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From to , we typically expect and receive payment within days of product delivery. In addition, we had about Starting in September , we extended credit to some of our customers to days without requiring collaterals. We perform ongoing credit evaluations of the financial condition of our customers and we generally require no collateral from our distributors and authorized retailers to secure their payment obligations.

However, our sales going forward may rely more heavily on credit, and if we encounter future problems collecting amounts due from our clients or if we experience delays in the collection of amounts due from our clients, our liquidity could be negatively affected. The Chinese economy experienced a softening of economic growth, and the appeal industry is also facing a downturn. The impact of the current and possible future economic downturn on our distributors cannot be predicted and may be severe, causing a significant impact on their business.

As a result, our financial condition and result of operations could be negatively affected. In addition, if they cannot continue their orders of our products due to the failure of paying us for its previous purchases, our brand image and reputation may be materially negatively affected as well. We rely on distributors for a substantial portion of our sales and the loss of any of our large distributors would harm our business. A substantial portion of our sales are made to distributors that resell our products.

New Paperback: KB's Complete Monday Night Raw Reviews

The marketing efforts of our distributors are critical for our success. If we fail to attract additional distributors, and our existing distributors do not promote our products at the same or at a greater level than the products of our competitors, our business, financial condition and results of operations could be adversely affected. Furthermore, there is no assurance that any of our distributors will satisfy the sales targets set forth in their distribution agreements and we or they may not wish to renew the distribution agreements in future years.

Moreover, our distributors are not obliged to continue to place orders with the Company at the same level as before or at all and there is no assurance that we would be able to obtain orders from other distributors to replace any such lost sales on terms satisfactory to us or all. If any of our largest distributors substantially reduces its purchases from us, or otherwise fails to renew its distribution agreement with us, we may suffer a significant loss of sales and our business, results of operations, and financial condition may be materially and adversely affected.

We have limited control over the ultimate retail sales by our distributors and our image and business may be adversely affected if our distributors fail to adhere to, or fail to cause the third party retail outlet operators to adhere to, our retail policies and standards. We rely on the contractual obligations set forth in the distribution agreements that we enter into with our distributors, as well as policies and standards we formulate from time to time, to impose our retail policies on these distributors in respect of the franchisee retail outlets.

In addition, as we do not enter into any agreements with the third party retail outlet operators, we rely on our distributors to ensure that these franchisee retail outlets operate in accordance with our retail policies. As such, our control over the ultimate retail sales by our distributors and the franchisee retail outlet operators is limited. There is no assurance that our distributors or the third party franchisee retail outlet operators will comply with, or that the distributors will enforce, our retail policies. As a result, we may not be able to effectively manage our sales network or maintain a uniform brand image, and cannot assure you that franchisee retail outlets would continue to offer quality services to consumers.

In addition, if any of the distributors or third party franchisee retail outlet operators experiences difficulties in selling our products in the retail market, they may attempt to disregard our pricing policies and liquidate their excessive inventory buildup through aggressive discounts, which may damage the image and the value of our brand.

There is no assurance that we will be able to, in a timely manner, impose penalties on or replace any distributors who consistently fail to comply with, or fail to cause the third party franchisee retail outlet operators appointed by them to comply with, our retail policies in their operation of franchisee retail outlets. In such event, our business, results of operations and financial condition may be materially and adversely affected.

We may not be able to accurately track the inventory levels at our distributors, retailers or department store concessions. Our ability to track the sales by our distributors to third-party retailers and the ultimate retail sales by the retailers, and consequently their respective inventory levels, is limited. We implement a policy to require our distributors to provide us with their sales reports on a weekly basis and we carry out random on-site inspections of our distributors to track their inventories.

The tracking of inventory level also helps us to understand the market recognition of our products in a particular region, and thus allows us to adjust our marketing strategy if necessary. We may not always obtain the required data in time and the data provided to us by our distributors may be inaccurate or incomplete.

We plan to implement an enterprise resource planning system, or ERP system in next stage, which will allow us to track sales at the authorized retail outlets on a timely basis. Such system is expected to facilitate the processing of basic replenishment orders from our distributors, the movement of products through our authorized retail network, and the collection of information for planning and forecasting purposes.

