The Immortal Lost

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Now here's the turn by turn strategy: All immortals double cast Divide. Immortal One will sneeze your GC bar. Hopefully all your immortals double cast Divide before Immortal One's turn.

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This should deal roughly damage to him, and he should only be countering with All-Curse at this point. All immortals double cast Divide again. Have your mortal heal any immortal who may have died or was damage by using items this is when Sed can come in handy with his double item. After a couple double casts of Divide, Immortal One will start countering pretty hard with Shadowus, thus reducing your overall Divide effectiveness.

Now if you get lucky, either this round or next, he will cast Cube on you. This brings all your characters to critical health something like hp , and your Critical Defense should kick in, making them invincible for rounds. This is the moment you've been waiting for; I think you know what is coming up.. All immortals double cast Reversa. You're invincible, so his counters can't touch you! If that's the case.. He should die within these two rounds.. If he's still alive, double cast Reversa and pray. If you can't beat him here, you probably should have been higher than level 40 to attempt this battle to begin with: If Immortal One Cubes you on the 2nd turn, consider yourself lucky, as you have the chance to beat him in 5 turns, though that 5th turn will be a nail-biter if you don't want to manually activate Complete Defense!

If he Cubes you on the 3rd turn, cancel your double Divides and start blasting away with double Reversa. If Immortal One doesn't Cube you, keep double casting Divide if your health is relatively high or you can switch to double Gambles and hope he will Shadowus counter you into critical health.

Treasure Trove Achievement Guide possible spoilers with the locations. Preview — The Immortal Lost by H.

Lost Odyssey: ~Ex Boss~ Immortal One

The Immortal Lost by H. The Immortal Lost 3. Dylan Black grew up as an outcast.

She had few people she considered friends, and even fewer she could hope to trust. Coping with her extraordinary abilities at an early age, she learned to hide what others found extremely bizarre, until the day came that she discovered who and what she really was. It was the day the Immortals walked into her life, giving her the answers s Dylan Black grew up as an outcast.

It was the day the Immortals walked into her life, giving her the answers she had longed for. Or so she thought. Thrown into an unfamiliar world and hunted by those who desire to use her for her gifts, she has no choice but to trust in one man, a Guardian assigned to protect her, and to keep her safe from the darkness that would surely enslave or destroy her. Alessar Belmonte had no idea that protecting a young, inexperienced Immortal like Dylan Black could be so difficult for a skilled guardian like himself.

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Little did he know that her talented gifts would be desired by every Dark Immortal looking to gain control and power. His desire to protect her from the darkness overwhelms him, but no more so than the desire to have her for himself. Paperback , pages. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

To ask other readers questions about The Immortal Lost , please sign up. Lists with This Book. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Jul 21, Drew Wohlford rated it it was amazing. Sarah actually read this book and this is her thoughts on it. In this essay I will be telling you about this amazing book I had the pleasure to read. Its called The Immortal Lost: In this essay I will tell you about how this book grasped me.

The Immortal Lost by H.R. Phillips

I loved how it left you wanting more. More is what I will get, because this is just a first of a series of books. I can hardly wait for the rest of them to c Sarah actually read this book and this is her thoughts on it. I can hardly wait for the rest of them to come out.

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Like I was reading about how Dylan was seeing how she was going to die then she passed out then it went straight to Alessar. This book left me breathless, no joke.

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When I was reading about when Dylan was a child and the man in black was chasing her I started becoming breathless. I also started crying like she was it made me feel like I was in her place. Like I was her! R Phillips has an amazing sense of detail to put you in that place of that character.

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I can not imagine having very few friends you can trust, but through Dylan Black I found out how I might too handle it. Over all I really enjoyed this book and the lessons that I learned from it. I can not wait for the next book to come out so I can see what happens.