In the Flesh

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Luke Newberry as Kieren Walker. David Walmsley as Rick Macy. Emily Bevan as Amy Dyer. Harriet Cains as Jemima Walker. Steve Evets as Bill Macy. Kenneth Cranham as Vicar Oddie.

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Ricky Tomlinson as Ken Burton. Stephen Thompson as Philip Wilson. Episode 1 Episode 2 Episode 3. June 7, Full Review….

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June 6, Rating: The radical pro-living party, Victus, is whipping up hatred and the Undead Liberation Army is retaliating violently. And when Vicar Oddie violently clashes with her, it seems Kieren's instincts are right. When Amy and Simon reveal the prejudice still bubbling under the surface in Roarton, Kieren knows he needs to leave the village immediately.

Kieren's dreams of escape are left in tatters when Maxine imposes an Undead travel ban on Roarton, also introducing stringent measures for PDS Sufferers to pay back their debt to society.

However, being thrust together with Simon on Maxine's 'Give Back' scheme has its benefits. The two have a connection, and Kieren agrees to go to Simon's Undead party that night, where Simon makes a surprising declaration. Jem is troubled at school. A year-old amongst year-olds, she feels completely alienated, until she's revealed to be an ex-HVF war hero.

Jem's reputation soars and she is befriended by the popular girls.

However, when a PDS prank goes wrong, resulting in a terrifying rabid in the corridors, Jem is humiliated in front of her classmates. She gravitates to Gary, finding solace in a world she understands - hunting rabids in the woods. But it's here that disaster strikes. Freddie returned from the grave to find his childhood sweetheart Haley shacked up in their marital home with her new boyfriend Amir. After a positive start, the Sunday lunch descends into chaos. A tipsy and trouble-making Jem and Gary descend on the meal, provoking Kieren into a confession which sends shockwaves around the family - and astounds Simon.

Seeing Philip as a thorn in her side, Maxine orchestrates his downfall and is delighted when his Undead perversion is publicly revealed. Kieren is wrongly accused of freeing rabids held at the hospital and is placed under house arrest with a view to returning him to the Treatment Centre in Norfolk unless he confesses; he is being scapegoated.

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With no support from the family he seeks out Simon, but Amy tells him that Simon has gone to the city. Amy continues to date Philip, secretly fearing she may becoming resistant to the drugs that keep her from descending into her rabid state; however, when she begins to feel the rain on her skin, she realises that she is actually coming back to life instead. In the city Simon has received orders from the Undead Prophet to slay Kieren, in the belief that his demise will trigger the second rising. Struggling to reconcile this with his feelings for Keiren, Simon remembers his time at Norfolk, where he was the first of the Risen to respond to medical treatment and stop being rabid.

However, he learned he had killed his mother while rabid, and his father's rejection of him drove him to join the ULA. Kieren awaits transfer to Norfolk but, with Simon returning to lead his followers in a Second Rising, Gary tries to force Kieren to help find him. At the village fete Amy is transforming into a human, and militant PDS sufferers have a stand-off in the graveyard against Jem and her rabid hunters. Gary forcibly drugs Kieren, turning him rabid and setting him loose, hoping to have Jem shoot him.

Kieren fights the drugs to resist hurting anyone, and Simon ultimately rejects his ULA orders and saves Kieren from being shot.

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However, Maxine, who had believed Amy to be the real First Risen, murders her shortly after Amy becomes fully human again; Maxine desperately hopes that a Second Rising will revive her late brother. When this fails to trigger another Rising, Maxine has a public breakdown, discrediting herself.

Amy is reburied, but that night her body is dug up.

In The Flesh

Julian 2 episodes, Jordan Jessup Dad in Hotel 2 episodes, Susan Twist Bennett 2 episodes, Steven Robertson John Weston 2 episodes, Darren Morfitt Victor Halperin 2 episodes, Rory Gallagher Keith 2 episodes, Emma Edmondson Cherie 2 episodes, Rachel Levine Karen 2 episodes, Cajun Sanderson Hilary 2 episodes, Tasha Connor Charlotte Reigns 2 episodes, Jack North Rob 2 episodes, Francis Magee Edit Storyline Four years after the Rising, the government starts to rehabilitate the Undead for reentry into society, including teenager Kieren Walker, who returns to his small Lancashire village to face a hostile reception, as well as his own demons.

A new life for the dead. Edit Did You Know? Goofs It's mentioned that when the PDS Sufferers were in their untreated state, brain eating was how they got their energy. It's never stated how they got their energy in their treated state, as the drug that keeps them in line only exists to help them function and doesn't actually give them energy. They can't eat or drink anything and are seen using sheep brains as a drug, but that exists only as a high.

Connections Featured in The Wright Stuff: Frequently Asked Questions Q: Was this review helpful to you? Yes No Report this. Audible Download Audio Books. Kieren Walker 9 episodes, Jem Walker 9 episodes, Sue Walker 9 episodes, Steve Walker 9 episodes, Amy Dyer 9 episodes, Gary Kendal 9 episodes, Philip Wilson 9 episodes, Duncan Lancaster 8 episodes, Shirley Wilson 7 episodes, Pearl Pinder 7 episodes, Maxine Martin 6 episodes, Simon Monroe 6 episodes, Sandra Furness 6 episodes, Connie Furness 6 episodes, Zoe 5 episodes, Brian 5 episodes, Ken Burton 4 episodes, Vicar Oddie 4 episodes, Loyal Parishioner 4 episodes, Tom Russo 4 episodes, Rose 4 episodes, Henry Lonsdale 4 episodes, Brenda 4 episodes, Frankie Kirby 4 episodes, Clive Furness 4 episodes, Janet Macy 3 episodes, Bill Macy 3 episodes,