If we are unable to roll out the ERP system as planned, we would not be able to accurately track our inventory levels on a timely basis. Inaccurate, mistaken, incomplete or delayed data regarding inventory levels may mislead the Company to make wrong business judgments for its production, marketing efforts and sales strategies. If that happens, our operations and financial results may be materially adversely affected. In addition, if we cannot manage inventory levels properly, future orders of our products may be reduced, which would materially adversely affect our future business, financial condition, results of operation and prospects.

Our operations could be materially adversely affected if we fail to effectively manage our relationships with, or lose the services of, our OEM contract manufacturers. In the years ended December 31, and we had 5 and 6 contract manufacturers, respectively.

Purchases from our top five OEM contract manufacturers accounted for approximately As we do not enter into long-term contracts with our OEM contract manufacturers, they may decide not to accept our future OEM orders on the same or similar terms, or at all. If an OEM contract manufacturer decides to substantially reduce its volume of supply to us or to terminate its business relationship with us, we may not be able to find a proper replacement in a timely manner and may be forced to default on the agreements with our distributors that sell our products.

This may negatively impact our revenues and adversely affect our reputation and relationships with our distributors that sell our products, causing a material adverse effect on our financial condition, results of operations and prospects. Further, if any of our OEM contract manufacturers fails to provide the required number of products meeting our quality standards, we may have to delay delivery of products to our distributors, become unable to supply products at all, or even recall products previously dispatched.

This could cause the Company to lose revenues or market share and damage our reputation, any of which could have a material adverse effect on our business, financial condition, results of operations and prospects. In addition, some OEM contract manufacturers may not fully comply with certain laws, such as labor and environmental laws.

If any of our OEM contract manufacturers is found to have violated laws and regulations in the PRC, media reports on such violations may negatively affect our reputation and image, resulting in material adverse impact on our business, financial condition and results of operations. While we provide the designs of our products to the OEM contract manufacturers, as well as guidance for manufacturing the products ordered by us, we do not have direct control over the OEM contract manufacturers.

If any of them is involved in unauthorized production and sale of goods using the KBS brand, our reputation, financial condition and results of operations may be materially adversely affected. As the Company grows, our reliance on OEM contract manufacturers may also grow as our added production capacity may not be sufficient to keep pace with the increased production requirements driven by our growth. We may not be able to find sufficient additional OEM contract manufacturers to produce our products on the same or similar terms as our existing OEM contract manufacturers, and we may not be able to achieve our growth and development goals.

Any interruption in our operations could impair our financial performance and negatively affect our brand. Our operations are complicated and integrated, involving the coordination of third party OEM contract manufacturers and external distribution processes. While these operations are modified on a regular basis in an effort to improve outsourcing and distribution efficiency and flexibility, we may experience difficulties in coordinating the various aspects of our operations processes, thereby causing downtime and delays.

In addition, we may encounter interruption in our operations processes due to a catastrophic loss or events beyond our control, such as fires, explosions, labor disturbances or violent weather conditions. Any interruptions in our operations or capabilities at our facilities could result in our inability to procure our products, which would reduce our net sales and earnings for the affected period.

If there is a delays in delivery times to our customers, our business and reputation could be severely affected. Any significant delays in deliveries to our customers could lead to increased returns or cancellations and cause the Company to lose future sales. The Company currently does not have business interruption insurance to offset these potential losses, delays and risks so a material interruption of our business operations could severely damage our business.

We rely heavily on our management information system for inventory management, distribution and other functions. If our system fail to perform these functions adequately or if we experience an interruption in our operation, our business and results of operations could be materially adversely affected.

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The efficient operation of our business is dependent on our management information systems. We rely heavily on our management information systems to manage our order entry, order fulfillment, pricing, point-of-sale and inventory replenishment processes. We cannot assure you that our management information system will operate properly or without interruption. Any malfunction to any part or all of our management information system for a prolonged period may cause delays in operations or impairment of our overall business efficiency.

