Diamond in the Rough

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Once the cutscene is over, Ozan implores you to take the heavy weight from the Het scales in front of the statue and to leave once again via the rope.

diamond in the rough

From the top of the castle, drop down from the roof and return to the bank via the rope Ozan fired during the previous quest. Perform a "parrot drop" into the cart south of the bank, then run to the Shantay Pass. If you try to use the Al Kharid Lodestone teleport a message will pop up saying "The diamond vault appears to have a teleport block on it.

Do not use an amulet of glory teleport, as this will result in a glitch and you will have to make your way back to the top of the palace. When you attempt to pass into the desert, the diamond speaks through Shantay and say that it's scared. Shantay will give you four waterskins.

Once in the desert, Ozan asks if you wish to continue you can ignore the other chat options, or run through them. Confirm and the Kharid-ib will open and make a screeching sound. A sundial appears which guides you to your destination. In order to discover the destination, get the dial to align with the symbol the sundial is associated with. For instance, Het is human, so point the dial towards the human face. Follow the ray of sun south west and a cutscene occurs at the next dial, where bandits ambush you and the diamond speaks through one of them.

Dispatch the bandits and their king to continue. The leader of the bandits drops a sundial gnomon which was missing from the Apmeken sundial. Use the gnomon with the sundial and point towards the head of the monkey, then run north-west after the dialogue with Ozan. There is currently a glitch where you cannot pick up the sundial gnomon by itself and you must have enough free spaces to Loot All as if you try to pick it up individually you will get the text "This item appears to have already been taken.

Once you head north-west to the other sundial, Ozan will talk. Clicking outside of the chatbox will send you back a few steps. At this sundial location, another gnomon will appear, but this time you and Ozan are stuck in quicksand. Exhaust all the options trying to escape, none will work. You are transported into a small cavern and momentarily stunned, while a critter scurries away with the diamond. Inside the cavern is the sundial of Crondis. Ozan complains about his injured leg and sends you off to search the tunnels in solitude. Enter any tunnel, and you re-emerge in the room with Ozan.

After a few rounds of Ozan joshing about this, it becomes apparent Ozan is sitting on the sundial gnomon.

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