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I picked up the book because it was recommended on the Ultimate Reading List in the "Inspirational Non-fiction" section.

For "inspirational" read "religious" and almost always "Christian" and I indeed found it in the "Christian Inspiration" section. Some reviews complained about the religiosity, but it really didn't bother me--and I'm an atheist with little patience when I feel I'm being preached at. Perhaps it's just that I took this in stride as part and parcel of Miss Ten Boom. That faith was just as much as the foundation of her thinking and deeds as Hinduism was for Ghandi or Buddhism for the Dalai Llama. There's nothing smug or self-righteous in her tone. Nor did she come across as "goodie two shoes" to me--she sometimes understandably struggled with anger and fear.

She's human--although in my book still a hero. I even saw one review that called her a "bigot. The Ten Booms saved many Jews, hiding them in their own home at great risk to themselves, tried to serve them kosher food when they could, celebrated the Sabbath with them and Jewish holidays. I saw no sign of bigotry towards those of other beliefs. Having a strong faith that a person takes seriously in deciding how to act does not make one a bigot. Anyone who mistakes that for bigotry has their own issues with anti-Christian bigotry in my opinion. On the other hand, I do agree with one reviewer that I suspect that her Christian faith did "sugar coat" things more than a little and probably colored her recollection.

I don't think Ten Boom ever consciously shaded the truth, but especially given this was recounted almost thirty years later when Ten Boom was in her seventies, I do wonder if time put a gloss on memories such as the vitamin drop "miracle. Frankl's story of his experiences in four Concentration Camps including Auschwitz, Man's Search for Meaning , was written by him in nine days within months of his liberation. Elie Wiesel's story of his time in Auschwitz, Night was written in his twenties within a decade after his experiences there. The Hiding Place doesn't have the freshness and intensity of those accounts.

Also, though it tells an extraordinary story, it's not always extraordinarily well-written when I compare it to the other books mentioned above. I read Frankl's account just before this book, and read Wiesel's book for the second time less than two months ago. Those are powerful accounts that deserve the name literature. This doesn't, which is why I haven't rated it nearly as highly as those other two books.

But it's still a often gripping, at times moving book. View all 8 comments. Apr 09, Kelly H. Maybedog rated it really liked it Shelves: What makes this particular book different from other better stories about the Holocaust is that it's from the perspective of a Christian woman who was interned. While it's extremely important for us not to forget that one group of people was specifically targeted Jews it's also important for us to realize that this horrible thing went beyond that. But What makes this particular book different from other better stories about the Holocaust is that it's from the perspective of a Christian woman who was interned.

But non-Jews sometimes need more than an abstract reminder of how the Holocaust affected us all. Perhaps this first person narrative might bring it home. It's not that well written but it's interesting and informative and I enjoyed it. Feb 21, Olivia Jarmusch rated it it was amazing.

This book had such an impact on me. How would I respond if I was faced with such intense trials and persecution? Every Christian should read this book, so powerful and encouraging! The Hiding Place is a story about how the depths of faith and spirituality can get a person through even the darkest nightmare. Corrie ten Boom and her family led the Dutch Underground during the Nazi occupation of Holland, aiding and hiding Jewish people in a secret room in their home above their watchmaker shop. Their efforts eventually cost them their freedom and in some cases, their lives. Corrie and members of her family are arrested and sent to a concentration camp.

This is not exactly a n The Hiding Place is a story about how the depths of faith and spirituality can get a person through even the darkest nightmare. This is not exactly a new story; we have heard numerous inspirational stories of people who have suffered monstrosities beyond our imagination. They shared their love, their hidden Bible, and their love of God with all those who would listen. They looked at the smallest things as a gift. Upon meeting one of her former S. From my shoulder along my arm and through my hand, a current seemed to pass from me to him, while into my heart sprang a love for this stranger that almost overwhelmed me.

They did not personally take credit for any of their courage or capabilities. Whatever bravery or skill I had ever shown were gifts of God — sheer loans from Him of the talent needed to do a job. I do believe she had these gifts all along and should congratulate herself on having the knowledge and strength to use these gifts in such a powerful way. Her feelings that these gifts were later absent were possibly a result of a bit of natural fear and vulnerability due to all she endured, not because something was given and then taken away from her. Despite the fact that I found this memoir informative and the ten Booms admirable, there was a bit something lacking in the storytelling.

