The Dangers of Heresy

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So, I suppose, we should take care to watch what we eat, spiritually speaking.

Dangerous Seasons: Montanists, Charismatics and Heresy

We should examine our young up-and-coming leaders to make sure they are devout, as well as intellectually capable. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email.

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In his book, Irenaeus wrote some very handy explanations about what makes heresy so dangerous. Heretics are always wanting to find something more true than truth. We, in turn, are warned not to listen to their opinions, which Irenaeus continues to expound: By devouring the ideas of the heretics we banish ourselves from the paradise of life.

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As soon as we began to depart from what God has taught, we are in the realm of heresy, and the problem with that is that they are man-made. Man-made heresies are naturally problematic because they are made by fallen people. If we are all fallen people who do evil, then it makes sense that any type of belief system that we develop on our own will consequently be evil as well.

Heresy - Wikipedia

The problem with heresies is that they claim to be Christian. Therefore, they are taking a man-made religion and claiming it is the same as that which God has given us through inspiration. Then, if people look at this heresy as representative of Christianity, it will not be beautiful because it is a perversion of that which is beautiful.

The early church had many challenges in regards to heresy, and they were very aggressive about making sure that they were still following God and not their own twists. They certainly still exist. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Twitter account. In his work " On the Jews and Their Lies " , German Reformation leader Martin Luther claims that Jewish history was "assailed by much heresy", and that Christ the logos swept away the Jewish heresy and goes on to do so, "as it still does daily before our eyes.

In England, the 16th-century European Reformation resulted in a number of executions on charges of heresy. During the thirty-eight years of Henry VIII 's reign, about sixty heretics, mainly Protestants, were executed and a rather greater number of Catholics lost their lives on grounds of political offences such as treason, notably Sir Thomas More and Cardinal John Fisher , for refusing to accept the king's supremacy over the Church in England.

Another example of the persecution of heretics under Protestant rule was the execution of the Boston martyrs in , , and These executions resulted from the actions of the Anglican Puritans , who at that time wielded political as well as ecclesiastic control in the Massachusetts Bay Colony. At the time, the colony leaders were apparently hoping to achieve their vision of a "purer absolute theocracy" within their colony.

3 Reasons We Should Stop Calling People Heretics…Unless They Are

The era of mass persecution and execution of heretics under the banner of Christianity came to an end in with the last execution of a "heretic", Cayetano Ripoll , by the Spanish Inquisition. Although less common than in earlier periods, in modern times, formal charges of heresy within Christian churches still occur. Issues in the Protestant churches have included modern biblical criticism and the nature of God. In the Catholic Church, the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith criticizes writings for "ambiguities and errors" without using the word "heresy".

Perhaps due to the many modern negative connotations associated with the term heretic , such as the Spanish inquisition, the term is used less often today. The subject of Christian heresy opens up broader questions as to who has a monopoly on spiritual truth, as explored by Jorge Luis Borges in the short story " The Theologians " within the compilation Labyrinths.

The Baha'i Faith is considered an Islamic heresy in Iran. Ottoman Sultan Selim the Grim , regarded the Shia Qizilbash as heretics, reportedly proclaimed that "the killing of one Shiite had as much otherworldly reward as killing 70 Christians. Starting in medieval times, Muslims began to refer to heretics and those who antagonized Islam as zindiqs , the charge being punishable by death. In some modern day nations and regions, heresy remains an offense punishable by death.

One example is the fatwa issued by the government of Iran , offering a substantial bounty for anyone who succeeds in the assassination of author Salman Rushdie , whose writings were declared as heretical. Orthodox Judaism considers views on the part of Jews who depart from traditional Jewish principles of faith heretical.

In addition, the more right-wing groups within Orthodox Judaism hold that all Jews who reject the simple meaning of Maimonides 's 13 principles of Jewish faith are heretics. The liberal wing of Modern Orthodoxy is more tolerant of Conservative Judaism, particularly its right wing, as there is some theological and practical overlap between these groups. The act of using Church of Scientology techniques in a form different than originally described by L. Ron Hubbard is referred to within Scientology as " squirreling " and is said by Scientologists to be high treason.

Although Zoroastrianism has had an historical tolerance for other religions, it also held sects like Zurvanism and Mazdakism heretical to its main dogma and has violently persecuted them, such as burying Mazdakians with their feet upright as "human gardens". In later periods Zoroastrians cooperated with Muslims to kill other Zoroastrians deemed as heretical.

Neo-Confucian heresy has been described. In other contexts the term does not necessarily have pejorative overtones and may even be complimentary when used, in areas where innovation is welcome, of ideas that are in fundamental disagreement with the status quo in any practice and branch of knowledge. He divided scientific heretics into endoheretics those from within the scientific community and exoheretics those from without.

Characteristics were ascribed to both and examples of both kinds were offered. Asimov concluded that science orthodoxy defends itself well against endoheretics by control of science education, grants and publication as examples , but is nearly powerless against exoheretics. He acknowledged by examples that heresy has repeatedly become orthodoxy. The revisionist paleontologist Robert T. Bakker , who published his findings as The Dinosaur Heresies , treated the mainstream view of dinosaurs as dogma. But on average, for the last fifty years, the field hasn't tested dinosaur orthodoxy severely enough.

The illustrations by the author show dinosaurs in very active poses, in contrast to the traditional perception of lethargy. He is an example of a recent scientific endoheretic. Immanuel Velikovsky is an example of a recent scientific exoheretic; he did not have appropriate scientific credentials or did not publish in scientific journals.

While the details of his work are in scientific disrepute, the concept of catastrophic change extinction event and punctuated equilibrium has gained acceptance in recent decades. The term "heresy" is used not only with regard to religion but also in the context of political theory. For example, the tongue-in-cheek contemporary usage of heresy, such as to categorize a " Wall Street heresy" a " Democratic heresy" or a " Republican heresy," are metaphors that invariably retain a subtext that links orthodoxies in geology or biology or any other field to religion.

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These expanded metaphoric senses allude to both the difference between the person's views and the mainstream and the boldness of such a person in propounding these views. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For the website, see Heretical website. For other uses, see Heretic disambiguation.

Not to be confused with hearsay. For other uses, see Heresy disambiguation.

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