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The religion of the world was very interesting. The ramifications are only hinted at in this book but what ideas were there were thought-provoking, and to me mind, fun. The only downsides for me were the somewhat uneven pacing and the romance. The book is over pages and there was a little too much filler for me taste. Mostly at the beginning. That said, the majority of the book kept me avidly flipping pages.

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Also I would find meself thinking of the characters when I put the book down and would be excited to pick it up again. So a minor grumble. The romance itself was overall fine and it certainly isn't all perfect rosy goodness all the time. But I found meself wanting them to get over the angst. Of course then I got a sex scene that just seemed out of place. I was glad when the deed was done. I very much enjoyed the voyage and certainly want to read the next book which I believe comes out in I couldn't find the e-book version on sale. But being as I read an e-book it's likely out there somewhere.

Check out me other reviews at https: Jul 30, Sejla rated it it was amazing Shelves: This was one of the most amazing and mind-blowing reading experiences I've ever made. My heart and mind are still caught within the pages of this epic book because I can't let this story and the characters go. I want them back and need the next book in this saga like my next breath!

I love the fantasy genre and the way it challenges my imagination. And let me tell you that this book was fantasy at it's best! The excellent writing and plotting was otherwordly! I'm in awe of E. Only a super talented mastermind could put such a story together. The world of Lunos with it's different islands, folks and gods was fascinating beyond words. I could literally see all these places and characters right before my eyes. I loved the magic and mystical creatures and the fact that the hero of this story was a woman!

I sincerely hope that this book is going to be made into a movie. If I had to tell you what to expect, I would tell you to expect the unexpected. A lot of things are not how they seem at first sight. There are a lot of lies and deception. Sometimes you won't be able to tell right from wrong and other times you won't be sure who the real friend or foe is. She succeded but killed four hundred innocents in the process.

In its fury, the god marked Selena with a terrible wound: The Moon Temple sends Selena on a quest to kill two powerful dark Bazira priests with the promise that it will close her terrible wound. The thought of killing without provocation troubles Selena but she can't suffer the cold any longer. But Sebastian is done with the bloodshed.

Now he must choose to either murder the woman who ended the war, or betray the dark forces who hired him. With another war looming on the horizon, Selena and Sebastian, along with a crew of mute sailors, demons and dragonmen, sail across Lunos where the oceans are full of scary magical creatures and dangerous pirates at every turn. Old secrets thought to be as dead as the dragons who broke the world will come to life, making Selena and her crew question everything they thought they knew I won't give you more information about the plot than the blurb reveals but be assured that this crew's journey is a long and scary one.

They will face danger beyond your imagination! Things will be revealed that will leave you with your jaw on the floor. I sure as hell was suprised! Selena was a heroine with the purest heart. She wasn't only physically strong but mentally too. She is carrying the wound for 10 years, making her feel alone despite having her loyal dragonman Ilior by her side. Selena is compassionate, caring and so brave! I loved and admired her for her strength and kindness. Sebastian was a very complex character. He is an ice-cold assassin, a skillful killer without remorse There is so much more to him though than meets the eye.

There is goodness inside him that is very well hidden behind his reserved persona. Give him a chance and you will descover that this young man is more worth than only your sympathy! I can say without a doubt that The Dark of the Moon is going straight on the very top of my favorite books shelf as a new favorite of mine!

Jul 30, Selma rated it it was amazing Shelves: Fantasy novels have been my guilty pleasure since I was a teenager and I'm still a huge fan of this genre. I love how these books allow me to escape reality and immerse myself in the unique world the author has created. It's amazing how E.

Bell's captivating writing has created a picturesque setting for this epic saga. I could see it in front of my eyes: Put magic into the mix and a tragic, forbidden love story and I'm immediately sold. This fantastic book is going to consume your every waking thought until you've reached the last page, trust me. Bell will take you on an unforgettable journey full of dangers and trials you soon won't forget.

