you are enjoying some of the travel stories on this website, you may also like a copy of Exploring Wild Death Valley: EWDV available on Amazon. Leave behind the concrete and crowds of typical reality to journey where few will ever go. This book will interest the dedicated Death Valley backcountry enthusiast who loves to travel the most primitive backroads, hike secluded trails, and live in the outback for several days at a time.

The core of the journal consists of ten chapters detailing hundreds of miles of travel, along with hikes to some of the more popular destinations, including to the top of Telescope Peak. Most of the chapters are written in a chronological day-by-day fashion, telling what it is like to actually take these extended trips into the outback. As each safari progresses, brief history of the particular areas is discussed, the natural world is described, and terrain detail is provided in the event that the reader wishes to attempt the outing personally.

Through the reading of this book, one will have a powerful feel for the country that is essentially bounded by Death Valley National Park … it is the next best thing to actually being in the backcountry personally. They said he liked to eat a lot. Guess he came to the right place! This website has been integrated into: This Wild Death Valley website where you are now is no longer supported, and will remain here only so long as the host server allows it.

If you enjoy the particular look and ambiance of this site, you may wish to save the site onto your computer's hard disk for future access. Is your vision of a rewarding experience exploring distant wild places on backroads and hiking trails by day, and camping under the Milky Way by night? If so, you are the adventurer for whom this website and journal exist. This realm is an outback odyssey, chronicles of extended adventure and discovery during overland treks into an incredibly wild world. Within these pages, you will live history, touch geology, travel remote and primitive earthen roadways, hike trails, and breathe lots of nature.

Here is a journey of personal enlightenment that will transport you far beyond the status quo, into a primal world of wonder, enchantment, and freedom. Let's hit the trail The little old prospector is Frank "Shorty" Harris, who was a big-time character of Death Valley's history!

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If it's good news after all, I don't want to spoil my perceived online image ;- , I'll post it here for all inhabitants of Planet Earth to behold. Hope you enjoy what others have written From This Mountain, Cerro Gordo.

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