It fell a bit flat for me and was maybe due to the span of time between when these events occurred and when this story was written. It perhaps lacked a bit of the urgency and poignancy I have come to expect. On the other hand, it still remains a very interesting book. I gave this 3. Oct 13, Annalisa rated it it was amazing Recommended to Annalisa by: If you have not read the book, it is the true account of a Dutch woman in her 50s who sets up an underground Jewish haven during the Nazi rule over Holland. I love reading about the Holocaust, but this was the first time I could sense such a chasm between a sweet, elderly, epitome-of-Christian woman and the cruel hatred of the Nazi camps.

Even before the war, the family's charity and service was inspiring. During the war, their optimism, stalwartness, and charity was amazing. Corrie would trust h If you have not read the book, it is the true account of a Dutch woman in her 50s who sets up an underground Jewish haven during the Nazi rule over Holland. Corrie would trust her instincts as being directed by God, and sure enough they were protected from harm around every corner. When they were finally discovered, her amazing sister not only was filled with nothing but sympathy for the Nazis' hatred, but looked at every evil as opportunity: I like to think I am optimistic, but I have my breaking point and then I'm irritable.

The true test of our character comes under stressful times and their willingness to search for service in the trenches of hatred was heart warming.

Josh Garrels, "Hiding Place" (Official Audio)

I have often wondered if I would risk my family's life to protect another, but I have never questioned whether or not I would lie. I would have lied to the Nazis and had no moral regrets about it. Connie's sister-in-law was so dedicated to honesty she told her children they would be rewarded for their honesty. And sure enough, when they told Nazi enquirers dangerous information, they were always protected.

That made me question my own commitment to honesty. The family experienced their share of sadness and loss, but even after the war, Connie opened her heart and home to those displaced by the war, including the Nazis. I am not a crier and yet as I reached the close of this book, I found my eyes watering, not out of sorrow, but out of sheer awe at the hand of God in their lives and the power of love in their hearts.

That sounds so cheesy, but what an uplifting read. Apr 11, Kellyn Roth rated it it was amazing Shelves: The Hiding Place by Corrie ten Boom was actually a very good book, much to my surprise. I expected it to be very boring, very depressing, and very preachy. At times it did drag a little - especially at the beginning - and it was sad, but it could be called preachy, and the hope won out in the end.

It won out through much of the book, actually; I never felt truly depressed. I just knew God was there. Corrie and Betsie both showed their belief in this truth in the way they dealt with difficult sit The Hiding Place by Corrie ten Boom was actually a very good book, much to my surprise. Corrie and Betsie both showed their belief in this truth in the way they dealt with difficult situations. At last the book arrives at the Nazi occupation of Holland.

This is when the story really starts to pick up. In their own quiet way, the ten Booms stand up to the Nazis - first by keeping their radio from being confiscated … and slowly through becoming involved in the Resistance and saving people. They become deeply involved in the Resistance. The book gives us many examples of them risking their lives to save a few people.

Over many months in prison and in concentration camps, Betsie and Corrie both minister to others. They are a support and guide to the women there - hosting a Bible study and prayer meeting of sorts, encouraging and lifting up others whenever they can. But she was definitely very noble - if a little too optimistic for her own good, methinks. Corrie was the narrator and the main character, of course, and I found myself liking her more than other characters. She had a lot of common sense and gumption. Later I found out that she was just released because of an error and the rest of the women in her group were killed shortly afterwards.

The point of this book is, of course, that God is there even when things are dark - even when it seems like there is no life, there is no hope. He is our hiding place in time of trouble. This book can teach you so much … about history, about people, and most of all, about God. The author was very honest about the tough things she went through and the things she saw others go through. And yes, it was horrific … but the message of seeing God in it all was incredible! I wish everyone who had to go through anything traumatic or horrific could read this book.

It would do them a world of good! The writing style was excellent - it was plain and truthful while getting the point across without preaching. My mom got emotional about this book. Not much upsets me. But it was very emotional what with everything they had to go through and then how it all wrapped up. I can see how some people might cry when they read it. I really enjoyed this book and would definitely recommend it. Kellyn Roth, Reveries Reviews View all 9 comments. It would be fair to say that the most famous story of the Holocaust is the story of Anne Frank.

Yet, in many ways, we are taught the incomplete story of the Frank family and thier hiding mates. While we know in great detail about the risk that the Frank helpers took by hiding and protecting their friends, the helpers seem to get short shift. While everyone knows of Miep, not that she seemed to have wanted it, many forget that Victor Kugler Mr. Kraler in the diary and Johannes Kleiman Mr. Koop It would be fair to say that the most famous story of the Holocaust is the story of Anne Frank. Koophuis were imprisoned for aiding the Franks. Kleiman was released after about six weeks, and Mr.

