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First, I find that H1 is strongly supported. For every search term except 1, dork underperforms its overall usage check the spreadsheet if you want to verify, or the graphic below. Why is there such a huge disparity in the dork figures? Why are there so few Star Wars geeks?

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For example, I might ask some older nerds at pub trivia tomorrow. Third, math is geeky, but physics is nerdy. I think this attacks some of the gender-based explanations.

As far as I know, math and physics are both coded as pretty masculine still any gender and science experts out there want to weigh in? This rules out some alternative explanations, but does not directly speak to my hypotheses. Fourth, biology is geeky, bio is nerdy. So, along with various scientific and leisure activities, I also ran some abbreviations as a robustness check.

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I interpret this linguistic overlap as strong evidence for hypothesis 2 — geek and nerd are more overlapping than distinct. See if you can find a pattern! Last, let me present an incredible graphic portrayal of what you might call Dork-Nerd-Geek Space. Size of the circle represents the log of the total number of hits for a given term i.

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Location of the circle is determined by the relative frequency of dork, nerd or geek. I thank information designer Evan Hensleigh profusely for making this absurdly awesome graphic. Check out his site and other work. Also, as you can see on the chart, many terms are in the middle. It represents the overall proportion of google hits. These activities are not inherently nerdy or geeky, they are just in between.

Note that the colors correspond to some rough categories — science, other academic, games, general, fiction, and music. While I doubt any single work could hope to resolve the epic nerd vs. First, I have shown that the dork truly stands alone. Except for Star Wars. Second, I have shown that most nerdy activities are also geeky and vice versa, and when one concept dominates there is no obvious pattern behind it — e.

Third, I have offered a small bit of evidence for the hypothesis that phonetics matter, that some phrases just sound better than others. This hypothesis needs more research to be fully substantiated. If correct, however, this phonetic favoring could explain the pathway by which the fuzziness between geek and nerd was produced and is maintained.

I want to offer one large caveat. These results cannot fully substantiate the hypothesis that geek and nerd have become indistinct. This claim would require deeper textual analysis or ethnographic fieldwork to check.

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I am relatively confident that such a detailed analysis would reveal few if any substantial and enduring differences in the categories, but cannot be certain from the data presented here. Indeed, the perennial debate over the boundaries of the categories nerd and geek itself suggests the fuzziness which I have sought to establish here. Much like every other quant project. Also, I just had a phrase pop into my head that made me think of you: Most people I know use theater geek. On a slightly related note…. Lots of video game references to some real classics. Halfway through the movie, Dennis asked me if we could buy it when it comes out on BluRay!

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I saw Scott Pilgrim this past weekend. It was pretty fantastic. I think that it mainly depends on your self-awareness. As in many things in life, the failing of some expectation will result in your disappointment. You get the point. Alright so back to the matter at hand.

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So…you get a small lame comment about how I tried and failed to remember a rap song of old. Okay back to it, really now.

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  8. Some computer programmers but by no means all of them generally tend to be of the sort of people that want to delve deeper into understanding issues than others would. They want to truly understand how something works rather than just settling for using the end product. In the case of computer programming, while everyone else is content with looking at websites, using applications, and generally enjoying the products of the computer programming, the programmers themselves are working to create those products.

    Some of them might not be like that, but those are the kind that will end up not being very good at what they do. Those are the ones that do not have Professional Integrity. In a general sense, nerds can be from all different backgrounds. But I think that they can generally be described as someone who is willing to study and do the work in order to learn the stuff. No, I take that back. They cannot be categorized as a nerd. Really, how much worse can you get? I think that most people would rather be dumb and hard-working than smart and lazy.

    Nerds can often be found in libraries, hunched over books, or wondering aloud about their surroundings. The stereotype of the nerd is a skinny guy with glasses and a pocket protector.

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    But something that I learned in college is that the surfer dude can be just as much of a nerd as the stereotype. He just hides it better. Someone that works hard but who still is not as successful is just that, a hard worker. Of course, a hard worker is still better than a smart lazy person. So I mentioned before when talking about nerds that there are computer programmers who will end up not being very good at programming. Unlike the more kindly description that I have above about nerdy computer programmers, these geek programmers fall into another category. And yeah, that category is lower.

    In their work they will do things that they have no idea the meaning of. Unfortunately, they will sometimes correctly stab in the dark and get something right. That will only reinforce their thinking that their way is working.