Hot Tailpipe: A Gay Motorcycle Rider

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Protective trouser seem to stick to you when in hot weather I have textile? Any advise would be greatly appreciate! Thank you Kind regard julie. Hi Julie, For the most part people tend to wear jeans although for me thats not enough protection. I wear a pear of Belstaff jeans with Kevlar stitched in. Still not as good as leather but a lot cooler. I wore leather pants from Bakersfield to needles and on home to Oklahoma.

Wore them all the time on our mile trip, never got hot with them, used a harley cooling vest also. Welcome to the heart of the Mojave Dessert! Next services 90 miles. Glad I had water and the bike was still with gas. Its easy to make of a great trip an amazing disaster. Thanks for sharing your story Adrian — send us some pictures of your rides in Cozumel!

Shawn told us how amazing it is down there. Any tips about about the effect on a motor riding in plus heat.. You have it Adrian. From then on the bike can start to feel different in its power delivery. We have recently returned from doing the Wild West self-guided Tour. I had a wet vest for our Death Valley crossing. We packed them into the saddle bag with additional water until after the breakfast stop at 9am.

Elvira Meriwether

It was an easy ride doing with the right preparations. It may have been a different story had we left a couple of hours later.

Thanks Tim for the hint. I forgot one other essential item. A spray bottle full of water, I would spray my face, pass the bottle back to my wife who would spray herself and then do the back of my neck. Colin the hydration vest is a luxury and it will dramatically cut down on the fatigue you feel when riding in the heat. Glad you found our post useful! It is hard for me to imagine this kind of extreme heat; the mesh jacket I have ordered seemed like an indulgence, given that I will never wear it in the UK. Thanks for the advice. I lived in Bullhead City Arizona for 30 years, riding all over the Southwest, September, October and November were always what I considered perfect riding weather.

Tips for riding a motorcycle in extreme heat

Temps then generally run in the Your email address will not be published. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. You can also subscribe without commenting. Beat the heat while motorcycle touring this summer Tips for riding a motorcycle in extreme heat A journey down Route 66 stirs unexpected emotions. Devvie on June 27, at 4: I fill up a camel pack from hiking I live in AZ and worked 6 years outside going to multi locationso an road mine I would do miles a week and the pack made a huge difference I would stop an fill it with ice and water it kept my back cooler an I had cold water when we ride any where that is longer then a hour I fill it up an take it with me Reply.

Brian Thorn on May 31, at 6: Gary Stone on August 3, at Susan W on November 9, at Ed on July 4, at 4: Jim on July 6, at 8: Cheers Ed, glad you found it helpful! Julie young on July 15, at 9: Thank you Kind regard julie Reply. By understanding how the exhaust system works, a motorcycle owner can enhance the performance of a bike through upgraded aftermarket systems. The motorcycle rider often wants a machine with growling roar as it moves down the roadway.

There are exhaust systems available for purchase that provide that desired sound, or with a little time and effort, the owner can adjust the existing mufflers to create a louder engine sound. When looking for an aftermarket exhaust system, an alternative to motorcycle shops and service departments might be the Internet. By searching sites like eBay Motors, a consumer can find a vast array of products to research and find an affordable system that will offer the desired sound.

Some might think an exhaust system in every motorized vehicle does the same job, but that is not necessarily true. In a car, the exhaust system is very utilitarian; it processes the burnt gases so the environmental effects are lessened, and reduces the noise level of the engine. In a motorcycle, the system is a bit different. A motorcycle can have one to four tubes coming off the different cylinders to port the gases from the engine.

This system makes the motorcycle perform more efficiently by increasing gas flow. Like most other vehicles, the hot gases from the engine flow through the tubes into a catalytic converter that changes much of the carbon monoxide in the exhaust into carbon dioxide; a less harmful gas for the environment. The gases flow from there through the muffler. The muffler has a resonating chamber designed to cancel out the sound waves from the engine and reduce the sound of the motorcycle. There are riders that prefer to have their bikes make a lot of noise because they are more noticeable to other vehicles around them and it gives the bike a great, theatrical roar.

Depending on the state, the roar of a loud motorcycle could be a violation that results in a hefty fine. There are states that have very specific decibel level criteria, while others simply require a working muffler on the bike. When determining decibel level, most states measure the sound of the motorcycle engine from 50 feet away. The federal government does have set limits on the amount of noise a motorcycle can make. For street motorcycles that were manufactured before , the limit is set to not exceed 83 decibels of sound.

For models manufactured from to the present day, the top limit is 80 decibels. Some states set the decibel level based on the year the bike was made. Arizona has a range of 79 to 88 decibels, depending on the year the vehicle was made and the speed the vehicle is traveling.