She is a fierce warrior blessed with the most potent magic among her kind. They all died but so too did innocent people. Selena is ever since wearing her god's curse on her chest - a crescent-shaped hole that breathes its icy breath. Now her temple sends Selena on a quest to kill two powerful Bazira priests assuring her that this will close her wound. Killing without provocation is against her morals but Selena can suffer the cold no more Ballads are composed about his depravity and sang on the streets and in taverns by children and adults alike.

Everybody is afraid of him. But Sebastian is done with it all. Now he must choose - murder the woman who ended the war or betray the dark forces who hired him Sebastian will find himself drawn to the kind-hearted, compassionate and brave warrior. With every minute spent by her side he will find it more and more difficult to stick to his plan.

Selena will soon realise that there is so much more to the handsome and standoffish captain of the Black Storm than meets the eye. He is not only bold and fearless but also protective when it comes to his beloved crew and ship. Sebastian thinks that his morals and heart died along his family during the war. He has no purpose in life whatsoever until he meets Selena and realises that this woman's love and trust could help him redeem himself and find absolution. I loved this very much since it allowed me to get into the head of the narrator.

Like in most fantasy stories there are lots of characters to get acquinted with. Some of them you're going to adore with all your heart and the others you're going to hate with the passion of a thousand suns. I was disgusted by Bacchus and sick of Skye. This was a breathtaking first installment in the Chronicles of Lunos saga with many smart twists and turns that will make your jaw drop in shock.

It's truly an inspiring and thought-provoking story about faith, love, forgiveness and redemption.

From cosmic serpents to demon warriors, these creatures have been blamed for celestial mayhem.

It's going to blow your mind, mark my words. Grab this amazing book and let this author's magic put you under her spell. Bell - I bow to your incredible talent! This gem goes straight to my favorites of shelf. Aug 07, Dylan Allen rated it it was amazing. I was so excited when I heard that one of my favorite authors was writing one of my favorite genres. The Dark of the Moon did not disappoint. I was transported to a different world, immersed in a story that was unexpected and rich. I'll write a full review when I'm able to do it justice. A torturous wound, an impossible mission, a forbidden love and a terrible betrayal.

It was unputdownable once I became involved in the magnetic characters and their incredible story. The Dark of the Moon is an actioned packed fantasy adventure involving Selena, a powerful paladin, who is sent on an impossible mission to assassinate two dark priests. He is sick of the bloodshed and takes on one last job — to assassinate Selena. Sebastian is smart-mouthed, handsome and dangerous. It only takes two acts of real f…g depravity to make a reputation. The secondary characters were just as intriguing, with Accora and Ilior being my favourites.

Accora will stop at nothing to exact her revenge. I want to see it happen. I need your sword. And you need me if your wound is to close. There is no trust, there is necessity. He was the rock she set her back to, unmovable and unyielding in his devotion as a mountain is unyielding to the elements. He was always there for her, beside her, dedicating his life to her instead of pursuing one of his own.

He was willing to die for her, never asking for anything for himself beyond her safety.

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The Dark of the Moon is beautifully written, refreshing and original, teaming with unforgettable, diverse characters woven in an intricate, spell-binding plot. Perfect for those who love fantasy, tales of friendship and adventure, and stories that grab you and suck you in until the very end Aug 06, Na rated it really liked it Shelves: I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.

Just to be honest. It was not easy for me to adjust but somehow, without realizing it, I was in midst of the story around half time, I felt almost part of the crew. By the end of the book I was so attached to each crew member that I felt lost, when I finished the last chapter.

Belle did a great job creating the world the I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book. Belle did a great job creating the world the story takes place in. She took her time and described all so well, that I could almost really see it. In addition to that, this book shows a very well plotted character development of all main characters. Because of the steady view change you are able to get to know the links among each other, get to know the past of each in a way that makes their action and decisions more transparent.

Further more it makes it possible for you to also see the story from different angles. Selena with her pure heart is easy to love and fall for. She is brave and strong and I really like the way she is dealing with the lies she uncovers during her journey to fulfill her task she took so blindly by trusting her faith. Sebastian is a little more complex and dark because of his past. He's still looking for his place in the world and it seems he found it but fate has other plans. I hope to hear a lot more of some other "side" characters in the next book, as they caught my interest right away and IMO they all have an interesting story to tell on their own.

