A Sexy Stranger in the Dark (Dubious Consent Erotica)

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View all 8 comments. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. I am not a stranger to nonconsent erotica and I don't have a problem with it or the idea of it. I had a problem with this though. I don't have a problem with dubious consent or non-consent as long as the characters eventually find pleasure-no matter how twisted.

Rachel found no pleasure. She is raped and brutalized by thugs repeatedly for the rest of the novel. Zachary is an ill-defined character, which is to I am not a stranger to nonconsent erotica and I don't have a problem with it or the idea of it. Zachary is an ill-defined character, which is to be expected because everything is told from Rachel's point-of-view. Unfortunately, Zachary is also a very weak hero, which to me works fine if we are talking about "real life" it does not work well for an "erotic novella". He is weak, ineffectual and kind of stupid. Not sexy at all. I liked the initial set up because it was daring and original.

Keep Me Safe is also very well written. Unfortunately by the end I just really, really hated and considered asking Amazon for my. If you found your way here after reading Comfort Food by Kitty Thomas which I loved then you may or may not like this. It's really more a 2. In fact the questionable nature at the beginning is fine, as is the gritty and unvarnished rape scenes, but I did have problems with two things: Zachary never would have passed his psych testing to be an agent.

His responses in post-traumatic situations were woefully ignorant of basic psychology which he would have been trained for It's really more a 2. His responses in post-traumatic situations were woefully ignorant of basic psychology which he would have been trained for. While Rachael sucked at communicating, but she at least had an excuse. Finally, there was a plot device used that drove me insane view spoiler [, being knocked unconscious to move the story.

Overall, I was hoping for more and the staccato nature of the storytelling was distracting. The editing was dreadfull.. There wasn't a second l in: Thank God, because the story was worse.. I tried pretty hard to like it.. It had some bright moments but they did no good..

This story could have been so much better.. I really thought it was about how these two people will work to fix the bad start they had.. That would be 1,5 Stars Hate it when books are that bad.. That would be very interesting.. But that wasn't the case. Also the end felt rushed.. I will read the next book because i really hope it was just a problematic start.. Dec 10, Carolyn F. The story starts with a rape, but both people are unwilling. Zachary is undercover but in order to stop her from being gang raped he has to do this in front of everyone.

Rachel doesn't realize this and just wants to get through it. He's as gentle as he can be but if he wants her to be kept from everyone else he can't stop. Later when she escapes, she learns who he is. Zachary is having a hard time living with what he did because he had actually been interested in her before Short story. Zachary is having a hard time living with what he did because he had actually been interested in her before the rape.

They come to some kind of understanding and then the bad guys get her again. This time Zachary can't save her and the rape scenes are just awful. I categorized this as romantic suspense but it's really horror. Zachary and Rachel find some kind of love through all of this but what a horrible journey. Very good, disturbing book. I have mixed feelings on this one. It was definitely a raw story and unapologetic for the subject manner.

If a person has any non-con or rape triggers, they probably shouldn't read this one. I think Rachel and Zachary are two very effed up people who try to make the best of a bad situation. A really bad situation. The author did keep me intrigued and it was a rather quick read - which I was grateful for. I wasn't familiar with the Dark Erotica series but I saw someone post about the fourth book that is releasing soon and read the blurb which sounded interesting.

Since it is a shorter novella, it wasn't much of a time committment and that worked for me in case I wasn't a fan. I'm going to get my thoughts together on this one before I review. My review contains spoilers and they're mostly my thoughts as I went with the book But compared to Keep Me Safe The blurb of the book gives you a fair warning of what was is inside the story or what you can expect from it. It had rape and sexual abuse of the heroine and how she tries to handle it throughout the ordeal, with her mental and physical pain portrayed pretty vividly.

Most people, while reading this, would probably judge the book on the basis of the surface. My two cents for them: I skip those out there, I still felt the difference in the tone SW used here. Then, I looked at it from a very realistic POV. Zachary is an undercover FBI agent, who is also the nephew of the crime lord boss. He tries to help Rachel anyway he could, for which he had to rape her, just to show the other members that he is a part of that gang. Although, Rachel knew nothing about Zachary being a cop, she still felt the difference in him. Zachary kinda stakes his claim on her so that no one touches her.

Afterwards, Zachary was able to get her away from the gang. When Rachel is back from the hospital, he comes to her to apologize, knowing nothing can really undo what he had to do, even if was to save her. I already said it was complicated This time, it was worst. She was tortured and raped by some of them. Zachery, again, tries to save her since he was still undercover Then, a twisted play, authored by the crime lord himself, was played out, making Zachary and Rachel as the lead in it.

It was sick; the guy and his pathetic gang members were sick. But, Rachel was not to blame here, neither was Zachary.

