Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Ultimate Guide (Plus Multiplayer Tips From the Pros)

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Survive waves of the zombie horde, unlocking areas of the map as and when the points are available, as the fight gets progressively tougher and tougher. This time around, though, it's fair to say that the levels feel a little more maze-like and expansive, so make sure to be aware of the surroundings at all times to stop from getting stuck in a bottleneck. As always, using points effectively is extremely important in Zombies. Although in early waves things like shotguns and pistols are all well and good, it's important to aim to get weapons that have a faster fire rate and most importantly a faster reload rate as the game progresses.

It's also very important to improve the power of weapons as the game goes on. This does come at a considerable cost of 2, points per use, but it's an undeniable way to get that firepower up.

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Staying static for too long in Zombies this time around is a recipe for disaster, as there is always the very real threat of being overrun by the horde. Whereas previous games could work with players cementing a position with a strong defensive line, at least for early portions of the game it's recommended to keep moving. Keeping space from zombies is important for reasons other than this, too. Should one member of the team fall, they'll have to be revived, and with a slightly longer revive time in Black Ops 4 it's more vital than ever to have enough room to revive a teammate without having chunks taken out by an unseen zombie.

This is particularly true when it comes to those special zombies that attack, so always keep an eye out. In Black Ops 4 's Zombies mode, players are able to use class customization for the first time. This isn't just there for show, either, as a good grasp of what perks are available and how to use them can make the difference between success and failure.

What's more, the perks that can be chosen can actually work well for a variety of different play styles. Meanwhile, the frost explosion created by Winter's Wail and the increased ammunition of Bandolier Bandit work well for those whose last stand may come from a more secure position.

What's New In Zombies Mode?

In essence, it comes down to how an individual best plays the game, and it's good to have a variety of perks in the team to make the most of these options. As always, teamwork is the key to having an easier run of things in Zombies. Although it's possible to play the game solo, this is always a challenge, and to help with this there are now bots to play with.

Even so, it's best to play with other human players, and as such taking on the game as a team of four is recommended. It's not just a matter of getting other human beings involved in the zombie slaughter, however. Working together cooperatively is key; don't stray too far from one another, watch out for any fallen that need reviving, and potentially coordinate the perks used to make sure that everyone has bases covered for any eventuality.

That way, the team should be set for what the game throws at them. Secondary — Pistol for when you run out of bullets, or a launcher for taking out enemy planes. Personally, I switch my secondary with the first decent stolen weapon I can find.

Ghost — you need to be invisible so that you can get close to the enemy. Shotguns are super powerful at close-range, but practically useless at medium and long ranges. Just shoot from the hip. Hacker will allow you to see where people are hiding often marked with claymores.

Class Setups / Loadouts

Get in close…and fire from the hip. Also works great as a defensive class for Domination or other game modes. Update Aug 19th, — This class set-up seemed to loose its 1-shot and yer dead ability for me a few weeks after writing this original article. Feel free to leave your comments near the bottom of this page.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Special Editions and Season Pass Announced

This is my current favorite set-up. The bonus is that I use duel wield… this is a very fun and fast set-up — give it a try and let me know what you think. Perk 1 — Lightweight. Fun and you can out-run damn near anyone in combination with the scorpions or other mobile SMG. Alternative tier-1 perk choice for me is Ghost Pro for being sneaky when taking spots in Domination. I might try using Flak Jacket just to work on the pro challenges for that perk at some point.

Perk 2 — Steady Aim. Spy Planes last 40 seconds, are visible for 25 seconds and always fly clock-wise.

Pro tips for owning at Call of Duty Multiplayer - Pocket-lint

Counter-spy planes also last and are visible for the same amount of time but fly counter clock-wise. If an enemy has a counter-spy plane up — it would be useless to call in your spy plane. Also, if an enemy just got a SAM Turret reward…your plane might be shot down just as fast as it got put up.

Sometimes it is best to wait until after you die and respawn to call in your spy plane or other killstreak rewards — you will have the time to decide if the timing is right or not. Rolling Thunder aka Carpet Bombing is a great killstreak reward as it cannot be shot down, and can kill players inside of buildings unlike napalm, attack helicopters, etc. Concussion is thrown quicker, has a smaller explosive radius, and stuns enemies movement. For the average or beginner player: I would go with the quicker to throw and easier to use Concussion. Experienced players will find each has its own benefits and when to use which.

They are all good.