The Dark Of The Moon contains a lot of lies and trickery. Sometimes you won't be able to tell what is right and what wrong. Suddenly you don't know anymore who is your friend and who your enemy. It's pretty twisted and even at the end you are not much wiser. This in combination with the slow but steady suspense-packed story line is what keeps your eyes glued to the pages. Once it caught me I could not stop and I was swallowed by it completely. Honestly I can't wait to lay hands on the second book as I am most curious how this will go on!

First I was not sure how to rate this book. So I'd go for 4. What do you do when an author you know for her emotional, romantic stories reveals she wrote a story under a penname in a totally different genre? You want to read it of course! Bell and introduces the reader to the world of Lunos and its inhabitants. The price is too high. As a Paladin Selena has devoted her life to the Two-Faced God, and she serves it by healing the people on the various islands.

A black crescent moon, stark on her pale skin. Not the black of a tattoo or bruise, the blackness of a shadow, a starless patch of night sky. Blackness that had depth. Throughout the story the reader learns more about the different islands and different inhabitants, but it never feels like the author is teaching a history lesson, it all comes naturally. I know the author normally writes romantic stories, but this book is very different. Besides reading romance books, I love watching tv-shows like Game of Thrones and movies like Lord of the Rings.

I get the same feeling from The Dark of the Moon ; a multi-layered story with characters who all have their own agenda, paranormal events and an outcome unknown. Well, I know what I want for Selena; getting her life back. If I survive, that pain…it will be there.

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This is the end. A truly promising tale of magic, love, understanding, and betrayal. And of course, a tale of second chances. Selena is an outcast. Celestine and the Temple treat her like the plague. Because she is a reminder of their God's wrath, it is a reminder that they were wrong.

People hate being forced to see the ugly truth of their actions. Where is my jaw? You have to know a thing about me. The cover, the blurb, the title… all have to click together to get me in the line. And I was so in the line for this one. Fantasy…well, it challenges our mundane minds, right? And I think I just foun Oh. And I think I just found one of the best fantasies ever. This whole world is brilliant. Well, nothing is flawless, but this book is pretty damn close to it.

They were interesting, exciting and hands down amazing. Bell started with this book. I don't trust books that don't have many reviews below four stars No honest book is ever universally loved, and not all honest book reviewers will adore the same book due to personal preference. The fact that this book was glowing with rave reviews should have been a sign. Lots going on to the story with varying layers of twists and points of view. Sebastian was set I don't trust books that don't have many reviews below four stars Sebastian was set up well to establish his character.

I don't like pirates or ships and pirates on ships. And was that a dragon that got in here?! I couldn't connect with any of the characters on a personal level enough to care about what happens to their external and internal motivations throughout the story. Because what ever was the reason behind Connor and Kyre? A lot of focus for that to go nowhere. And so what's up between Illior and Selena? And minor characters who are repeatedly named and given roles Maybe that all went over my head.

Good adult fantasy, adventure and violence, plot twists. It all just lacked the amount of action and suspense and urgency and romance that I wanted. Bell has done something that very few have been able to do for me. Anything romance is my genre or choosing. Without a doubt one of my favorites!! I was hesitant to read this because really I was just too much in my own head.

But, I'm familiar with the author. I love her writing and get sucked into anything she writes. And again I was not disappointed in th E. And again I was not disappointed in the least! This book is long and I read it in four days, with a full time job. I'd be working and thinking and Selena and Sebastian, wondering what the story was with Ilior, hoping Selena got the answers she wanted, waiting to see if Accora would stay true to her word.

Basically I've been consumed by this book. I've been binge watching One Tree Hill for the last month and even put that on hold. It could totally wait!! I don't want to go much deeper into the story then what I just mentioned because you'll want to discover every part for yourself! But just know, when you pick this book up? You're in for the adventure of a life time! One I'm ready to go on again. I adore these characters and can't wait for more! That being said, I've also learned it's ok to go out of your comfort zone when reading. You are more than likely going to be rewarded handsomely.

