Divine Whispers: Ecstatic Poetry to open the Heart and Soul! (Poems for the beloved. Book 1)

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Is what I say true? Why am I looking in all directions? I must look deep inside of me. I am the Lord and I do you wrong to say. That anyone is Lord or God to me. Why should I seek God? I am the same as He. His Essence speaks through me. I have been looking for Myself. People always plot their little plans, but. If God willed it, I would be shown the way. Such words are tantamount to abusing God,. Your words would be a sword against God,. People always blame God for their own choices,. The animal-self ego and rejection of God's Will. It's their ego, the 'animal-self' that leads them.

It's their ego that makes them obey Self-will. Let me dig deeper into this debate of. God's Will versus Man's will: God is Sovereign over heaven and earth. The truth is, that whatever occurs. When God desires to chastise someone,. All those eminent positions are like. I created the world to manifest My Reality. Therefore, God is both Merciful and Wrathful. But the Wrath of God is an aspect of Love of God. Therefore, day and night people are revealing God,. God created us in His own image, thus our description. God wants you to become pious, so that. God possesses nothing in the lofty heavens.

God has disclosed all things, fresh and withered,. Have you not read the verse, 'God has set a seal'? It is God who sets the seal, and it is He who. In the two worlds, God gazes upon the heart,. God is the Absolute Witness in every quarrel;. God's Love and the mystery of. God's Judgment rules over good and bad,. God gave you two hands, meaning,. God gave you an intellect so that. Intellect is a shadow, God is the Sun. How can a shadow stand up to the Sun? In the Glory and Splendor of God,. Beside this intellect of yours,.

God has many intellects which govern. When you sacrifice your intellect in love for God,. He will give you ten like it, or seven hundred. Surrender yourself entirely to the Lord,. Strive in earnest desire to do God's Will. God has a Master Plan for your life. The key to discovering God's Will. Jesus son of Mary said to his disciples,.

Love one another as I have loved you. The disciples asked Jesus,. Jesus said, "You love your neighbor for yourself,. The Antichrist has taken over the world. But Christ, the promised Messiah,. This world belongs to Christ, from end to end. There is no room here for Antichrist's deceptive tricks. Look at Jesus, son of Mary,. Open the way for Christ, the promised Messiah. Keep on blowing the Resurrection Trumpet,. How could a lover be joined to sensuality? There are thousands of wines that can take over our minds. His donkey was drunk with barley. I am not like his donkey who's drunk with barely.

O friends, Jesus gives me The red wine of monks! Son, once you find what's inside, you don't look at the shell. Wherever Jesus stands, you don't look at his donkey. Be silent like Mary. Let the one who has the Breath of Jesus talk. Who told you to be a friend of Jesus' donkey between your jobs?! O eye, don't look at the people. O ear, don't hear good or bad. O mind, don't act like his donkey, You are going to finally see Jesus!

Your are the Jesus of time. Walk on water like Jesus. Don't sleep in the mud like his lazy donkey! Silence which is the beginning of worship. Sincere humility before God. Living in poverty which is to live in abundance. Jesus was asked, "O Word of God, What is the most difficult thing in this world and the next? Let's eat from the same bowl. Let's play the same song that You've put into our hearts.

The wind like Gabriel, you a Mary Born to this pair: Jesus of silkrose cheeks. The dance of you two, key to the ever-life Endless mercy on this dance! When the soul is in union with God, to speak of God is to speak of the soul, and to speak of the soul is to speak of Him. By God's Grace, the mortal body made of soil, becomes immortal and rests in the heavenly gardens.

Sorrow for God's sake is a treasure in my heart. Shams of Tabriz is Jesus. If you want the land of existence To change into the non-existence, Set the fire that Moses, son of Imran, saw, Into the harvest of your grief and mourning. If you want to reach the spiritual realm, You should talk to Jesus.

O heart, take refuge in Christ. Myriads were the therapeutic art of the Eminent Greek doctor and philosopher, Galen. But before Jesus and his life-giving Breath, They were a laughing stock.


