The Broken Teaglass: A Novel

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The reader learns not only about what happened with The Broken Teaglass , but also that Billy is not just a simple, polite, pleasing young man starting out in his first job. The Broken Teaglass shows that human beings, like words and mysteries, have hidden layers waiting to be revealed, and that life has layers of truth.

Some mysteries will always remain; some questions will always be unanswered, despite our best efforts to uncover the truth. What one needs to do โ€” and what Billy Webb ultimately realizes โ€” is that one needs to move forward, to take hope in the future rather to bury oneself in the past. Two intriguing stories in one The mystery in this impressive debut is not your typical whodunit. Arsenault fabulously creates two intriguing stories in one. Then there are two appealing amateur sleuths searching within the files to piece that history together for the clues to a possible crime.

The Broken Hours A Novel of H P Lovecraft

Smart and refreshingly original In this crisply written debut novel, Massachusetts writer Emily Arsenault serves up am absorbing tale of Billy Webb and Mona Minot, two lexicographers, who discover clues to a long-unsolved crime while searching through the hundred-year-old dictionary files at Samuelson Company. They must determine if the crime is real or the product of a desperate and lonely mind. This novel jumps the literary tracks in that it is smart and refreshingly original.

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As the couple scramble to assemble the pieces of the intricate puzzle, the chilling story of a young woman and shattering violence begins to emerge. In any case it is both a clever literary puzzler and a subtle thriller. An Impressive Debut A tautly-written, clever and absorbing plot, with engaging characters who transcend the norms of the mystery genre. Absent are gumshoes traveling down dark alleys. Instead, you are taken into a fascinating world exploring the mysteries of making dictionaries โ€” with a little murder on the side.

The Broken Teaglass

It provides her career with an auspicious and original beginning. This book can be enjoyed on many levels: The Broken Teaglass is at once a literary mystery, a cautious love story, and an ingenious suspense novel that will delight fans of brilliantly inventive fiction. An interesting story, I enjoyed the way the author revealed unexpected details of the character's lives as the story went along.

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Also enjoyed the peek into the way a dictionary publishing house works I wasn't expecting THAT much from this book. And the quotations from it are far too long, twisting and bizarre for any dictionary. They read like a confessional, coyly hinting at a hidden identity, a secret liaison, a crime.

As Billy and Mona ransack the office files, a chilling story begins to emerge: And as they piece together its fragments, the puzzle begins to take on bigger personal meaning for both of them, compelling them to redefine their notions of themselves and each other.