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Backes had the co-operation of the Olson family and was provided access to many private journals and correspondence, He was also able to speak with family members and friends. Canadian canoeists know Sig Olson as the leader, or Bourgeois, of the famed canoeing group The Voyageurs, about whom we have written much in Che-Mun over the years. It was very surprising to read about the long battle that Sig had to get published and the great amount of work he put into his writing - it seemed so effortless.

The story unfurls in a masterpiece of speculative fiction as fantasy and reality twist into distorted new existence.

Book Review: The Wilderness Within by John Claude Smith

It feeds on feelings, memories, and phobias like a parasite seeking to devour its host. What dwells in the darkness of the eaves and the rough paths brings fantasy to flesh and seeks to end them all.

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The forest should be a place of tranquility and peace, yet they come to discover the harsh opposite, in an almost primal sense of discovering the savageness of the land both before them and internally. His work has been described as original and well-written, a torch burning in the name of all things beautiful and strange.

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His dedication to creating his own brand of literary weirdness definitely shows. Journalstone has a knack for putting out some great dark fiction and this release holds up to their standards, so come along and take the journey with Derek and Frank, step into the forest beyond the dirt and weeds. But beware, the forest is alive. If you enjoyed our review of The Wilderness Within by John Claude Smith, please consider clicking through to our Amazon affiliated links.

A Wilderness Within is a fascinating book. And the Sigurd Olson who emerges from its pages is far more complex and heroic than the persona that he fashioned for himself. Essential for any collection with works by Olson and recommended for general collections as well.

An ardent outdoorsman with a gift of vision and language, Olson captured the essence of wild areas, while teaching the reader lessons in ecology and outdoor life. The result is a book that is interesting to everyone, but will be required reading for Sig Olson fans. Acknowledged as a leader of the American environmental movement, this biography reveals the forces that drove Sigurd Olson-writer, teacher, activist.

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A highly readable portrait of a much-loved writer and a beautifully articulated history of the conservation movement in the United States through the middle decades of this century. His father, a dictatorial, fundamentalist Baptist minister, would have preferred a pastoral career for his son, and some might argue that Sigurd became a missionary after all.

A Wilderness Within: The Life of Sigurd F. Olson

In this beautifully composed biography, David Backes presents readers with a compelling portrait of Sigurd Olson This is an outstanding book. The book goes beyond the life and times of an extraordinary and complicated man. It places the man on the stage of the history of Minnesota so well that it has the readability of a historical novel.

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David Backes writes from a wealth of public and private, even intimate, knowledge of Olson the icon and Olson the man. University of Minnesota Press Coming soon. Home Current Catalogs Blog. Search Site only in current section.

A Wilderness Within | Emma Castle

The critically acclaimed biography of this venerable naturalist and writer. The first biography of this venerable naturalist and writer. University of Minnesota Press.