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Gaius Petrius Ruso is a divorced and down-on-his-luck army doctor who has made the rash decision to seek his fortune in an inclement outpost of the Roman Empire, namely Britannia. After a hour shift at the army hospital, he succumbs to a moment of weakness and rescues an injured slave girl, Tilla, from the hands of her abusive owner. And before he knows it, Ruso is caught in the middle of an investigation into the deaths of prostitutes working out of the local bar. Through thrilling crime drama, these nine mysteries paint a portrait of modern life in communist China, depicting traditional Shanghai life amidst the old alleyways and how it is rapidly changing with modernisation.

When magistrate Patrick Colquhoun orders a habitual thief and ne'er-do-well transported to Botany Bay, he doesn't realize a year-old boy has been left behind to follow in his father's footsteps - not until young John Pickett is hauled into Bow Street for stealing an apple from the produce market at Covent Garden.


Feeling to some extent responsible for the boy, Mr. Colquhoun prevails upon Elias Granger, a prosperous coal merchant, to take him on as an apprentice. A collection of four blackly humorous crime mysteries featuring the fictional BBC Radio crime correspondent, George Cragge.

ITV television dramas

Adapted from the novel by Mark Tavener, In the Red sees the anarchic George Cragge investigate a spree of bizarre murders in the world of City finance, a small political party contesting a by-election, and a plan to overthrow the Director-General of the BBC. And with Europe becoming a hot potato, can the Prime Minister hold on to his job?

In the Chair follows the maverick hack as he looks into a series of murders of dentists linked to New Labour policy. The final drama, In the End , sees George Cragge investigating a series of murders of journalists. Jane Neal, a local fixture in the tiny hamlet of Three Pines, just north of the U.

Sansom's bestselling Tudor crime series. London's streets are filled with preachers; strange signs and portents are seen everywhere; and young men, maddened by differing interpretations of the Bible, are drawn into dangerous fundamentalism. The family of one such man, Adam Kite, has sought help from lawyer Matthew Shardlake.

Adam is suffering from religious mania, and is being held in Bedlam for his own safety. But Shardlake is distracted from the case when his friend Roger Elliard is found brutally murdered — the victim of a serial killer inspired by the Book of Revelation. Archbishop Cranmer asks Shardlake to conduct a secret investigation: With the help of trusty sidekick Barak, Shardlake embarks on his most dangerous investigation yet, as he tries to protect Adam and prevent the killer from fulfilling his unholy mission Each one focuses on a murderous theme set during the reign of Henry Viii and Katherine Parr which is perfect for me as I am in the middle of studying period C to the end of Queen Elizabeth 1st.

Full of atmosphere, torture, scheming, prostitution, treachery, treason and so much more as we follow the humpbacked sleuth. I hope we can look forward to several more Shardlake adventures. C J Sansom Narrated by: Jason Watkins , full cast , Mark Bonnar Length: Free with day trial Membership details Membership details 30 days of membership free, plus 1 audiobook and 2 Audible Originals to get you started.

After trial, you'll get 3 titles each month: Don't like your audiobook? Swap it for free. Cancel anytime and keep your audiobooks. Get access to the Member Daily Deal. Give as a gift. People who bought this also bought Bryan Dick, Justin Salinger Length: Justin Salinger, Bryan Dick, full cast Length: Jason Watkins, Mark Bonnar Length: Ann Swinfen Narrated by: Winter in Madrid By: Will Thomas Narrated by: John Woolf, Nick Baker Narrated by: Peril by Post By: Sheri Cobb South Narrated by: The programme centered on the Dudgeon family starring George Cole as Reg Dudgeon and their attempts to adapt to the new order.

History Pilot The pilot episode explains how the Soviets have managed a remarkable bloodless coup - the revolution took place on 27 June , when, upon learning that thousands of Russian missiles were approaching, the government and all the other 'important' members of British society took refuge in nuclear-fallout shelters. But the 'missiles' turned out to be aeroplanes full of paratroopers who parachuted to land and calmly sealed off the entrances to the shelters, so removing all the powerful people from the picture at a single stroke and enabling the Russians to take control.

This explanatory pilot was remade as the opening episode of the series which began just over a year later, with slight changes Neil James Innes born 9 December is an English writer, comedian and musician. Personal life Innes was born in Danbury, Essex. He spent much of his childhood with his parents and older brother Iain in post-war Germany during his Scottish father's military assignment as a warrant officer.

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He took piano lessons from age 7 to 14 and taught himself to play guitar. His parents were supportive of their sons' interests. His father showed some artistic ability as well; he frequently drew and painted. Because Norwich lacked a particular art curriculum in which he was interested, he transferred to Goldsmiths, where he studied drama. They have three sons, Miles b. They have two grandchildren. Writing credit for the three episodes in the first series went to Richard Harris.

In his cases, Frost is usually assisted by a variety of different detective sergeants or constables, with each bringing a different slant to the particular case. Comic relief is provided by Frost's interactions with the bureaucratically-minded Superintendent Norman "Horn-rimmed Harry" Mullett, played by Bruce Alexander. A number of young actors had their major debut as supporting cast in the show, including: Background The series is set in It was published in nine volumes, the first two appearing in , and seven others following over the next seven years vols.

It purports to be a biography of the eponymous character. Its style is marked by digression, double entendre, and graphic devices.

