The Secret Garden of the Soul - An introduction to the Kabbalah

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Stage by stage, Allan Armstrong guides the reader from the transcendental heights of the Eternal Mystery through the stages whereby it unfolds on Earth — in time and in space.

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The mystic fruits of the Tree of Life are presented one at a time, as well as in combination, so giving the reader a good grasp of their principles and dynamics. The intricate dance between Letter and Number, often so difficult for modern minds to grasp, is made clear with disarming skill. Various techniques of meditation — all deeply rooted in this tradition — are clearly explained and shared. Armstrong manages to bridge the seemingly separate disciplines of mysticism and magic, by showing that they both derive from the desire for union with the Eternal.

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He is to be congratulated for his exposition on the levels of magic, from Natural Magic to Divine Theurgy. Precisely when all the gates were locked. It is then that there is room for the gates of tears and then one sees that they were not locked. However, when the gates of prayer are open, the gates of tears and weeping are irrelevant.

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  4. This is the meaning of the gates of tears being locked. Thus, when are the gates of tears not locked? Precisely when all the gates are locked, the gates of tears are open. This is because one still has the counsel of prayer and plea.


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    The Matter of Spiritual Attainment 4. What Is Support in the Torah, in the Work 7.

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    Joy with a Quiver What is the Greatness of the Creator What is Other Gods in the Work Torah Lishma for Her Name Things that Come from the Heart The Profit of a Land What are the Three Bodies in a Man The Matter of Truth and Faith Mind and Heart Two Discernments in the Torah and in the Work 5. Out of the Hand of the Wicked I Shall Not Die but Live When Thoughts Come to a Person All that Pleases the Spirit of the People A Lot Is an Awakening from Above The Lots on Yom Kippurim and with Haman Concerning the Vitality of Kedusha An Article for Purim And they Sewed Fig-Leaves Faith in the Rav, What is the Measure What is Greatness and Smallness in Faith What Is the Acronym Elul in the Work The Domination of Israel over the Klipot The Primary Basis If You Encounter this Villain A Transgression does not Put Out a Mitzva The Matter of Limitation The Purpose of the Work Haman from the Torah, from Where Torah is Called Indication Joy is a "Reflection" of Good Deeds About the Rod and the Serpent A Mitzva that Comes through Transgression Round About Him it Stormeth Mightily Descends and Incites, Ascends and Complains I Was Borrowed on, and I Repay From Lo Lishma to Lishma About the Revealed and the Concealed The Giving of the Torah Depart from Evil Man's Connection to the Sefirot First Will Be the Correction of the World The Secret Garden of the Soul: Description The Secret Garden of the Soul sheds light upon the perplexing world of the Kabbalah and guides the reader through its origins, obscure terms and mysterious language, explaining its symbolism, doctrine and practices.

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