Weekly Strategies for Writers: Tips on Writing, Editing, Publishing, Marketing & more

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For example, if you are running a promo for 99 cents in general nonfiction, you could potentially sell, on average, 2, copies of your book. Not only will you make a profit, but this could bring in hundreds of subscribers and leads to your email list. From there you can upsell readers on your other books or even a course if you have one. A local radio or podcast interview can introduce you to new readers.

While this may sound intimidating, you can pull this off like a pro with a little preparation. Look to local colleges, podcast hosts, or local radio stations for interview opportunities Pro Tip: Hosts love to interview up-and-coming authors, so you may be surprised at the many offers that come your way when you reach out. If you have a press release describing what your book is about, feel free to include that as well to give them more context.

Then be sure that when you go on, you present a great story about your book and get their listeners excited to read it! Local book clubs are another goldmine of new readers; you already know they like books! Find and connect with these groups. You can offer to attend a meet-and-greet and hand out copies of your free signed book.

You can also get your book listed in Facebook Groups and other groups dedicated to readers. There are also paid lists, such as Buck Books , that can reach tens to hundreds of thousands of readers. Publishing another book is great for brand building. Your book may be great, but you can compound that greatness by writing more books, preferably in a series. With every new book you put out there, you increase the chances of your work getting recognized by influencers and people online who are hanging out in all the places you can target for promotion and sharing.

Launching your book is only the beginning. Marketing is about delivering a product [your book] to the right people [your audience] who need desperately what you have to offer [your solution]. No matter which marketing tactics sound best for you, remember that choosing a few key strategies and executing on them regularly is crucial to increasing book sales. At Self-Publishing School, we help people write, market and publish their first bestselling book.

And perfect timing too. Chandler, your blogs are incredible. And now I have a whole new set of tools for my book marketing plan. It sounds like you your humor and tone. You should post it too as an example of how to draw people to your blog and build your audience…hmmmm? Keep up the good work! This is outstanding information. Thank you for posting it! I need to keep this close as a reference. How to Launch a Bestseller: Thanks for all the great information! Does your program provide guidance and tips on continuing marketing efforts AFTER you have launched a book?

Get your free video training course now: Facebook Groups will be the most effective way to dole out weekly team assignments. Here are some book marketing initiatives you can assign your team to do: Share snippets of content from your book across social media Submit reviews on Amazon Add their reviews to Goodreads Share a book review on their YouTube channel Record a testimonial for your book Buy extra copies to give to their friends Give you more marketing ideas! Set up an affiliate link to your Amazon page so you get commissions on book sales Include sample chapters from your book Link to video clips about the book on your website Communicate directly with your email subscribers about new releases or your current blog post.

To setup your website and personal blog on a paid server, you can try Bluehost or Godaddy and use WordPress for building your site. Then get building and start to funnel your fans into your books today.

Marketing Basics for Writers

Identify at least one influencer in your market and reach out to that person. Tell them who you are and what you do. Get on their podcast or get interviewed. Exposure to fans in your niche will have a big influence on book sales. Choose two social media platforms and commit to publishing content regularly. Lists with This Book. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. May 12, Leah Macvie rated it it was amazing. I purchased a few books this year on publishing. It has some amazing tips for writing, publishing and marketing. It's not just a book, it's more like a manual- something you'll want to look at over and over.

A useful guide for authors. Linda Lavid steps you through the publishing process from writing and publishing, to the diverse ways of marketing. Mar 31, Jamie rated it it was amazing Shelves: A lot of good tips and advice for newbies to self publishing such as myself and I suspect even to more seasoned writers as well. Michael rated it liked it Jun 17, Darcy Stewart marked it as to-read Aug 07, You can use your writing skills to add comments on the other sites, join forums and write guest posts. People will come to recognize your work and wonder what you are about.