Just like I was! Aug 14, Mel rated it it was amazing Shelves: The Dark of the Moon is fantasy at its best. Selena Koren is an Aluren warrior with the ability to heal and has the power to Summon the water around her. She is able to Hear and be Heard by the god she follows and is known for being one of the strongest of her kind. After a Summoni 5 fantastic stars! After a Summoning goes terribly wrong, she is cursed with the mark of the Two-Faced god in the form of a blistering cold crescent-shaped wound over her heart.

5 Mythic Eclipse Monsters Who Mess With the Sun and Moon - Atlas Obscura

Now, though she can still heal and use her abilities, she is unable to heal herself from the wound that keeps her perpetually cold. For ten years she has worn the mark and it slowly weakens her. Wanting nothing more than to become whole once again and finally feel warmth after so long, she sets off on a quest she is assured will end the curse. You are like a light in that darkness, driving it back as the Shining face of your god does when the moon is full. But beware for the dark will try to swallow you, consume you, to make you something like itself.

He's ruthless and brutal, feared by all, but he wants out of his gruesome lifestyle. When he finds himself facing one last job, whether or not he goes through with the hit once his mark is revealed will change the course of his life and those around him. The Dark of the Moon , the first book in the Chronicles of Lunos saga, takes you on an exciting adventure where nothing is as it seems.

There are lies, secrets, and betrayals that make the voyage even more challenging and twists that take everyone one by surprise, even the reader. The writing is brilliant, keeping you fully engaged and invested in the well-developed story. You live it and breath it. The multi-layered plot and the wonderfully complex characters are so incredible that it is impossible not to love this book.

The strength of her beliefs and her unwavering determination to succeed is astounding. Her heart is huge and her unselfish actions prove her inner beauty matches her outer beauty. She is a fierce, kickass heroine with incredible bravery and I want nothing but for her to triumph. Though Sebastian is rough around the edges and his brutality is tough to swallow, I couldn't help but root for him. I loved watching him wrestle with what to do as he gets to know Selena and realizes that they have more in common than he thought. He is haunted by a tragic past and has trouble finding the good in the world after all that he suffered, yet he sees it in Selena which only makes him more conflicted and vulnerable.

Despite that, he remains a fighter and when he makes up his mind, he goes all in which I loved. Even though it is not considered a romance novel, there is a delicious taste of a love story that is slow burning and progresses realistically. While I was hoping for a romantic element, this one does not over shadow the true adventure and mystery, only adding to the complexity of the story, and I loved it.

However, just as any love can bloom, it can also quickly wilt, especially when faced with secrets and lies, and we learn that a romance between Sebastian and Selena may be doomed from the start. Selena's friends are loyal as are Sebastian's crew, yet some harbor huge secrets and not all will make it out alive. All of the side characters have an important part in the story and I am looking forward to seeing some of them take on bigger roles as the series continues.

Much is revealed in this book but even more is left unanswered, and I cant wait to dive back into the mystical world E. Bell has created as the next books in the series are published. Aug 14, Breanna rated it it was amazing Shelves: I wasn't sure what to expect when I requested this book, but I'm enthralled by what I read.

The world created by E. Bell is wonderfully crafted. Lunos was once a solid land mass, but now is comprised of many different islands. The descriptions of the world are vivid and inventive, and it was easy to imagine myself there. The different religions and gods were intriguing to read about, as were the aspects of magic. In addition, the inclusion of other fantastical creatures and species added greatly to the complexity of the world the author created. The Vai'Ensai are one example of such and I greatly look forward to learning more about them in the future books! All of the characters were well developed and complex.

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Selena was a wonderful protagonist and I felt myself rooting for her throughout the entire novel as she embarked on her quest. I also really enjoyed Sebastian as the other main character. Once driven by his need to avenge his family, he now wants to move beyond his dark, dangerous past.