The Soul of Rumi: A New Collection of Ecstatic Poems

When Jesus, Love's Spirit, takes flight, Never again will he lower his wing To return to Man's worldly realm of labor. Jesus would only come back to redeem the world. Jesus calls from the fourth heaven,. Where communion is celebrated,. Wash your hands and face. It is time to sit at the table together. Set the table spread of angels at the heart assembly of drunkards. Offer Jesus' heavenly meals to hearts already drunk for Christ. Bring meal from the sky, like Jesus. Bring back to life three dead people With your warm breath, like Jesus.

Become poor to make poor beggars rich, Like Jesus. Move beyond any attachment to names. Every war and every conflict between human beings. It is such an unnecessary foolishness,. What is praised is one, so the praise is one too,. All religions, all this singing, one song. The differences are just illusion and vanity. Sunlight looks a little different on this wall. We have borrowed these clothes,.

Make peace with the universe. Take joy in it. It will turn to gold. Resurrection will be now. Every moment, a new beauty. Human beings are mines. Only the unsayable, jeweled inner life matters. Look at the colors of the world! Today, like every other day,. Take down a musical instrument. Let the beauty of what we love be what we do. Not any religion or cultural system. Neither body or soul. I tried to find God on the Christian Cross,. I went to Muslims' Kaaba in Mecca,. I went to to the old Jewish Synagogue.

I questioned the scholars and philosophers,. I then looked deep into my heart and. God was nowhere else to be found. Sometimes hidden and sometimes revealed,. Sometimes a devoted Muslim,. For me to fit inside everyone's heart,. I put on a new face everyday. What is a Synagogue? What is the Temple of Hindus? What is the Church of Christ? In the path of seeking,. In the faith of love, known and unknown are the same.

Close your fault seeking eyes. When the mystics reach that realm,. Out beyond the worlds of Islam and Infidels,. If you're interested in moving. God lives deep inside. God dwells deep inside. How could there still be a place. For the sake of tracing. First to let go of life. Finally, to take a step without feet. Love comes with a knife,. I say these things disinterestedly. Accept them in kind.

Love is a madman,. A tiny spider tries to wrap an enormous wasp. Think of the spiderweb woven across the cave.

The Soul of Rumi: A New Collection of Ecstatic Poems by Rumi

There are love stories,. You must dive naked under and deeper under,. The ground submits to the sky and suffers. Tell me, is the earth worse. Let the cords of your robe be untied. Shiver in this new love beyond all. The sun rises, but which way does night go? I have no more words. Let soul speak with the silent. Lovers don't finally meet somewhere, they're in each other all along.

Inside this new love, die. Your way begins on the other side. Take an axe to the prison wall. You're covered with thick cloud. Slide out the side. Love is reckless, not reason;. Yet, in the midst of suffering,. Love proceeds like a millstone,. Having died of self-interest,.

Love risks everything and asks for nothing. Love gambles away every gift God bestows. Without cause, God gave us being. Without cause, give it back again. The way of love is not a subtle argument. The door there is devastation. Birds make great sky-circles of their freedom.

They fall, and falling, they're given wings. When love comes suddenly and taps. Even the smallest hint chases love away. To reason love can only say,. Before the mind decides to take a step. Before the mind can figure how. I must stop this talk now and let. If I told you about a land of love,.

In that land are vineyards. Would you swallow it as a remedy? The people there must suffer. Would you serve the sweetest drink to others. There are no moons or suns there. Nothing waxes or wanes. Would you surrender your plans. When the door is opened. There comes a time. Behind a blood-stained curtain, love has spread its gardens. The six directions are the limit, there is nothing beyond them. There is a road, and I have journeyed on it many times. Do not set foot on the land of annihilation; There is nothing there but thorns.