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In California, bikes produced before can max out at a decibel level of However, bikes manufactured after cannot exceed 80 decibels. In Colorado, bikes are given up to 90 decibels if they are traveling at 35 mph or higher, but in Connecticut, bikes are allowed only 86 decibels of sound if they are pre, and 84 decibels if they are later models.

Hawaii prohibits modifications to any muffler system on a motorcycle, but they are allowed a 91 decibel sound level measured from a foot distance. New Hampshire allows an incredible decibel maximum for motorcycle engine noise, but this is measured only 20 inches from the exhaust.

The American Motorcycle Tour & Rental Experts

There are states that do not establish individual requirements for motorcycle noise. Kentucky, Oklahoma, Virginia, and Wisconsin have no decibel level requirements, but they do prohibit modifications to the muffler system designed to increase engine sounds. North Dakota requires a muffler on all motorcycles and defers to the federal regulations for decibel level requirements. There are a number of states that require a muffler on every motorcycle , but have no set regulations for the decibel level of sound coming from the system.

Determining the amount of sound a motorcycle is legally allowed to produce is a tricky situation. There are obviously many states that allow higher decibel levels than what the federal regulations allow. However, how closely these regulations are enforced can vary. State requirements are usually enforced by state and local police, whereas federal agents would be monitoring federal regulations. Does not mean that I have to agree. I have been riding since Have experienced first hand. I spend time in Vegas. As far as meeting you, or posting on your site with an email address is concerned, thanks for the invite but must decline: Protects myself, my family and my business interests from the wackos of the world that want to achieve financial gain through potential nefarious extortion activities.

I travel under the radar and anonomously for safety sake only engaging my inner circle of business associates and friends. Being new on this blog, it is now evaluation time. Based on distasteful comments, I may decide to opt out of my participation in this Blog and not tell any of my successful, influencial well healed friends about it — which potentially hurts Cyril. Hope you can lighten up a little man.

Maybe apologize for the poser statement toward me? Or is that asking too much?

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Certain motorcycles were built with a condition whereby the pant leg of some riders can have direct contact with the exhaust pipe. This condition could cause the pant leg to char or burn, which could lead to the possibility of injury to the rider. Interesting how many people demand that Harley keep supplying them with a subpar product.

All air cooled are hot, water cooled — somewhat less. Owned near all brands since I was You want to ride cool, get a cage or a Beemer…. You want to ride bikes — ride what you like, quit whining and ride. Hope you stay in here and keep posting…but as you know there are some very objective opinions here. As far as Victory goes — I am looking at them very seriously. Harley is gonna get hurt by Victory — maybe it will wake them up to start making a new modern 20th century motor! HDs still have chain driven primary, push rods and only 2 valves per cylinder……19th century pos. Strip one down and see where all the parts are made, japan, Germany, USA.

Oh, man… I take a break from pulling off the throttle cable that snapped yesterday to check in on my favorite news site -see if anybody posted some relevance regarding this lawsuit- and what do I find? More posts from the Hawg talking his line and calling folks posers. Well Boss, you got me dead to rights. No website or any pics of myself hugged up with some skin at a saloon to post on it if I did have one.

The Motorcycle Exhaust System

I agree with you. To all of you that dont know the full facts about Mcdonalds coffee as I didnt , I would suggest you take a look at this link, or even google Mcdonalds coffe burns, and take a look at the images for yourself. How many people knew this lady was sitting in a car as a passenger, parked, And was burned while removing the lid to add sugar and cream?

Or that Mcdonalds had almost a thousand previous cases of incidents like this? They could care less, Now go buy a t-shirt. Sorry, link didnt work you will have to copy and paste. Then they show them the picture.. Ooops, did a open a can? All of them are hot. Go sue the EPA for climbing onto the bike with you. Made these mods on a Screaming Eagle recently — now cool as any 80 cu.

Evo which will still burn your leg if you keep insisting on wearing those jorts while riding. Speaks volumes about you brother. Thank you for the response. Sue Happy folks … never responsible for thier dumb ass actions! Get these wanabees out of our culture! Go ride a Vespa!!!

Riding Historic Route 66

Its an air cooled engine that the EPA requires to run very lean so it runs even hotter. I find it interesting firms like MotoGuzzi looked at heat pipe tech to minimize this. But, even BMW will give up on the air cooled. So, if this class action can also sue the State of California I think this would only be fair as the stinking state of California is sufficiently responsible for the engine running hotter.

Stop the whining, broke it now get a new one and while at it STFU…no one wants to hear it anyways, well maybe your old lady! Victory Cross Country Tour. Very interested and the lid is off the can of worms now. As for gear noise all I can say is mine never had any! Bunch of biased keyboard commandos at their best. Back a few years 4 or 5.

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  6. I will look back for the stories. The ladies who filed this lawsuit belong on Hondas, not Harleys. I can tell you from my own experiences about the crap the factory used to sell. Hopefully they get hit by a tractor or a flying fish.