Sterne had read widely, which is reflected in Tristram Shandy. Many of his similes, for instance, are reminiscent of the works of the metaphysical poets of the 17th century,[1] and the novel as a whole, with its focus on the problems of language, has constant regard to John Locke's theories in An Essay Concerning Human Understanding. Trim has found an old pair of jack-boots useful as mortars.

Unfortunately, they turn out to hav Lydia Leonard born 5 December [1] is an English stage, film and television actress. Life and career She was born in Paris to an Irish mother, a teacher, and Anglo-French father, a financial accountant; she lived in France until the age of five. For the set of works one is ready to perform or are typically performed, see repertoire. A repertory theatre also called repertory, rep or stock can be a Western theatre or opera production in which a resident company presents works from a specified repertoire, usually in alternation or rotation.

Dead on Arrival (D.0.A.: The Third and Final Report of Throbbing Gristle, 1978)

In the British system, however, it used to be that even quite small towns would support a rep and the resident company would present a different play every week, either a revival from the full range of classics or, if given the chance, a new play, once the rights had been released after a West End or Broadway run. However the companies were not known for trying out untried new work. The methods, now seldom seen, would be also used in the United States, Canada, and Australia.

Resident company The acting company would usually consist of a leading lady, a leading man, a set of juveniles one male and one female ingenue for the young often romantic role s , a character actor and actress In the course of searching for the girl, they uncover human remains that have been buried for 30 years or more. The remains are those of a bank clerk who had vanished with a large sum of money. When the assistant bank manager is murdered with the same gun used to kill the bank clerk, Frost must determine who else might have been implicate She is also well-known for originating the role of "Miz Liz" Probert in the Rumpole of the Bailey series.

Bond is a member of the Royal Shakespeare Company. Career Early career Bond's first acting role came at the age of 21, as a student in the original stage production of Denise Deegan's play about a girls' school, Daisy Pulls It Off, which opened at Southampton's Nuf Frinton-on-Sea is a small seaside town in the Tendring district of Essex, England. It is part of the parish of Frinton and Walton. History The place-name 'Frinton' is first attested in the Domesday Book of , where it appears as Frientuna.

The name may mean 'fenced-in or enclosed town or settlement'. In the s, the original developer of the town, Peter Bruff, was bought out by the industrialist Richard Powell Cooper, who had already laid out the golf course. Connaught Avenue, named after the Duke o The television film was based on a radio play also written by Haddon.

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Plot David and Ben Philips are teenage brothers who live in London. Ben has Down's syndrome. David resents the protective attention his parents lavish on his younger brother and how much they rely on him to look after Ben. The family move from London to Derbyshire so that Ben can attend a special school, meaning David has to leave his friends and girlfriend, Gail, behind. Ben makes friends and finds a girl friend.

David has difficulty fitting into his new school, suffering at the hands of bullies. David discovers that Gail has moved on from him only five weeks after their break up, which leads him to self-harm. David decides to kill his brother. He takes Ben hitchhiking without telling his parents, and they camp in Snowdonia.

It is based on the true story of Manchester United's "Busby Babes" and the aftermath of the Munich air disaster, with the film's events taking place between August and May Plot The drama primarily focuses on the relationship between assistant manager Jimmy Murphy and the young player Bobby Charlton. The film begins in the autumn of as manager Matt Busby gives Charlton his first chance to play a match with Manchester United's first team, Carolyn Jones and John Church were replacements in the original Broadway production, as "Ruth" and "Lenny" [1] The Homecoming is a two-act play written in by Nobel laureate Harold Pinter and it was first published in Set in North London, the play has six characters.

Five of these are men who are related to each other: Max, a retired butcher; his brother Sam, a chauffeur; and Max's three sons — Teddy, an expatriate American philosophy professor; Lenny, who appears to be a pimp; and Joey, a would-be boxer in training who works in demolition. There is one woman, Ruth, who is Teddy's wife.

The play concerns Teddy's and Ruth's "homecoming," which has dist Danum is the Roman name for Doncaster. Admissions It is for ages 11— The academy is split into two sites;[1] the Main School which caters for the students in Years 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11 on Armthorpe Road and the Sixth Form Centre which educates Years 12 and 13 on Leger Way. The main school site is next to the A Edward Semper, the headmaster of the boys' schools, was one of the UK's leading proponents of specialist technical schools. The series follows the lives of various residents of an unnamed street in Manchester and features an all-star cast including Timothy Spall, Jim Broadbent, Jane Horrocks, Bob Hoskins, and David Thewlis.

Though it did not win, it received Special Mention from the jury. The third series began airing on 13 July and concluded on 17 August The following is a list of characters from the British television series Life of Riley: Barnaby was accompanied by new Detective Sergeant Charlie Nelson.

Accessed 5 February Retrieved 10 February Member feedback about Neil Dudgeon: People from Doncaster Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. Member feedback about Midsomer Murders: ITV television dramas Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. List of Midsomer Murders characters topic This is a list of characters that appear in the British murder mystery series Midsomer Murders. Member feedback about List of Midsomer Murders characters: Lists of British television series characters Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. Member feedback about Messiah TV series: Member feedback about Tom Barnaby: Fictional characters introduced in Revolvy Brain revolvybrain.

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Sharpe's Eagle TV programme topic Sharpe's Eagle is the second in the series of Sharpe historical war television dramas, based on the novel of the same name. Member feedback about Sharpe's Eagle TV programme: The Edge of Reason film topic Bridget Jones: Member feedback about Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason film: Films shot in London Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. Member feedback about Breakout film: Member feedback about Son of Rambow: Elstree Studios films Revolvy Brain revolvybrain.

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