The taciturn, brooding man was easy for me to love, despite his menacing nature. The cast of secondary characters were engaging and delightful to read about also, and each have their own distinct personalities and backgrounds. There is romance in the book, and from the blurb you can pretty much figure it out, but I absolutely adored the way it unfolded. It was very believable and well-developed, built slowly throughout the story, and didn't take away from the plot but rather added to it. This book is not without its twists turns, however, and I'm really looking forward to seeing how events unfold in the next one.

I want to comment on how excellent the writing is. I was in the middle of reading another series when I started this and had to stop because it was just too good to put down. Before starting, I actually was not aware the E. Bell was a pseudonym for contemporary romance writer, Emma Scott, and I honestly never would have guessed. Not many authors can go from writing one genre to the next so seamlessly.

The Dark of the Moon reads like the work of a seasoned fantasy writer and I am very, very impressed. The Dark of the Moon is a captivating novel that readers of fantasy and adventure books will absolutely love. I highly recommend it and I promise you will it will not disappoint! It's free on kindle unlimited! Aug 04, Danielle Thomas rated it it was amazing Shelves: Bell's debut novel Dark of the Moon was phenomenal. It's a well-written impressive mainstream fantasy packed with adventure. The world and characters E.

Bell has created are extensive and thorough. It's rich in legend, folklore, religion, and culture of the various nations of Lunos. The introduction to this world is well-paced and explained in an interesting way. The author doesn't overwhelm you with too much jargon. Her characters are diverse, interesting personalities that are easy to E.

Her characters are diverse, interesting personalities that are easy to like. They grab your attention from the beginning. Serena, the protagonist, found a place in my heart. She's a Paladin of the Moon temple. Honorable, kind, and brave, she spends her time healing others despite the horrendous wound she she sustained in the last war. The plot really flowed. Bell's writing is fluid, rich in emotion and solid dialogue.

The last third of the book was riveting. Both major and minor plot threads are resolved by the action-packed conclusion. Leaving a healthy dose of prior foreshadowing to lead us smoothly into the second volume of this amazing saga. I'm hungry for the next book!!! Hopefully, we won't have to wait too long for the volume of The Chronicles of Lunos. I got four out of five on these. I think the rest of the series will have more camaraderie since the series just began. The world building was good, though as with all fantasy, slow.

But even with the world building, I was enthralled. The MC was strong and felt real with flaws. The rest of the characters felt the same, though the ship crew felt a little more flat as we never had t 5 stars There is a lot of things I like in a fantasy: The rest of the characters felt the same, though the ship crew felt a little more flat as we never had time to get to know them beyond the superficial. I do hope the rest of the series, the author concentrates on their role in the story, especially with that end, especially Whistle.

He was my favorite. So a good story, a good world beginning, and a cast of fun characters made this book truly fun. A well-written fantasy novel filled with pirates and peril, Bell creates a world of interesting characters and places that are not what they seem. To say anything else would be a spoiler, so do yourself a favor.

If you read fantasy, read this book. If you're thinking about trying the genre, read this book. Aug 11, Nicole rated it it was amazing. I received this book from net galley for an honest review. This novel was a long and enjoyable read. It is written in third person point of view, but offers other perspectives from other characters besides the major ones. It combines so many themes including love, action, adventure, betrayal, magic, and vengeance.

Every character has an agenda, but it not always forthcoming. It keeps you guessing as to how the characters will change or what they will become. Selena Koren is a Paladin, I received this book from net galley for an honest review. Selena Koren is a Paladin, a warrior for the shining face god. There 3 other gods, but Selena was chosen and given special powers. She was punished and only knows cold, never warmth. She is tasked with a journey to murder two people and this will destroy the crescent-shaped hole in her chest that breathes its icy breath. Selena is very trusting, which is dangerous.