Those thorns you feel are only inside you! I open and fill with love. All the learning in books stays put. Love has taken away my practices. I tried to keep quietly repeating,. I had to clap and sing. I used to be respectable and chaste and stable,. A mountain keeps an echo deep inside itself. That's how I hold your voice. I am scrap wood thrown in your fire,. I saw you and became empty. This emptiness, more beautiful than existence,. The sky is blue. The world is a blind man. But whoever sees your emptiness. A great soul hides like Muhammad, or Jesus,. To praise is to praise. To praise the sun is to praise your own eyes.

What we say, a little ship. So the sea-journey goes on, and who knows where! Just to be held by the ocean is the best luck. It's a total waking up! Why should we grieve that we've been sleeping? It doesn't matter how long we've been unconscious. We're groggy, but let the guilt go. Both become huge absurdities. See regret as a worm and love as a dragon. Love, a quality which wants nothing. For this kind of lover, love of anything or anyone is unreal.

Is the one I love everywhere? I could give up this longing, then though again,. I am in love! I am in love with him. I have drunk poison. You say hurry, tie up his feet. But its my heart that's gone crazy,. Yesterday the beauty of early dawn came over me,. Then this morning again, and you. Wind and fire and watery ground. Love is the way messengers. Love is the mother. We are her children.

She shines inside us, visible-invisible,. If everyone could see what love is,. Love is not condescension,. Love is a tree with. Have you seen it? The longing you feel for. When you become the Friend,. Eventually, wood, man, and. Shams Tabriz, the secret of God. Why should we tell you our love stories. Love is a pearl lost on the ocean floor,. Beyond and within those. In the early morning hour,. Really, tell the absolute truth. Is it still a stone, or a world. The ruby and the sunrise are one. Be courageous and discipline yourself.

Completely become hearing and ear,. Keep digging your well. Water is there somewhere.

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Submit to a daily practice. Your loyalty to that. Keep knocking, and the joy inside. You play with the great globe of union,. You came here alone,. Spring is a peacock flirting with. The rose gardens flame. Ocean enters the boat. You may be planning departure, as a human soul. You saddle your horse. You must be going. Remember you have friends. Have I failed you? But remember our nights of conversation,. Shamsi Tabriz, your face,. You bind me, and I tear away in a rage. This confusing joy, your doing,. You turn to look, I turn.

I am a jailed crazy who ties up spirit-women. What goes comes back. We never left each other. A disbeliever hides disbelief,. More and more awake, getting up at night,. I was given something else, a cap to wear. One morning I went to a place beyond dawn. A source of sweetness that flows.

I have been shown. No one knows what makes the soul wake up so happy! A thousand new moons appear. Hearts become perfect rubies like those from Badakshan. The body turns entirely spirit. Leaves become branches in this wind. Why is it now so easy to surrender, even for those already surrendered? No one knows the source of joy. A poet breathes into a reed flute, and the tip of every hair makes music. Shams sails down clods of dirt from the roof, and we take jobs as doorkeepers for him. Inside the Friend of this community.

Intellect and compassion are ladders we climb,. There is some kiss we want. And the lily, how passionately. At night, I open the window and ask. Love comes sailing through and I scream. Love sits beside me like a private supply of itself. Love puts away the instruments. Someone who does not run. But this dove here senses. I am a glass of wine with dark sediment. I pour it all in the river.

I hear nothing in my ear but your voice. Heart has plundered mind of its eloquence. Love writes a transparent calligraphy, so on the empty page my soul can read and recollect. Love's way is humility and intoxication,. The torrent floods down. How can it run up? You'll be a cabuchon in the ring of lovers, Even as Earth is a serf of the sapphire sky If you're a red ruby's slave, dear friend ; What did Earth ever lose by this relationship? And your monkey body's a slave to your spirit. One shouldn't beat the snare drum of awakening What mercy has the Self showed to weary limbs?

Beneath a cosy sofa's, comfy counterpane. In that hollow of the vast turquoise dome, Hoist, like a hero, your flag in the desert. And the constellations gaze down ashamed. This world is in deep trouble, from top to bottom, But it can be swiftly healed by the balm of love.

