Street Healers Guide: Revised Edition

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When they get too preachy, it's stifling. Like they are bashing one over the head with the letter of the law, not speaking life through the spirit. And one other big caveat. Reading deliverance books can be yucky! A number of deliverance books foray so far into describing scary evil stuff and influences of demons as to build up quite a pitch of unhealthy paranoia and fear.

  1. Der blasse Hund: Eine Erzählung (German Edition).
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  5. Doctor Margarets Sea Chest: Book 1 of The Azadi Series.

The more the books discuss creepy events and details, the less I like them. It's like glorifying evil inadvertently. I've heard it said that deliverance book authors are themselves needing deliverance, and sometimes I totally agree!

Healing ADD Revised Edition

There are countless other books on deliverance, breaking curses, breaking generational curses stuff inherited from ancestors , the authority of believers meaning, of course, Christians , and ways of countering evil influences over not just families, but cities and nations. But yonder that way is more risk. In any case, deliverance authority also starts tying into having authority to heal people! Deliverance also goes hand-in-hand with healing; it seems that often healing isn't possible without kicking a few mean spirits out first.

Here are some books on healing:. There is a LOT of variation even in such a narrow field, however.

Luke T. Jones (Author of Street Healer's Guide)

The Phoenix and the Turtle. Jan 04, Luke wants to read.

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  • Nov 23, Nov 20, Luke rated a book really liked it. Spawn by Brian Holguin Goodreads Author.

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    Nov 18, Quotes by Luke T. Jones, Street Healer's Guide: Jones studied at the Bethel School of Supernatural Discipleship and has a facebook page where he posts word of knowledge whereby upon reading the condition that you are in i.

    I have read his page and got rid of swelling and pain underarm and every since then, every time I prayed on it again, it would disappear. This book is available in Kindle version and Jones tells us how he does it.

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    You get to understand the etiquette of street healing, how to introduce yourself and how you always want the person to experience the love of Jesus. But he promises to be back.

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