Women in the Club: Gender and Policy Making in the Senate

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Political Science and Politics 34 2 , , Women and Elective Office: Past, Present, and Future 2 , Legislative Studies Quarterly 32 4 , , Articles 1—20 Show more. The difference women make: Are women more likely to vote for women's issue bills than their male colleagues?


The shortage of Republican women in Congress could doom the party

Connecting descriptive and substantive representation: An analysis of sex differences in cosponsorship activity ML Swers Legislative Studies Quarterly 30 3 , , Understanding the policy impact of electing women: Evidence from research on congress and state legislatures M Swers PS: Women in the club: Research on Women in Legislatures: Building a reputation on national security: The impact of stereotypes related to gender and military experience M Swers Legislative Studies Quarterly 32 4 , , An endogenous approach to women's interests: The Difference Women Make: University of Chicago Press , Which women can run?

The report shows that a concerted effort by Government to increase female representation on government boards is translating into meaningful results Encouragingly, the report also showed the number of women holding Chair and Deputy Chair positions has risen to 32 per cent. Correcting the imbalance will require concerted efforts by all portfolio Ministers, including myself.

I am very confident that with pro-active efforts by all Ministers, we can achieve this target. The Government is taking a whole of government approach to increasing the number of women on boards. This new website will mean candidates interested in applying for a Government board position can now create and update their individual profiles, enabling decision makers to access the most up-to-date information and find the best candidate for the position We want to make it as straightforward as possible to find suitably qualified women so we can continue to increase female representation on Government boards.

Government Senators' additional comments – Parliament of Australia

I had the opportunity to make one appointment and I did [appoint a woman]. The issue that I have had is that the majority of boards in my portfolio are nominated by external bodies, whether they are employer organisations or unions. I have no discretion. I ultimately have to accept their appointment.

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The pay gap under the leadership of Martin Parkinson is not imagined. There is a pay gap for comparable positions across my department. Instead, they are driven by the reality that the Australian Public Service APS does not have a single employment agreement.

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There are many enterprise agreements across the APS, with different conditions and rates of pay. In June , the Prime Minister recognised this issue and announced:. This year, the government, in partnership with Master Builders, launched 'Women in Construction' to encourage women's participation in the building and construction industry.

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We know that at the moment just 11 percent of employees in building and construction are women and in terms of the exit rate from the industry, the rate of women exiting is 40 percent higher than men. That is why industry-led partnerships, like the Advancing Women in Building and Construction are just so important. In particular, though, as the Prime Minister has said, we need to see cultural change.

The pilot programme will encourage more women to enter into and lead successful careers in the overwhelmingly male-dominated sector.

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Greater gender equality across industries will also help address the gender pay gap, which will remain entrenched so long as certain sectors continue to be dominated by either men or women. The mentoring programme will match female senior industry leaders with female industry newcomers to support them in their pursuit of long-term and rewarding careers in building and construction.

In February , the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade released the Gender equality and women's empowerment strategy which outlines the government's efforts on gender equality.

The GAP builds on the Coalition Government's efforts to support initiatives that promote women's economic empowerment, women's participation in leadership and peacebuilding, and drive progress in ending gender based violence. Previous Page Contents Next Page. Government Senators' additional comments Introduction 1.

Only one in four IT graduates and fewer than one in 10 engineering graduates are women. A core component of this project is to deliver: A game-changing program that aims to improve the gender balance in Australian science Secretaries Equality and Diversity Council 1.