Sebastian Vaas has several aliases but is known for being the world's deadliest assassin for the past 10 years. However, for the last 4 years, he has avoided assassination plots until he is approached by the Bazira, who ask him to kill Selena. He needs the money, but does not trust the Bazira. He agrees to the job. He is a rather complex individual. When Sebastian meets Selena, it is under an alias and he agrees for a price to take her on her journey. Selena does not know who he truly is. Selena's protector, Ilior, does not trust him, but guards Selena since she saved his life.

However, there is more to Ilior than meets the eye. As they travel, they encounter others who join them on their journey, each with their own secrets. Sebastian and Selena fall in love with each other, but both do not realize how much the other means to them, but maybe that person can save them as well as accept them. Darkness still looms and many enemies will try to stop their mission.

What is comes to down to is, can Selena be successful in her mission and if so, will it cause Sebastian to kill her? I cannot wait to read the next novel in the series to see where their journey takes them to next!! Aug 26, Heather Merriman rated it it was amazing. I've always been a fan of fantasy but in the last few years I've leaned more toward Contemporary Romance and Rom Com.

When I find out that one of my favorite romance authors is coming out with a fantasy series under the alias E. Her bliss quickly turns into a nightmare of epic proportions when her newborn daughter becomes the primary target of the nefarious archdemon. Seeking guidance from the Goddess, Elsie and Zander discover the only way to protect their fragile baby is to summon a Guardian Angel.

When the enticing guardian appears, Elsie and Zander face far more challenges than merely keeping their daughter safe. As feelings ignite, jealousy threatens to tear them apart and for the first time, being Fated may not guarantee an eternity together. Santiago is on a path of destruction believing his role as Dark Warrior entitles him to be judge, jury and executioner.

Detective Orlando Trovatelli is a glutton for punishment when it comes to matters of the heart and not even his shifter instincts can keep him on course. His personal life is just part of the problem. With his Omega on one side of the fence and Zander on the other, Orlando is forced to choose between his loyalty to the Dark Warriors and disclosing their existence to humans. After everything Orlando has been through, he questions the Goddess and whether his faith in her has been in vain.

Dragon shifter, Angus Callanach, is returning to his home realm after one of the Vampire Princes reopens the portal to Khoth. Having spent two hundred years as the majordomo at Zeum, he is ready to once again take up his mantle as the king of the Cuelebre. Life seems sublime when his millennia long search for the love of his life, Keira ends.

That is, until he discovers she has no recollection of him or their relationship and she is firmly in the clutches of his archenemy, Cyril, the Unseelie King. Bhric Tarakesh was drowning at the bottom of a scotch-filled barrel. One bad decision after another has led him to alcoholism, bar fights, alienation of his family, and, the cherry topper of his shit sundae, impregnating a female he abhors. As he spirals out of control, a cataclysmic event thrusts him into a human hospital and into the hands of a sexy doctor that sets his icy soul on fire, guaranteeing his world will never be the same.

Alex Layne, a prominent physician at Harborview Hospital is thrown into a world she thought was myth when a dying man is brought into her ER. While treating him, she panics when she sees his fangs and makes an uncharacteristic decision to sneak him out of the hospital, and harms way. She loves designer clothes and bling, but is at home in her fighting leathers with her sais in hand. Court politics are not her thing and she eschews everything to do with the simpering suck-ups that want to use her family to gain favor.

She prefers frying demons instead. As the only female Dark Warrior in the Seattle compound, she is accustomed to dealing with males and their quirks. If only centuries of living with flirtatious males prepared her for meeting her Fated Mate. She has never dreamed of being wooed with hearts and flowers, but she imagined her mate would be loyal and true. Enter her sexy fire demon and her survival hangs by a singed thread.

Ramiel , a newly-appointed Angel of Retribution, is out for his pound of flesh When his charge Isobel is kidnapped and taken to the Underworld he is determined to get her back, no matter the cost. Even ally with a Fallen Angel, the antithesis of everything he fights for. Their mission places them in the Inner Circles of Hell and pulls Rami to the razor's edge of passion with Zakara. If the challenges of the Underworld don't destroy him, succumbing to her seductive touch could be his fatal mistake.

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