A Gift Of Love - Rumi Poems

The intellectual is always showing off;. The lover is always getting lost. The intellectual runs away, afraid of drowning;. Intellectuals plan their repose;. The lover is always alone, even surrounded with people;. It's about you, or anyone who tries to use books to make themselves attractive. There she is, sticking scripture, thick with saliva, on her face. Of course, the bits keep falling off.

You don't need me. You are yourself a troop of demons! Death comes and all talking, stolen or not, stops. Pity anyone unfamiliar with silence when that happens. Polish your heart with mediation and quietness. Let the inner life grow generous and handsome like Joseph.

Zuleika did that and her "old woman's spring cold snap" turned to mid-July. Dry lips wet from within. Ink is not rouge. Let language lie bygone. Now is where love breathes. Jan 17, Laila Zulkaphil rated it really liked it Shelves: A good friend of mine says that just like your body requires food, your soul needs nourishment too. Using wisdom and wit, Rumi explains what soul is and why it is important to be in touch with your soul and gives advice on how nurture your spirituality.

Leave parti A good friend of mine says that just like your body requires food, your soul needs nourishment too. Leave partial loves and find one that is whole. Instead, he included his self-reflections as if writing in a personal journal. Mar 24, Jimmy Ele rated it it was amazing Shelves: Words can not describe the fluid ocean of wisdom that is contained within it.

I have quoted my favorite moments, however there comes a point in one's reading where you realize that to continue to fully quote every piece of beauty would be to quote the whole book itself. There are moments in this book where I had to put it down in order to allow the shock of the spiritual wave that had hit me to reside. It is hard to describe this book in order to summarize it, so I will stop here and allow the absence of my words to inundate the rest of the review. Jul 11, Bianca rated it it was amazing.

As written in the Preface, "these poems need to be released from their cages. He writes about the importance of the human-becoming-God transition in which each individual looks within themselves for answers; in their mistakes, discoveries and life journey. It is, without a doubt, a breath of fresh air! It filled me, in more ways than one, with immense gratitude for those who are in my life past and present for having As written in the Preface, "these poems need to be released from their cages. It filled me, in more ways than one, with immense gratitude for those who are in my life past and present for having been a witness to my pilgrimage.

Here are some of my favorite quotes: May 05, Matthew rated it it was amazing Shelves: A complex and challenging set of poems. Rumi is sprawling, discursive, and undisciplined, sometimes switching gears halfway through his train of thought and often leaping from one set of metaphors to another. Sometimes parables, sometimes stories ending in non-sequiturs, sometimes little wise epigrams, sometimes bawdy fables, sometimes startling pieces of disjointed imagery, Rumi's poetry is demanding, but it also has a scriptural quality that seeps through the pores and crawls around the edges A complex and challenging set of poems.

Sometimes parables, sometimes stories ending in non-sequiturs, sometimes little wise epigrams, sometimes bawdy fables, sometimes startling pieces of disjointed imagery, Rumi's poetry is demanding, but it also has a scriptural quality that seeps through the pores and crawls around the edges of understanding.

Apr 24, Charlotte Wrenn rated it it was amazing. Coleman Barks has done the world a great service. I just read this from cover to cover after years of just reading the poems. The prose, which helps to clarify Rumi is as poetic as Rumi himself. This is a magical tome. Do yourself a favor. Read the whole thing from first page to last. Dec 31, Piers Moore Ede rated it it was amazing.

Coleman Barks can do little wrong in my opinion. His work offers something far more than mere 'translation. Surely no one has ever translated mystical poetry better than this. Dec 05, Nancy rated it really liked it. Not a book to be read cover to cover at once. I pick this book up from time to time- sometimes just to hold - other times to read a few poems. Sometimes I find Coleman Barks audio or videos online reading - and just listen to his interpretation in audio of a poem or two. Oct 29, Sammy Sutton rated it it was amazing. An excellent collection of RUMI poems.

