Big Game Hunters Guide to Colorado

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While the deer license options are not as plentiful as elk, there will be some leftover options available in August. The leftover draw option gives you first crack at the remaining limited deer licenses. One option is to prepare for leftover day.

For , leftover limited deer licenses will go on sale at 9 a. And if history is any indicator, deer licenses will be gone quickly, so be ready with your hunt codes at 9 a.

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Your second option is to keep an eye on the leftover and reissue list. The reissue of big game limited licenses will begin on August 14, And the hunt codes will randomly be placed on the current leftover and leftover OTC with cap lists on Tuesdays through Fridays from 9 a. These licenses are unlimited in number and go on sale starting at 9 a. The license is valid for hunting in 19 GMUs in the south central part of Colorado see map. While the season length is long, hunters are cautioned that whitetails are at low-density populations in this area and are found mostly on private land.

White-tailed deer are commonly found along lower elevation river bottoms.

Big Game Hunting in Colorado Springs, Colorado

So hunters interested in obtaining an OTC Whitetail license should focus their efforts on locating a public land hunting location or obtaining private land permission before purchasing the license. Much like elk licenses, there are some outstanding archery options for pronghorn hunters. OTC pronghorn licenses are unlimited in number and they are available over the counter, starting at 9 a.

This OTC license is valid in more than GMUs see map below and provides plenty of opportunities to get out in the field. Pronghorn license will also be available on the leftover list. But, a surefire winning strategy is to find several hunt codes for each species that you would like to hunt. With just over a week to go before leftover day, there is plenty of time and information to help you research your options. I know I keep repeating date, time, and hunt codes, but they are the key ingredients to a successful strategy! Come prepared with a list of hunt codes recorded on a piece of paper so you are ready to go when the process starts.

Take the guesswork out leftover day! The guide provides tips that will help you avoid the common errors that can slow down the process and prevent a successful license purchase. On Tuesday, August 7, at 9: And just like being in the field, the big game hunters that have done their homework and are prepared for the day are the ones that have the greatest chance for success!

Beginning Hunting in Colorado

Twitter Facebook Email Like this: For more information, please see page 33 of the Colorado Big Game Brochure. Nowhere is there an explanation of this term. The place I would expect to see an explanation is at the bottom of the list. Too bad for me.

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Or on final sale ergo best to just try for one. Many of the leftover licenses are VERY limited in quantity.

Big Game Hunting – Leftover License Update

If you have a priority species, you should focus on that species first. Does anyone know if I drew an OTC archery tag, can I exchange for another archery tag in a closer unit? License refund and exchange information can be found here — http: Do I have to turn in the tag I drew first? Can I do it all online? Can I purchase the leftover tag and then return the one I drew, etc.? First choice was preference points. However I see that all three are available on the leftover list. Why were we not awarded an elk license? Many licenses were reissued through the leftover list. For more information, please see the CPW site — http: My dad and I want to hunt as a group.

Can I apply for a leftover license for him and for myself during online leftover Aug. Nice job talking up online sales. I tried for over 40 minutes and it kept timing out. Way to go CPW!!! After 30 minutes of trying online, I went to the actual CPW office.

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The first responsibility on any trip is to visit wildlife. Apply by mail or online for limited-draw licenses, always due on the first Tuesday in April. If you yearn to explore the Colorado outdoors, but are hesitant to wander the wide blue yonder on your own, consider hiring an adventure guide to If you're looking to escape city life — or just everyday life — look no further than Colorado campgrounds.

With terrain as varied as ours, it's