I felt the process of her going numb at one point, her being in denial and even go as far as becoming sarcastic about this whole situation, just to make it bearable. Zachary sucked in doing his job no doubt but his remorse was genuine in every way. He was mad at himself, was tortured having to witness what Rachel was going through. But somehow, Rachel felt his urgent need for forgiveness and the fact that, he actually makes her feel safer since his attempts were nothing less than earnest. It being a novella, the story ended short.

If you do not like non-consent stories, stories of rape and violence, torture and abuse, this is NOT the book for you. View all 3 comments. Under the spoiler tag is my spoilerish review. Kidnapped young woman in the hands of gang members with intentions of rape, torture, and possibly murder. Meets a gang member with a bit of a conscience who rapes her in order to protect her. Initially, this rang a bit false with me because 1 she lies passively to be raped and 2 the " 2.

Initially, this rang a bit false with me because 1 she lies passively to be raped and 2 the "gang member with a bit of a conscience" sounded forced. Therefore, it was to my utter delight and complete shock when I learned of the "identity" of Zachary. Now , the "gang member with a bit of a conscience" made sense, and the whole, "I raped you to protect you" made more sense because he had to have a good reason to present to the other gang members to bring her under his "protection" while doing his job. As for her lying passively to be raped, on second thought, it does make sense if she was terrified for her life and of further pain: It seemed like a worthy trade to me, if he could hold up his end.

Then the author ruined my anticipation by tossing in a bit of fem-dom scene. It seemed out of the blue. I was utterly bewildered. Rachel, despite having been traumatized with kidnapping and rape, was ready to jump into bed with her rapist-with-a-conscience as well as to dominate him sexually. Not to mention, she was also ready to have him practically move in for more sex.

O That wasn't the impression of Rachel I got in the first chapter. Despite what may have been a stupid move of Rachel to open the door to the two "cops", I really couldn't blame her because I could totally see myself doing the same thing - forgetting to ask to see the badges first.

I was stunned when I saw Zachary at the house Rachel had been taken to because I had thought I'd read that he had quit his job due to his remorseful guilt at having raped a young woman for his duty. I suppose that I could have misinterpreted his "I quit" as being "I have already quit" instead of "I will quit". The ending was rather sweet but maybe a bit disappointing? Well, I kind of liked it, especially the sandwich part. I liked the bits of humor. For some reason, I found Rachel's occasional dark observations entertaining so this got an extra 0. I liked the premise although I was disappointed by the execution of it.

The plot didn't make much sense. There were too many unanswered questions. For example, how did the nephew of the head of the gang become an FBI agent supposedly undercover in order to bring the said gang down? I would think that one or the other side might have doubts as to his loyalty. Much of the novella wasn't focused so much on the plot but on the frequent sexual and physical abuse that Rachel suffered so it almost felt like it should belong in my porn-sex-with-no-plot shelf.

Rachel and Zachary falling in love with each wasn't entirely believable, and very close to a Stockholm Syndrome relationship. Nonetheless, the feeling that it was a Stockholm Syndrome relationship wasn't very strong with me so in this case, the author managed to make me suspend disbelief enough. I like reading about romanticized FBI agents. Unfortunately, I had to agree with his recriminations and personal assessment of his adequacy. He absolutely sucked at protection detail.

I'd agreed to it. During their consensual sex scene: In short , I liked the humor, and I thought there was promise in the premise. I had problems with the execution. I thought that the writing was a bit sketchy, especially on the details. The rape and violence didn't have much of an impact with me, which I think was due to the writing.

The fem-dom scene seemed out of place. The ending may be a bit disappointing to some people.

See a Problem?

The novella was skimpy on the plot, which didn't make much sense anyway. There were maybe a bit too much sex and few too many WTF moments. And Zachary, while a sympathetic character, turned out to be bit pathetic. Zachary is an undercover FBI agent who needs to do what he has to in order to protect his cover.

However, it's no different than what I've seen in the movies, and I've watched worst.

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For some, romance and erotica takes you away to another fantasy world that you can escape to, but this story is different in the form of dark erotica that goes against the rules for some. With saying that, my thoughts are as followed: Firstly, rating this is based on the story as a whole. Although the sexual scenes were graphic and sometimes disturbing, there was still a plot to the story that brought the main characters together.

Zachary, a FBI undercover agent and Rachel, a woman taken against her will by a group of gang members who had rape on their mind as well as a plot to blow up a school. While trying to uncover more information, Zachary has to try and protect Rachel, which he is unable to do at times. The opening of this story sets the pace for the rest of the story which gradually becomes very aggressive, intense, and emotional.

What this means for Rachel, she has to do what she needs to in order to survive her surroundings. She's seen it all and is determined to bust it all, too. Until that Do-Over-Inator starts going a little topsy-turvy and being flung facefirst into a land beyond time brings her face to face with something she's never seen before except in a mirror - herself.

