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Due to a seven-hundred year old curse, an individual can only achieve the title of Brother Blood through an act of patricide. There is no formal observation of ascendance, and the child of the High Priest can murder his father and assume his rank at a time of his own choosing. While still a teenager, Sebastian stabbed his father to death, after the latter's failed attempt to take over the Slab and abduct a million infants.

He dumped Blood's body into the river and assumed the mantle of Brother Blood. By rite of ascendance, Sebastian took control of the Church of Blood commanding loyalty from legions of loyal followers. Garbing himself in the vestments of his father, the new Brother Blood embarked upon a bold plan to solidify the mystical power of the Church of Blood. He instructed his cultists to seek out and abduct Raven , the half-human daughter of their lord, Trigon. The Church of Blood hunted Raven down and brought the weakened girl to one of their underground domains. Blood declared that Raven was to be his new sister-bride and consummated the pact by literally biting the Chakra gemstone off Raven's forehead and swallowing it.

Through Raven, Blood intended to sire a child stronger than any that has ever arisen throughout the Church's history. Together, they were to cleanse the Earth of all non-believers and achieve total global control of the planet. The dark and powerful side of Raven's soul, reacted adversely to her imprisonment. Her soul-self splintered and expanded outward across the San Francisco Bay area. For miles around, people began to fall into a hypnotic daze, endlessly chanting, "Raven belongs to Brother Blood".

Raven's former allies the Teen Titans sought her out and located her at Blood's sanctuary. Unlike his predecessors, Sebastian took an active role in the Church's ambitions. Not content to merely order his cultists to fight the Titans, Blood himself engaged in battle and began savagely attacking them. Part of the beauty of an audiobook is the performance given by the narrator. For example, everyone has probably read the Harry Potter books to themselves but the audiobook brings a totally new perspective on the story with the superb Stephen Fry providing excitement and numerous amazing voices for the characters.

How people can give him a 5 star rating I do not know. Where are the different voices for different characters? Where is the change of tone, tension and excitement for the action scenes? His voice is also too soft for this genre, I expected him to cough at any moment and all to suddenly be OK but alas no. Steven reads this book to you but doesn't perform it. A meeting between Vaelin and one of his brothers is read exactly the same way as a description of a battle.

These audiobooks are not cheap if you don't use a credit and it baffles me why the author would allow his hard written book to be ruined this easily. I struggled through to about the last hour then realised I was not going to buy the second part of this story with the same narrator and so stopped - huge shame. If you are happy with someone just "reading" to you then fine buy this audiobook.

If you would rather be entertained look elsewhere now, buy the book in hard copy and read it yourself! Happily Anthony Ryan falls into that category. His debut novel is a fantasy of the epic order. The main protagonist, Vaelin Al Sorna, is an instant classic fantasy hero and the book is full of other interesting and engaging characters neither too black nor too white, as befits modern tastes.

The world created will seem comfortably familiar to aficiandos of the genre but with plenty of blank spaces to be uncovered in later novels no doubt. The plot moves along at a cracking pace and I was never less than fully engaged. The storyline was pleasingly familiar whilst being individual enough to render any idle moment an opportunity to reach for the audio-player, which is always a good test of its merits.

The framing device used worked very well and I was very quickly drawn into the novel even before the main arc of the story started. Having seen some negative comments on the narration I have to say I thought Steven Brand was excellent and his voice really fitted the mood of the novel.

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If you could sum up Blood Song in three words, what would they be? What other book might you compare Blood Song to, and why? Any joe abercrombie book. Did you have an emotional reaction to this book?

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Did it make you laugh or cry? I grew to love the characters. Brilliant book, well worth a listen. It's cut from similar cloth as other novels of this genre - good old sword swinging battles, edged with a bit of magic and mystery, warring realms, gifted hero, nasty baddies Reminds me a little of the Wheel of Time. I'm two books into the series, and now sit patiently not! Stephen Brand falls into the latter category. He does read well, in that he's clear, his pronunciation consistent, and his tone is easy enough on the ear There were occasions when I wasn't clear who was speaking.

