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He hijacks an old Constitution -class starship from a museum , along with an old Romulan cloaking device. However, he is captured by the Romulans, who eventually figure out that Spock is in their possession. McCoy almost succeeds in obtaining Spock and the Unificationists' release, but the Romulan governor knows that Spock is among the prisoners and refuses to deal.

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With this, McCoy leaves the bridge and Picard is able to resume command. Riker , Data and Geordi La Forge launch a rescue mission for Scott but are unsuccessful, and are captured as well. However, Scott breaks them out and they head off to save Spock.

Spock and the other Unificationists are put on trial and set be executed but not until they get to tell their stories to the Romulan people. Complications arise when a rival Romulan arrives to claim Spock as his prisoner, leading to a confrontation between him and the planet's governor.

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However, the Romulans soon realize this and begin to attack their ship. Just when things look completely hopeless,they are saved when the Enterprise arrives. A battle ensues, which the Enterprise nearly loses, but Admiral McCoy negotiates their safe release by informing the Romulan commander that an alien race, the Stugg, are moving their ships to the Romulan border looking for a confrontation.

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