Kugler was transfered a few times, actually escaped and went into hiding. While neither was at a conceration camp, Nazi prison camps were not nice places, and Mr. Kraler was actually housed with prisioners who had been given the death sentence. The risk and scarifcie that helpers and rescusers took to help thier friends or complete strangers should be remembered regardless of the age, sex, or beauty of said helper. This is difficult because it seems that many people, regardless of the country France, the Netherlands, Germany, helped because it was the right thing to do, and do not want to be overertly singled out.

The stories, however, are important and should be known. Anne Frank should be taught in such away that students know the before and after as well as the diary, that they know the truth about the denist, for instance. The Hiding Place is about another Dutch family during the Holocaust. Unlike most stores set in wartime Netherlands, regardless of being fact or fiction, it takes place in the town of Haarleem.

See a Problem?

It was a very cold and wet day. I want to go back so I can see Corrie's house, the Beje. The fact that the story takes place outside of Amsterdam or Rotterdam which was violently bombed by the Germans is good because not only does it present the rescuers but another city's experience as well. While the reader gets an idea of what the ten Boom family was like prior to the outbreak of WW II there is a particularlly chilling story about a worker from Germany , the book of the bulk concerns thier experience, in particular Corrie who was interviewed, during the war.

Corrie and her father were clock and watch repairers, Betsie took care of thier house, Nollie and her husband were teachers, and Willim was a preacher in the Dutch Reformed Church then later he ran, with his wife Tine a nurse a nursing home. As a whole, the family was deeply religious. The whole family was also involed with the Dutch resistance, passing messages, obtaining food coupons, and hiding people. Corrie, Betsie, and her father seemed to have almost stumbled into it, for a lack of a better word.

They did it because helping people was the right thing to do. And they paid for it.

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Eventually the whole family was arrested, some members were arrested twice, and Corrie and her sister Betsie were the last to be released. The second part of the book is focused on Corrie's experiences during her imprisonment, including her struggle with faith, which seems to be a selling point for this book. Actually, it is a bit refreshing because Corrie is by no means a saintly Christian and she doesn't try to make herself one.

Part chroncile of war time experience, part struggle with faith, this book is worth reading. I listened to this on audio book in one sitting I was mesmerised, I couldn't tear myself away from it I didn't want to. What an amazing story, what amazing courageous women, Corrie Ten Boom shows how faith can carry you through all manner of terrible trials. Corrie Ten Boom tells her beautiful life story which includes her family giving shelter to Jewish people during the occupation of Holland in WW2.


The Hiding Place: The Triumphant True Story of Corrie Ten Boom

Then, as a consequence after being caught, her time spent in a German concentration camp with her elder sister Betsie, and how, through their undying faith, they coped and survived together until Betsie became ill and Corrie had to cope without her. The two sisters had always been inseparable which made her loss all the more keenly felt. I highly recommend this book to all readers. When He tells us to love our enemies, He gives, along with the command, the love itself.

Apr 15, Jenny rated it it was amazing. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. The Hiding Place is one of my favorite books. Corrie ten Boom was 48 years old when Hitler invaded her hometown in Holland. But at 50 years of age, she became one of the leaders in the underground resistance in Holland.

For 2 years, she helped many Jews go into hiding. Not only did she risk her life for this mission, but she also lived her life for it. She spent nearly a year imprisoned in the concentratio The Hiding Place is one of my favorite books. She spent nearly a year imprisoned in the concentration camps. During that year, she ministered to the other prisoners and the Nazi officials trying to bring them peace and joy.

After the war was finally over, she worked to catalyze the healing of both the victims and those who had joined the Nazis. She turned a former concentration camp into a bastion of healing. She traveled around the world teaching people how to forgive and be healed. While lecturing in Germany, she came face to face with one of the guards from the concentration camp.

He thanked her for her words and the healing they brought to his soul. As he reached out his hand to shake hers, she was put to the ultimate test. Could she practice what she preached? The anger and hurt swept through her and she despised him. But after she turned it over to God, she was able to touch his hand. It was 50 years of preparation—years of study, years of work, years of service. The Hiding Place is the story of her preparation. Corrie could never have led the resistance, survived the concentration camps, and gone on to become such an inspiration to so many without that vital preparation.

She was led by the Voice of Conscience—first in her preparation and later in her life's mission. Jul 13, M. Aneal rated it it was amazing Shelves: What can I say! This book was emaculent! This was by far the most moving book I've ever read! I'm partially embarrassed to say that I cried all through this book; for I never cry at books. However this one continually brought tears to my eyes and a pain in my heart.