I believe that the really good "performers" eg Steven Pacey; Rupert Degas take an audiobook to a different level Unfortunately my lifestyle means I only have time to listen to audiobooks - sitting still in order to read is not an option - therefore I will probably choose to listen to book 3 even if it has the same narrator. But perhaps this might be a trilogy which would be better tackled in the traditional manner - a good old paperback. If you're a fan of this genre, don't let the narrator put you off; it's not so bad as to ruin the story, you just have to concentrate a little more than normal.

Vaelin Al Sorna is an extraordinary character: There's a dab of Left Hand of God in there, too. For all those comparisons, this is a unique, enthralling fantasy. Vaelin comes to realise it's for his own protection and forges deep bonds with his brothers. It soon becomes clear that there are forces at play - an unknown order, leeching evil and the ambition of ruthless people. There are many threads winding through the story - you'll be jumping up and down for the release of book 2.

The mystique of the Brotherhood is beautifully depicted. The brothers' training is fascinating and the resulting super warriors are captivating. The characters are complex, compelling people and Ryan handles relationships with a sure but delicate hand. This little gem is a bit of a slow burner but well worth the wait.

Taking us from the early years of a young, confused boy growing up in a religious order of warriors, the author slowly but masterfully paints a picture of a fractured land steeped in war with many religous factions willing to fight and die for their beliefs. Throughout the book we are teased with broken pieces of information about an ancient order of men thought lost to the centuries.

Our anti hero travels across land and sea to try and uncover the truth, fighting countless battles and forging new friendships along the way. The main thread of the story in underpinned with intriguing subplots and facinating characters making this, on the whole, a great listen. What did you like best about this story? We get to hear the true story. He narrated it really well.

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Looking forward to hearing more of his work. Was this a book you wanted to listen to all in one sitting? Looking forward to Tower Lord and a massive thank you to Anthony Ryan for sharing such a fantastic story. What did you like most about Blood Song? The bond of brother hood portrayed and sustained through the book.

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Which scene did you most enjoy? It was a god overall listen with many great scenes. If I could stay up 24 hours I would of considered it. Would you listen to Blood Song again?

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I will probably re-listen to the first 2 books in the series before the 3rd installment is released, but also just because it was a brilliant audiobook. The characters and the depth of the story being told. It fit very well with the tone of the story, and the performance was consistent and engaging throughout. Anthony Ryan Narrated by: Raven's Shadow , Book 1 Length: Give as a gift.

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Critic Reviews "A new master storyteller has hit the scene" Michael J. How will he react when he falls for the dashing waiter at the Crypt? Who is the stranger with the pegged leg and black cape that guides him? She has no desire to be bound in a covenant ceremony until she starts yearning for the same thing her brother has with Raven Rated: In an Abusive Relationship by MissMovinOn17 reviews raven finds herself going through a relationship that she never thought she would experience.

The Definition is Mundane by Raven L Madison reviews Vampire kisses is one version of the story, but they say it is written differently.

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The Definition is Mundane is the "true" story of mundane Raven and her vampire boyfriend, Alexander. The adventure is only beginning in this first book. Get ready to see what really happened. T - English - Romance - Chapters: Ellen gave us Raven's point of view. But what about Alexander? If you've ever wondered what Alexander was thinking this whole time then this story is for you. Everything from how he felt when he first saw Raven, to the dinner date, to garlic poisoning.

All leading up to the covenant ceremony. This is simply a fanfic. It's a match made in Hell, right? When Alexander's cousin comes to visit Dullsville what will happen when she sets her sights on the white haired nemesis? On a table, are four books called Vampire Kisses and they're not allowed to leave until they've finished all of them. Set after the fourth book. Silver Ecstasy by Cassi a. Checkers reviews Alexander's cousin, Silver Cyanide is sent to live with her Aunt Cassondra and Uncle Constantine because her parent's constant moving has taken it's toll on her.

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She's shocked to find out that her childhood best friend and now enemy Jagger Maxwell is her betrothed. Can she forgive him for what he's done to her beloved cousin and their family? He seemed to get darker in themed a bit and he begins to fall for Alexander's little sister, Athena "Stormy" Sterling.