I am a huge fan of Rumi, and enjoy reading his poetry over and over again. I constantly seek new translations, "The Soul of Rumi: A New Collection of Ecstatic Poems" is one of the best english versions. Feb 17, Alina Szaszkiewicz rated it really liked it Shelves: Poetry is not to be read at one sitting.

This book has some poems that speak to me, others do not. It sits on a table next to my "reading" chair and I return to it from time to time between other books. Sep 11, Selby rated it really liked it Shelves: This is my favorite Rumi collection. And I desperatley want to fall in love with his words.

Hafiz was his prodigy. For a really good time check out The Gift by Hafiz. Aug 01, Belle added it. Rumi is a type of mysticism that really enchants and inspires me. It's the closest thing I have to religion, though I think of it more as spirituality. He uses tons of metaphors and really draws you in. I got this book recently after not reading Rumi for a few years. Oct 31, Nedra rated it it was amazing. I picked this up in a spa waiting room MIraval about 5 years ago. It was the only book in the room, and I'd never heard of Rumi.

I haven't been able to stop reading Rumi over and over since. His words from the 13th century are so modern that they are clearly universal. Sep 06, Rosemary rated it it was amazing. If you've never read Rumi's poetry, I would say you haven't yet read one of the most passionate and verbally visual poets ever. His poetry is so right on it wakes up your soul. Much of it is beyond me but there is much of it strikes me to the core as well. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. His poems have been widely translated into many of the world's languages, and he has been described as the most popular poet and the best-selling poet in the United States.

When his father died, Rumi, aged 25, inherited his position as the head of an Islamic school. For nine years, Rumi practised Sufism as a disciple of Burhan ud-Din until the latter died in or Rumi's public life then began: He also served as a Molvi Islamic teacher and taught his adherents in the madrassa.

During this period, Rumi also travelled to Damascus and is said to have spent four years there. It was his meeting with the dervish Shams-e Tabrizi on 15 November that completely changed his life. From an accomplished teacher and jurist, Rumi was transformed into an ascetic. On the night of 5 December , as Rumi and Shams were talking, Shams was called to the back door. He went out, never to be seen again. Rumi's love for, and his bereavement at the death of, Shams found their expression in an outpouring of lyric poems, Divan-e Shams-e Tabrizi.

He himself went out searching for Shams and journeyed again to Damascus. After Salah ud-Din's death, Rumi's scribe and favourite student, Hussam-e Chalabi, assumed the role of Rumi's companion. Hussam implored Rumi to write more. Rumi spent the next 12 years of his life in Anatolia dictating the six volumes of this masterwork, the Masnavi, to Hussam.

In December , Rumi fell ill and died on the 17th of December in Konya. Trivia About The Soul of Rumi No trivia or quizzes yet. Quotes from The Soul of Rumi Each of us has a secret companion musician to dance to. Unique rhythmic play, a motion in the street we alone know and hear. If you forget everything else and not this, there's nothing to worry about, but if you remember everything else and forget this, then you will have done nothing in your life. It's as if a king has sent you to some country to do a task, and you perform a hundred other services, but not the one he sent you to do.

So human being come to this world to do particular work. That work is the purpose, and each is specific to the person. If you don't do it, it's as though a priceless Indian sword were used to slice rotten meat. It's a golden bowl being used to cook turnips, when one filing from the bowl could buy a hundred suitable pots. It's like a knife of the finest tempering nailed into a wall to hang things on. You say, "But look, I'm using the dagger. I've lost myself in it and it has lost itself in me: In the middle of my heart, a star appears, and the seven heavens are lost in its brilliance. Mansur was such a master, that on the path of God.

He split each thread from the fabric of his soul. What did Mansur proclaim? We are the lovers of love, and Moslems are different. We are weak as an ant, and Solomon is different. Ask us for an ashen face and torn guts. The bazaar of linen sellers is different. In the path of union, the wise man and the mad man are one. In the way of love, close friends and strangers are one. That one who has tasted the wine of union with the supreme soul. In his faith, the Kaaba and an idol temple are one. I have lost myself in God, and now God is mine. Don't look for Him in every direction, for He is in my soul.

