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Co-founder Karen Ward says the move may cannibalise sales from Honest to Goodness' e-commerce site, but is expected to boost overall sales, which have been growing between 10 and 30 per cent a year. Ms Ward also said Amazon's logistics would help the company reduce delivery costs to customers. Amazon Australia adds pantry food, stepping up pressure on supermarkets.

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Concern from suppliers Macquarie Equities says while consumer demand for online food shopping is significant, "lack of attractive online offers keeps that in check". Australia leading world uptick in watch sales Where to go in Which Australian company has the best business purpose? How will corporate Australia deal with the public's anger and loss of trust? Market leader Woolworths Group with a This is significantly more share than Coles, who average almost the same number of weekly shoppers for fruit and vegetables but only have We expect to see fruit shops surviving in areas where supermarkets don't deliver great fruit and vegetables, and in areas where consumers are actively choosing specialist food and the fruit shop offers something special.

The report covers the total grocery market, as well as reporting on all sub-categories, namely: All data is at a National level, and state-based reports are available on request. The latest results from Roy Morgan show that in the 12 months to December , Woolworths has So what might that more robust solution look like? Innovations in the U.

In Australia, this adage appears to be ringing true. However, strong performance in other, smaller pockets of the store - including infant formula and cosmetics - signals positive future growth prospects in pharmacy. When it comes to dining out or feasting on fast food, New Zealanders are certainly not afraid to try something different.

Nielsen research shows that 1.

Australia set for retail revolution with grocery e-commerce

If tour operators pull Australian ports from their routes, the current trend in advertising growth could face a sudden change in course. Three-in-five Australian shoppers are looking forward to buying from the soon to be local online retail powerhouse. Aussie consumers are still bananas for bananas. Nine-in Australian households purchased bananas in the year ending 24 February and total volume sales grew by 7. Australians are big fans of the humble, yet versatile, cauliflower. China, with its huge population and increasing affluence, is a very lucrative market for companies and brands in the Pacific.

The category has experienced diverse product innovation and creativity, with a broader range of products now available to consumers. In fact, eight-in Australians now own a smartphone, and six-in use this device to connect daily.

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Whether they are grocery shopping, watching sport, studying, commuting to work or connecting with friends - these activities are no longer purely offline experiences. New Zealand consumer confidence index reached in the fourth quarter of — the highest score in nine years since Q3 where it reached The index represents a two point increase from Q3 and a four point increase on a year ago Q4 Online retailing giant, Amazon, is set to shake things up in the Australian retail jungle when it launches in September ; with talks of it offering a completely new grocery shopping experience in the way it integrates physical stores with online ordering.

Whether it is driven by lactose intolerance, allergies, veganism, the paleo diet, or just general health and wellbeing, it appears New Zealanders are exploring emerging alternatives to traditional white milk. December will be remembered as one of the hottest festive periods on recent record in Australia.

Consumers are faced with a dizzying array of retailers vying for their attention, and a retail loyalty program can be a determining factor for where they decide to shop. Digital has disrupted a whole host of interactions, including the way we watch video content and the ways we communicate with friends and family. The way we shop is no exception.

Grocery e-commerce, while still small in Australia, represents a major opportunity for retailers.

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Around the world, consumers are looking for a taste of the good life. In fact, the growth of the premium sector in many markets is outpacing total growth for many fast-moving consumer goods categories. This study identifies the attributes consumers are looking for in premium product offerings, and reveals the underlying sentiment behind the reasons for purchase. In recent years, retailers have increased their efforts in maximising the opportunities particular events and holidays can bring.

Study: Woolies Still Our Number One Grocer (But You Can Forget About Customer Loyalty) - B&T

In pharmacy, however, much of the channel seasonality appears to be driven by factors such as weather. Global consumers, by and large, have more shopping choices at their disposal than ever before. For retailers, differentiating your brand in such a crowded space is critical. Done well, loyalty programs can help drive more frequent visits and heavier purchasing. The avocado industry has unlocked eye-popping growth in a mature category—without breakthrough innovation. Instead, avocados have grown their share of our wallets and stomachs!

Taking the craft beer boom as an example, we see how different market dynamics can be between banners. When it comes to staying healthy, consumers are all too aware of how the foods we eat can affect our overall health. The New Zealand consumer confidence index reached in Q3 — the highest score since Q1 Third-quarter global consumer confidence remained stable at 99, up one point from the second quarter and unchanged from third-quarter Country-level scores, however, varied dramatically throughout the regions, reflecting considerable economic diversity around the world.

The sheer volume and variety of data can seem overwhelming, and the retail industry is wrestling with how to harness it, find insights and drive action. So how do we do that?

Coles and Woolworths continue to gain share in fresh fruit and vegetable market

The toiletries and cosmetics categories in New Zealand are poised to reap the benefits of our shifting demographic make up. These changes are influencing what beauty products we buy and where. As consumers take the fight against obesity and chronic disease into their own hands, many are eliminating ingredients that concern them from their daily diet.

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