This book was sad- a good sad. This is a book that not only told you the pains and terrible predicaments but also showed where they were given strength! It showed who never left them even in the darkest of places! Who stayed with them when no one else could! Who was their hiding place in time of need! This book was brilliant! Writing was fantastic and story telling wonderful! This book is on my list of favorite books because this book moved me and reminded me that wherever I go the Lord will be there too- my hiding place!!! Dec 02, Rebecca McNutt rated it it was amazing Shelves: The Hiding Place is, next to The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank, one of the best and most inspirational true stories I've ever read about finding the courage and resilience to outsmart the evils of Nazism in one of humanity's darkest hours.

Corrie was a strong woman and this book gives a lot of insight into what she faced. Dec 08, Sara rated it it was amazing. Second Reading - September First Reading - August In a genre that really tests our limits to endure the dehumanization and suffering of others, this text stands out as entirely different. WWII Holocaust literature is critically important to the story of Western Civilization and it is essential that we all have a few titles get through us so that we never forget what hate and godlessness can do to entire nations. While The Hiding Place has some genuinely tough passages, it is totally uniq Second Reading - September First Reading - August In a genre that really tests our limits to endure the dehumanization and suffering of others, this text stands out as entirely different.

While The Hiding Place has some genuinely tough passages, it is totally unique in that it is never ever hopeless. The very worst moments are lightened up the beautiful witness of Betsey who truly understands the Gospel. Like the Old Testament lamp that never ran out of oil and the Ravensbruck vitamin bottle that never ran out of medicine until new medicine was provided, this story is miraculous in it's ability to keep you filled with just enough hope and just enough awe to keep reading without feeling gutted.

To be thankful for the fleas - because they provided incredible miraculous protection from something much worse - is the epitome of the message of the ten Booms and their beautiful true story. Reader who does not think that they can read one more Holocaust book, I understand. I resisted this one for years. I wish that I had read this at the same time that I had read In My Hands and others - it would have given me a healthier helping of hope.

Most of this story is about the real people and their real lives before, during and after the war. This is a classic. A healing and hopeful classic. Feb 08, Melodie Williams rated it it was amazing. I have read this book twice. My daughter Emily has read it at least four times. One day when she was about 14 I asked her why she loved this book so much. She said, "I want a life just like Corrie Ten Boom. I want to have that kind of faith. I think often of the lessons I learned from it. Getting the ticket of stren I have read this book twice. Getting the ticket of strength just before you get on the train, being grateful for miracles even in the worst of circumstances and having the courage to help others even if you have to place yourself at risk are a few examples.

And, I never contemplate forgiveness that I don't see Corrie in my mind. If you haven't read this wonderful book yet. I highly recommend it. If you have already read it you'll know, it's worth reading again and again. I received this audiobook from www. I really shouldn't have though because this is a fantastic true story of humanity and finding the best out of a truly harrowing situation.

This is a tale of her famil I received this audiobook from www. This is a tale of her family, and her faith, but it is also a very important story from a historical perspective. Recommended to anyone with an interest in WWII. I sit here at a loss for words because I know that nothing I can say will begin to display the emotions and thoughts swirling around in my mind.

Boom's story touched a piece of me so deeply, I'm afraid that I will never be the same now. Seeing what she saw, hearing what she heard, things such as these will forever be with me. There are so many things that I have learned when it comes to this story, I would like to state j Where to begin when it comes to "The Hiding Place" by Corrie ten Boom?

There are so many things that I have learned when it comes to this story, I would like to state just a few of them here below- not enough to give anything in this story away, but enough to draw you in so that you will want to read what this marvelous woman has to say.

The Hiding Place (film) - Wikipedia

Every experience God gives us, every person He puts in our lives is the perfect preparation for a future that only He can see. But you know what? God feels it too. Every tear we cry? God sheds it too. He hurts with us because He loves us.

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When I was all alone, my shoulders shaking from grief, I felt His arms wrap around me and His peace embrace me, and I knew. I wasn't alone, He was with me. Please, I promise you, you will not be the same after. You will laugh with Corrie, cry with Corrie, cry out with Corrie in the pain she had to endure, but most importantly God will touch your heart with the miracles He provided her with through all of this. Just take a chance, go back into history a little ways with Ms. Boom, you won't be disappointed. What a fabulous book! This is the kind of book that changes the way that you see the world.

It's given me so many things to think about. Corrie and several members of her family are imprisoned in several different Nazi camps throughout the end of WWII for helping run the "underground" operation in Holland. The perspective that is offered throughout this book is absolutely incredible. I'll share with you just a couple of the things that stood out to me.

As a young woman, Corrie is totally and compl What a fabulous book! As a young woman, Corrie is totally and completely in love with a friend of her brother, Karel. After finding out that Karel is engaged to another young lady for financial reasons Corrie is, of course, devastated.