He stays high to deal with the stress, but when he meets mob boss Eliot Waugh, and girls in the neighborhood start to go missing, things get a little too real. The Asset was sent to kill the Merchant of Death. The hybrid shifter was causing an upstart with the powers at be. Now captured and in full heat. The asset finds himself drawn into memory and find himself overly attracted to the scent of both male shifters. Not beta'd i don't even know how this happened really. I should have been sleeping lol. He didn't want to be the one in charge; he wanted Robbie to command him.

He didn't want to be the responsible one; he needed someone to look after him, take care of him. He also likes it rough. He can't let anyone find either of these things out, though, because he's meant to be the sensible one. Back in Luskan, political unrest is boiling over, and Jarlaxle tries to prevent another civil war. They have had Wanda for a few months but are looking for the perfect baby boy to complete their family. Peter might just be the perfect choice.

Will he adapt to life as a Little? Only time will tell. This is purely fantasy, I do not condone anything without consent irl obviously. Just needed to put my little disclaimer here. Hannibal Lecter is searching for that one special omega to ride out the zombie apocalypse with. OK, maybe two special omegas Please move on if that's the case. For the four of you that are left, welcome. I feel like we have a lot of unpacking to do.

As a thank you to my followers on tumblr, I offered to write even more fics. This is what they asked for Tony finds himself Bonded to Captain Steve Rogers. He isn't happy about it until he is. It's my personal preference, it served it's purpose in the writing, I just don't care for it.

Lastly, the dreaded "I love you" at barely the end of a week. It's not realistic and if anything the characters were in a dark obsession with one another, not love. Having met someone once and then Internet stalk them does not mean you "know them". I can google everything I want to know about Bon Jovi right now, that doesn't mean I know him personally. I would have rather the epilogue be them confessing then the bs I was presented. I get this was a short story and there wasn't much play room but it doesn't take much wording to make time go by.

A week is not realistic and you shouldn't expect the readers to view it as such. All in all it was a good book, the only thing that saved it for me was the kink, otherwise I might have tossed it out. Jan 15, Jennifer Finn rated it really liked it. RE Saxton is fast becoming one of my favorite authors.

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Kat has just graduated from College, she's an artist. She thinks she's won a trip to an island for a relaxing vacation. When she arrives on the island there is only one other person there. Dec 13, Nancy Konsitzke rated it it was amazing. Very good I really enjoyed this book very much, I recommend to all adults to read, it is definitely adults only though. Dec 31, Rochelle rated it really liked it.

The title days it all here. Really good dark elements but also just a touch of sweetness.

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Mar 06, Ratula rated it liked it. Nov 03, Kael rated it it was ok Shelves: Feb 16, Crina rated it did not like it. The idea of the book was really really good I don't know but to me it was lacking that ''je ne sais quoi'' who is making you not leave a book down until you finish it, or maybe I was just bored Either way, I didn't like it. Jan 30, Zeinab Dh rated it it was amazing. Jan 20, Debbie rated it liked it. Six years ago, Katriona's father kidnapped, robbed and killed Declan's wife who was pregnant with their first child.

Due to a technicality, her father was released and all charges were dropped for the heinous crime he committed.

Since that day, Declan has become obsessed with owning Kat and making her pay for her father's sins. However once he has her, Declan's feelings change. He still wants to cause Kat pain, but he also wants to cause her pleasure. Kat realizes she should hate Declan for what Six years ago, Katriona's father kidnapped, robbed and killed Declan's wife who was pregnant with their first child. Kat realizes she should hate Declan for what he's doing to her. But the crush she developed on him years ago has only strengthened and with each touch he makes her feel cherished and safe for the first time in her life.

This was an okay story. It wasn't that dark at all and Declan never caused Kat any real pain at all.

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She's never even really scared of him. It does have a happy ending. Dec 28, Cat G. I really enjoyed this book. It has alot of pain behind it with what Declan has been through. But Kat has also seen her share of pain and is just trying to survive and make her life happy. When Kat is tricked into staying with Declan, sparks and anger fly and it was just off the charts hot.

Can you fall for the person you are set on revenge for what her father did and can the other fall for the tyrant who has stolen her?

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Read to find out! Jul 14, Kara rated it liked it. Good I'm not big on the h being so indecisive. Wish she would not fight him so much or be repulsed and fight hard against him. H was crazy but like that he wanted her and control but protect her at the same time. Dec 28, Sherease Riley rated it liked it. The fact that she fell in love in less than two weeks makes the whole story unfathomable. However the dark sex aspect of this book was intriguing and for the most part well described.

Mar 03, Jennifer Hajdics rated it did not like it. The dynamic between the two main characters was ridiculous. It was like they've known each other for years rather than only spoken once six years ago. It took away from whatever the plot was supposed to be. And the language was ridiculous! Were these people English royalty or something? Apr 01, Clarissa Price rated it it was amazing. Sexy, sweet, romantic, hot, with a little drama. I do wish it was a little darker that she would have resisted more it was tame but a sexy read.

Jun 21, Christine rated it it was amazing. Arc review For honest review.