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BONE ASH - Manufacture.

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Definition of 'bone ash'

The free lime reacts with the stone type of feldspar mineral to produce Anorthite Ca feldspar crystal , whilst the phosphate produces a complex glass and leaving a high level of residual crystal Beta tri-calcium phosphate Ca3 PO4 2. Bone ash substitutes Bone ash and calcium phosphate are both used almost interchangeably in the market although bone ash is a relatively crude product and calcium phosphate relatively pure.

by Susan Mussi

The properties of Ca3 PO4 2 and bone ash are however quite different. Bone ash retains its cellular structure even after calcination. Direct substitution of one grade for another is not always easy.

Bone ash - definition of bone ash by The Free Dictionary

For example the replacement of real bone ash by the synthetic bone 1 creates several problems. These include colour, chemistry reformulation and processing issues. Tricalcium phosphate-chemical route Tri calcium phosphate Ca3 PO4 2 can be produced by a costly chemical route by reaction of phosphoric acid with lime solution.

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