5 Marketing Strategies for Writers Who Hate Promoting Their Own Work

Dropping subtle hints and offering small pieces of delights is a way of leading people to your work too. I think I would offer more if them if I could turn a phrase like you do. Thanks for the great advice, Hugh. For me, self-promoting is an agony. What has made it worse is that when I give it a timid try, nothing happens and I become discouraged to try more. And I do mean nothing. This three ton dead elephant blocking my path will be moved thanks to you and others who have led the way by showing it can be done.

Keep up the good work, guy.

I know exactly what you mean. You finally get the courage to try something and when you do nothing happens, so you figure, why even bother. I also know what you mean about family members. I never understood that. The only thing I can think of is a book is an accomplishment, and some people are hesitant to celebrate any accomplishments but their own.

56 Best Writing Websites of 2018

Thank you so much for reading, the comment and the encouragement. It means more than you know. All the best to you my friend. I realised recently that friends and family are probably not where I should be looking for my audience.

Writing Tips from the Writer's Digest Annual Conference

It has freed me up no end. I have ceased looking for their approval and started seeking my true readers instead.

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If my family or friends pick up on my work on the way then great. But I no longer look to them to validate my writing. I have had the same reaction from those I know when talking about my writing. But looking at it from their perspective, they are being put in a position of having to look at the work of someone who they know — and of then having to give an opinion.

It is a very awkward position to be in. Once I understood that, I focused on the general public, and not friends and family who are potentially being put in a no-win situation. I remember feeling not as alone and more understood after reading her book. In many ways, the computer screen helps me hide behind the screen, but not in marketing. You hit on one major fact of my upbringing…and that is that I was raised not to draw attention to myself.

So how can we make self-promotion easier?

Thanks so much for an article packed with tremendous tips. I felt the same way about Ms. The feeling of not being quite as misunderstood was amazing. I really hope your marketing efforts will bear fruit going forward. Thank you so so much for your great comment. Bloggers often collaborate to promote other writers they respect.

We use tools like Twitterfeed to automate the process so that new content by bloggers we trust is automatically tweeted when it goes live. Besides feeding content, we use sites like JustRetweet and ViralContentBuzz to promote specific pieces of content. When using social media remember that identifying and becoming active in groups can yield far more readers than simply sharing to your own timelines.

Hello Gail, Great advice! Thanks again Gail, all the best. Get 50 new FB author page likes a day? What are your suggestions? Elyse, I wish I knew how to get 50 FB likes in one day without paying for them. Thanks for the comment!

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You can easily boost your Facebook likes by joining any Facebook event offered usually on a weekly basis that allow you to exchange likes with other authors. I know what you mean Terry, talk about nervous. Glad you liked the Usain Bolt line. I would love a few writers group name on facebook so that I can add them. I will follow that advice and connect with those groups more. I very recently broke free of those chains, however, and am making aggressive efforts to expand literary horizons to bigger and better things. Thanks for the encouragement, Dee Dee. But tell me something: Do you have any recommendations as to the single-most effective online marketing tool for freelance writers?

My problem is that time is so limited due to multiple obligations that I cannot properly research the best marketing strategies. Thanks in advance and sorry for the tardiness of this reply. The minute I say I use the programs, they explode with hostility and drive me away. The funny thing is even the main-stream comic books are using more digital than traditional media these days. Even kids have enjoyed my books. One fan review put my comic books on the same level as Batman, Thor and Street Fighter.

High praise from a reader and others have agreed with the review, but how do I find more of that market? I even wrote about it here on TWL.

Character Worksheets

If you have a website throw the up there and put the positive reviews front and center for the world to see. I dig a bit of searching and found these 2 articles:. I would reach out to the women in the first article, get some advice, see what they have to say. I would also try to get in touch with the writer for the second, maybe you can be featured on that site. Forgive me if you are already doing these things. Get at me on Twitter hughosmith and I would be happy to RT your work. Best of luck Jennifer, I hope this helped in some way. Thank you for the ideas. I will check out the articles.