I am the Sultan. I would be lying. If I said that there is someone who is my sultan. Alas, don't say those treading the path are not the chosen ones. That the followers of Christ, or the faithless are not the chosen ones. Because you are not chosen to be the keeper of secrets. You think that other are not the chosen ones.

This is you, making me drunk in a monastery. Turning me into an idol worshiper while I am seated at Kaaba. I have no control in this game of good and bad. I worship the moon. Tell me of the soft glow of a candle light and the sweetness of my moon. Last night I lost my grip on reality and welcomed insanity. Love saw me and said, I showed up.

Wipe you tears and be silent. Love said to me, there is nothing that is not me. I will whisper secrets in your ear just nod yes and be silent. A soul moon appeared in the path of my heart. I said, O Love what kind of moon is this? Love said to me, this is not for you to question.

I said, O Love what kind of face is this, angelic, or human? Love said to me, this is beyond anything that you know. I said, please reveal this to me I am dying in anticipation. Love said to me, that is where I want you: Always on the edge, be silent. You dwell in this hall of images and illusions, leave this house now and be silent.

See a Problem?

I said, O Love, tell me this: Does the lord know you are treating me this way? The lover is ever drunk with love. She is free, he is mad, She sings with delight As he dances in ecstasy. Oh soul, you worry too much. You say, I make you feel dizzy. Of a little headache then, why do you worry? You say, I am your moon-faced beauty. Of the cycles of the moon and passing of the years, why do you worry?

You say, I am your source of passion, I excite you. Of playing into the Devils hand, why do you worry? Look at yourself, what you have become. You are now a field of sugar canes, why show that sour face to me?

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You say that I keep you warm inside. Then why this cold sigh? You have gone to the roof of heavens. Of this world of dust, why do you worry? Your arms are heavy with treasures of all kinds. You are Joseph, beautiful, strong, steadfast in your belief, all of Egypt has become drunk because of you. Of those who are blind to your beauty, and deaf to your songs, why do you worry? You have seen your own strength.

You have seen your own beauty. You have seen your golden wings. Of anything less, why do you worry? You are in truth the soul, of the soul, of the soul. You are the security, the shelter of the spirit of Lovers. Oh the sultan of sultans, of any other king, why do you worry? Be silent, like a fish, and go into that pleasant sea. Why do you worry? Lover me, cave me, the sweet burn of Love me. Lover you, cave you, Shams protect me. Noah you, soul you, conqueror and the conquered you the awakened heart you. Why hold me at that gate of your secret? Light you, celebration you, the victorious land you the bird of Mount Sinai you.

You carry me on your tired beak. Drop you, ocean you, compassion and rage you, sugar you, poison you. The orb of the Sun you, the house of Venus you, the sliver of hope you. Open up the way for me. Day you, night you, fasting and the crumbs of a beggar you, water and a pitcher you. Quench my thirst, Beloved. Bait you, trap you, wine you, cup you, baked and raw you. Oh, all these words of mine. At times I plunge to the bottom of the sea, at times, rise up like the Sun.

At times, the universe is pregnant by me, at times I give birth to it. I am the one shouting hey ha. I say, when you reveal your true nature, then I will act my age. Last night, I saw Goodness getting drunk. He growled and said, I am a nuisance, a nuisance. A hundred souls cried out, but we are yours, we are yours, we are yours.

I said Love, who are you? He said, I am you, I am you, I am you. My face free of sorrow, my mouth full of wine, my clothes torn off my body. I tear away the layers. I melt the shame. I reveal the unrevealed. He moves too fast. One breath, he is outside the window. Next breath, he is inside my shirt. There is new life in me. The seven heavens cannot contain him, but he is here, moving up my shirt.

Pop, one button here.