Collaborative Form: Studies in the Relations of the Arts

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Small wonder that The Passion of Emily Dickinson's jacket boasts blurbs ofpraise from four members ofthe male critical establishment. Farr's book is clearly written and consistently interesting; it would make a worthwhile addition to any college or university library. It lacks the force of other contemporary interpretations of Dickinson, however, and does little to necessitate or promote a major rereading of Dickinson's poetry.

Conference! The Collaborative Turn in Art: The Research Process in Artistic Practice

Studies in the Relations ofthe Arts. Kent State University Press, In Collaborative Form, Hines develops, through close readings of a number of specific examples of collaborative artworks, a set of rules that define successful examples of collaborative art. Theoretically, Hines' readings place him between two radically different understandings of the idea of total art, the Gesamtkunstwerk. As he points out in his introduction, Das Gesamtkunstwerk is generally a term associated with Richard Wagner and suggests the "Romantic ideal of all-encompassing synthesis" 2 of the arts that was to take place when music and poetry were combined in Wagnerian productions.

As Friedrich Schelling put it in his "Concerning the Relation of the Plastic Arts and Nature," this single, new, combinative artwork became through synthesis "the most powerful purveyor of the 'vision and expression of the indwelling spirit of nature'" 1.

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The Romantic assumption here is that "such Gesamt works would be 'greater,' more 'resonant,' more 'powerful ,' and more spiritually expressive than any single art" Hines finds Book Reviews85 this additive understanding of collaboration to be essentially flawed more arts do not mean better art , but he does seem to base his analytical approach to collaborative form on an ideal of unity and complementarity that allies him with the philosophical valuing of unity, harmony, and transcendence implicit in Schelling's vision of "indwelling spirit.

The first task of this book is to analyze and interpret a set of such combinations. Each chapter treats one collaborative work and attempts to show that the principles of collaboration are the same, whether the components are poetry and graphic works as in Lettera Amorosa by Rene Char and George Braque, poetry and music as in Herzgewachse by Maurice Maeterlinck and Arnold Schoenberg, or more complex sets that include painting, music, dance, lighting, and drama as in Der gelbe Klang by Wassily Kandinsky, Morder, Hoffnung der frauen by Oskar Kokoschka, and Triad by Alwin Nikolais.

Hines breaks down disciplinary barriers and then emphasizes the effects of the interactions between the arts. The first step, in methodology, is that of refusing to make a priori commitments to the critical methodologies of the arts involved. Each art is treated from its own perspective, and each interpretation attends to interactions of the arts rather than to the contribution of any one art.

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Once the collaborative works are examined, the book shows that such works are similar to other art forms. Based on earlier experience, practice and intuition, they were ready to take on the demanding work with people whose trust was manipulated, mystified and idealised through decades of local history and finally betrayed after the democratic transformation of Poland.

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Since the Union left in , the building was run by a committee of inhabitants of the neighbourhood, who occupied it because they felt it was part of local identity. They were concerned about the forthcoming gentrification, which was starting at that time in the former working class neighbourhood.

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  • This sense of belonging of the local community had an important role in pushing the municipality of Paris to buy the venue, but also created at first some tension with the occupants as the city decided to convert it in a cultural venue run by an appointed director, that opened in They are funded by Arts Council England as one of its National Portfolio Organisations and receive local funding from Ipswich Borough Council and Suffolk County Council as well as other project funding from a variety of sources.

    New Wolsey Theatre is a mid-scale theatre with a mixed performance programme that combines in-house with touring productions. It has a diverse audience, a strong commitment to access and reaching parts of the community not normally engaged in the arts. This is complemented by a strong business model based on a policy of maximising earned income, especially through ticket sales, and innovative funding.

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    Ipswich is a town with Despite being used to the instability of an independent a theatre company, funding from the Ministry of Culture meant that they were able to carry out the 94 funded projects in a stable way, researching new narratives which would keep their path alive and dynamic. In , however, the devastating economic crisis that gripped and continues to affect Greece meant that the company had to revise its UrbanDig Project, i. They went from working in theatres, apartments and other spaces to adopting.

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