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They need a place to relax and find interesting things to do in their leisure time. From the hallways of commercial buildings, a basement, and other less than ideal settings, girls crowded in to learn from women instructors and mentors. The lot was purchased with money raised from the community and matched by a gift from the Irvine Co.

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Additional funding was provided by the George Hoag Foundation. Since , thousands of volunteers have worked to see that girls continue to have this special world. Since the beginning, the organization was founded because the community felt that girls needed and deserved a place of their own. They are valued, they are capable, and they have the right to have their voices heard.

Working with a pair of mules and a scraper, Stinson scooped out the old marsh and diked up two sides. The lake filled from the springs in its bottom, so much so that a spillway had to be installed for the overflow. When Irvine Dam was built, water no longer ran down Santiago Creek and the park lake had to be artificially filled, but continued to be difficult to drain successfully. The boat house was built in and the county purchased eight redwood rowboats.

During the custodianship of S.

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King , Orange County Park was the setting of many official gatherings, including dedications and veterans award ceremonies. In , Jesse B. Irwin became official custodian. Joe Irwin managed the boathouse and the park's burro rides. After several years, the burros were traded for bicycles, starting with ten in The early 's saw some park improvements such as wooden picnic tables and restrooms.

Commercial electricity was not available till the mid's.

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In the late 20's, a "peewee" golf course was built just outside the old park entrance. Later, the site was leased to Ray Martin and his father who added a miniature railroad with a quarter-mile track. The trains left from the "Irvine Park Depot Pop. At first all park maintenance was done by the Irwins and several hired hands. In , the Board of Supervisors recognized the untapped labor of jail crews.

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Northcross supervised some of the park's early jail crews, and enlisting his prisoners, highjacked the Indian bedrock mortar which is still on display in the park. This mortar was from nearby Black Star Canyon, but the oak grove was no doubt an important acorn harvesting grounds for local Indian groups.

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  • The cannon once stood on the Santa Ana Courthouse lawn. Cast in by the Ames Co. Foundry of Chicopee, Mass. On one side, the monument has a tablet cast in metal recovered from the U.

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    Maine, which was sunk in Havana Harbor in Maine tablet lists the four members of Company L who died during their service with the Company in California and the Philippines. In the summer of , the Board of Supervisors changed the park's name to "Irvine". A building program followed with a new pavilion, an exhibition hall, and a new store designed by Frederick H.

    The "Exhibit Building" was intended as a museum to house relics of Orange County's past, but became a local "Parade of Products", representing agriculture and manufacturing products.

    Another army unit was set up in nearby Peters Canyon, and sham battles were waged between the two posts. On October 16, , during army occupation, a fire damaged the pavilion. After the war, the outside stage was rebuilt, but not the ballroom. Myford Irvine donated six acres in , and twenty more acres in , starting park expansion.

    In , the County purchased acres to the west, and in , an additional acres, bringing the park to acres. Throughout its history, Irvine Park has housed a wide range of animals.