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As Yasova and her granddaughters are threatened by dragons from multiple clans, they meet a mysterious Ojutai stranger. In a desperate attempt to assuage Atarka's anger, the hunting band plies her with the tale of an ancient war…between dragons. When Yasova and the twins reach Ugin's grave at last, they find a mysterious, and potentially deadly, stranger awaiting their arrival.

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Yasova and the twins hear the end of Ugin's version of history and risk defying Nicol Bolas himself. In the wake of the disaster on Amonkhet, Liliana and Gideon struggle to move forward against Nicol Bolas on a plane with its own storied past. Discovering her lost brother commands the Cabal in Aerona, Liliana enlists Gideon's aid in laying him to rest before striking at Belzenlok.

Gideon, Liliana, and Jhoira muster their forces for the showdown with Belzenlok. Jhoira takes Liliana and Gideon for a timely reconnection with a very old—and very powerful—friend. The mystery of Chandra's disappearance is answered and she finds herself caught up in the legacy of Dominaria's darkest past.

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Chandra, Jaya, and Karn's situation becomes critical as Chandra presses Jaya for the guidance she now knows she always needed. As companions old and new prepare for the final showdown with Belzenlok and the Cabal, a stowaway is discovered on the Weatherlight. Huatli is a Warrior-Poet of the Sun Empire. Her talent in combat and creativity know no bounds, but when faced with a frightening encounter and an even more astounding vision, she must overcome discomfort to live up to expectation. Vraska has never been happier. Finally able to be the leader she always knew she could be, she captains The Belligerent with the skill of the greatest of commanders.

She had kept Jace Beleren alive initially to utilize his talents, but soon discovers that they make quite the team. With so many different groups seeking the golden city of Orazca, how will the River Heralds keep the city's power from falling into the wrong hands? Meanwhile, Huatli and Tishana team up to track down the compass that could lead them to the Golden City, and Vona pursues.

The race to the Golden City picks up the pace as each group jostles for position. Everyone needs the Thaumatic Compass to reach the city, but who will get there first? Huatli and Tishana reach the Immortal Sun while Jace and Vraska discover the callousness of the sphinx who made it. Vraska and Jace devise a plan to succeed where gods once failed, and resolve to save their home at any cost.

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  8. The Immortal Sun is gone, and Huatli realizes the truth doesn't belong to whoever happens to be in charge. Huatli goes on holiday, Angrath goes home, Vraska deceives a dragon, and Jace heads for Dominaria.

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    Try us out on any web browser — desktop, mobile, or tablet. Mark all un- played. Discovered by Player FM and our community — copyright is owned by the publisher, not Player FM, and audio streamed directly from their servers. Hot, fresh, tasty Magic: The Gathering Stories delivered right to your ears. Patrons receive exclusive access to narrated stories from the Magic: Thank you so much listeners, lots of love and happy planeswalking! Narrated by Carolyn PageWritten by Michael The final chapter in Vivien's journey on Ixalan. Vivien Reid continues her fight against the vampires of Ixalan. Stay tuned for some exciting news later this month.

    You are a mighty planeswalker. Vivien Reid takes in the sights of one of Ixalan's thriving cities A one shot story! A glimpse into the life of Odric and the dark world of Innistrad. Sorry it sounds like a million snakes are with me in the intro, it goes away I promise.

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    Email me for suggestions for next week's story, if you'd like to hear the story of a particular character or from a particular plane, I want to hear your thoughts! The twins' final confrontation with Bolas!

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    Nicol Bolas corners Naiva Happy planeswalking, may the god-pharaoh smile upon you. The twins delve deep and meet someone familiar Much love and happy planeswalking! Atarka catches up with the hunters. Bolas and Ugin find new paths. The mystery of Baishya's vision deepens.

    Nicol and Ugin learn new lessons.

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    The hunters meet someone new. Bolas and Ugin explore the world they hatched into. A world ruled by dragons New plans are sparked. Chandra searches for a helping hand. An episode from Teferi's past. Teferi needs help solving a puzzle. Ajani returns and Jhoira sees an old friend.