She hides herself in her bedroom, crying and crying. Her father climbs the stairs to offer a few words of wisdom. He explains that "love is the strongest force in all the world, and when it is blocked that means pain. We can kill the love so that is stops hurting. When she finally heard her sister, Betsie, downstairs in the kitchen and ran down to join her. They sat at the table, talking until the fighting was over and they could return to sleep. As Corrie felt her way to her bed, running her hand across her pillow, she felt a hard, sharp piece of shrapnel, embedded directly in the middle of her pillow.

She ran back down the stair, in horror, to show her Betsie. There are no 'if's' in God's world. And no places that are safer than other places. The center of His will is our only safety O Corrie, let us pray that we may always know it! Praying for forgiveness for the Nazis and thanking God for even the fleas! A sweet testimony from a remarkable woman!

About Corrie ten Boom. Corrie ten Boom and her family were Christians who were active in social work in their home town of Haarlem, the Netherlands. During the Nazi occupation, they chose to act out their faith through peaceful resistance to the Nazis by active participation in the Dutch underground. They were hiding, feeding and transporting Jews and underground members hunted by the Gestapo out of the country. It is e Corrie ten Boom and her family were Christians who were active in social work in their home town of Haarlem, the Netherlands. It is estimated they were able to save the lives of Jews, in addition to protecting underground workers.

The four Jews and two underground workers in the house at the time of the arrest were not located by the Nazis and were extricated by the underground 47 hours after they fled to the tiny hiding place located in Corrie's room.

Hiding Place

The ten Boom family members were separated and transferred to concentration camps. Corrie was allowed to stay with her precious sister, Betsy. Corrie's father Casper , her sister Betsy and one grandchild Kik perished. Corrie was released in December of These acts of heroism and sacrifice became the foundation for Corrie ten Boom's global writing and speaking career which began after she was released. Ten Boom has received numerous awards for her writing and speaking. Notably, she was honored by the State of Israel for her work in aid of the Jewish people by being invited to plant a tree in the famous Avenue of the Righteous Gentiles, at the Yad Vashem Holocaust Museum, near Jerusalem.

Eventually, both Nollie and Willem married. After the deaths of Corrie's mother and aunts, Corrie, Betsie, and their father settled down into a pleasant, domestic life. Then, in , the Nazis invaded the Netherlands. The family had strong morals based on Christian beliefs, and they felt obligated to help their Jewish friends in every way possible. Corrie, who had grown to think of herself as a middle-aged spinster, found herself involved in black market operations, using stolen ration cards , and eventually hiding Jews in her own home.

Corrie suffered a moral crisis over the lying, theft, forgery , and bribery that was necessary to keep the Jews her family was hiding alive. Moreover, it was unlikely that her family would get away with helping Jews for long, as they had nowhere to hide them. It was a constant struggle for Corrie to keep the Jews safe; she sacrificed her own safety and part of her own personal room to give constant safety to the Jews. Rolf, a police officer friend, trained her to be able to think clearly anytime in case the Nazis invaded her home and started to question her. When a man asked Corrie to help his wife, who had been arrested, Corrie agreed, but with misgivings.

As it turned out, the man was a spy, and the watch shop was raided. The entire ten Boom family was arrested, along with the shop employees, though the Jews managed to hide themselves in the secret room. Casper was in his mid-eighties by this time, and a Nazi official offered to let him go, provided he made no more trouble. Casper did not agree to this, stating if he was set free he would return home and help the first person who asked him for it. Hence, he was shipped to prison.

It was later learned he had died ten days later. Meanwhile, Corrie was sent to Scheveningen , a Dutch prison which was used by the Nazis for political prisoners, nicknamed 'Oranjehotel'--a hotel for people loyal to the House of Orange. She later learned that her sister was being held in another cell, and that, aside from her father, all other family members and friends had been released.

A coded letter from Nollie revealed that the hidden Jews were safe. While at Scheveningen, Corrie befriended a depressed Nazi officer, who arranged a brief meeting with her family, under the pretense of reading Casper's will. Corrie was horrified to see how ill Willem was, as he had contracted jaundice in prison.

He would eventually die from his illness in Corrie also learned that her nephew, Kik, had been captured while working with the Dutch underground. He had been killed, though the family did not learn of this until After four months at Scheveningen, Corrie and Betsie were transferred to Vught , a concentration camp for political prisoners in Netherlands. Corrie was assigned to a factory that made radios for aircraft.

The work was not hard, and the prisoner-foreman, Mr. Betsie, whose health was starting to fail, was sent to work sewing prison uniforms. The conditions there were hellish; both Corrie and Betsie were forced to perform back-breaking manual labor. It was there that Betsie's health failed.