We also cannot ensure that the level of security currently maintained will be sufficient to protect the system from third party intrusions, viruses, lost or stolen data, or similar situations. Additionally, as part of our growth and development strategy over the next few years, we plan to upgrade and improve our management information system. We cannot assure you that there will be no interruptions to our management information system during the upgrades or that the new management information system will be able to integrate fully with the existing information system.

The failure of our management information system to perform as we anticipate could disrupt our business and could result in decreased revenue, increased overhead costs and excess or out-of-stock inventory levels, causing our business and results of operations to suffer materially. Increasing costs associated with information security — such as increased investment in technology, the costs of compliance with consumer protection laws and costs resulting from consumer fraud — could cause our business and results of operations to suffer materially.

While we have taken significant steps to protect customer and confidential information, including entering into confidentiality agreements with relevant employees and incorporate confidentiality clauses in our policies, there can be no assurance that advances in computer capabilities, new discoveries in the field of cryptography or other developments will prevent the compromise of our customer transaction processing capabilities and personal data.

If any such compromise of our security were to occur, it could have a material adverse effect on our reputation, operating results and financial condition.

Any such compromise may materially increase the costs we incur to protect against such information security breaches and could subject us to additional legal risk. Procurement specialists and managers are required to sign a confidentiality agreement. We have limited insurance coverage in China and may not be able to recover insurance proceeds if we experience uninsured losses.

Operation of our facilities involves many risks, including equipment failures, natural disasters, industrial accidents, power outages, labor disturbances and other business interruptions. We do not carry any business interruption insurance, product recall or third-party liability insurance for our production facilities or with respect to our products to cover claims pertaining to personal injury or property or environmental damage arising from defects in our products, product recalls, accidents on our property or damage relating to our operations.

While business interruption insurance and other types of insurance are available to a limited extent in China, we have determined that the risks of interruption, cost of such insurance and the difficulties associated with acquiring such insurance on commercially reasonable terms make it impractical for us to have such insurance. Therefore, our existing insurance coverage may not be sufficient to cover all risks associated with our business.

As a result, we may be required to pay for financial and other losses, damages and liabilities, including those caused by natural disasters and other events beyond our control, out of our own funds, which could have a material adverse effect on our business, financial condition and results of operations. Our inability to protect our trademarks and other intellectual property rights may prevent us from successfully marketing our products and competing effectively.

We believe our trademarks and other intellectual property rights are important to our success and competitive position and recognize the importance of registering the trademarks related to our KBS brand for protection against infringement. We currently hold two registered trademarks. Failure to protect our intellectual property could harm our brand and our reputation, and adversely affect our ability to compete effectively. Further, enforcing or defending our intellectual property rights, including our trademarks, patents, copyrights and trade secrets, could result in the expenditure of significant financial and managerial resources.

We produce, market and sell our products under registered trademarks. We regard our intellectual property, particularly our trademarks and trade secrets to be of considerable value and importance to our business and our success. We rely on a combination of trademark, patent, and trade secrecy laws, and contractual provisions to protect our intellectual property rights. There can be no assurance that the steps taken by us to protect these proprietary rights will be adequate or that third parties will not infringe or misappropriate our trademarks, trade secrets or similar proprietary rights.

In addition, there can be no assurance that other parties will not assert infringement claims against us, and we may have to pursue litigation against other parties to assert our rights. Any such claim or litigation could be costly and we may lack the resources required to defend against such claims. In addition, any event that would jeopardize our proprietary rights or any claims of infringement by third parties could have a material adverse effect on our ability to market or sell our brands, and profitably exploit our products.

Environmental regulations impose substantial costs and limitations on our operations. We use chemicals and produces significant emissions in our manufacturing operations. As such, we are subject to various national and local environmental laws and regulations in China concerning issues such as air emissions, wastewater discharges, and solid waste management and disposal. These laws and regulations can restrict or limit our operations and expose us to liability and penalties for non-compliance. While we believe that our facilities are in material compliance with all applicable environmental laws and regulations, the risks of substantial unanticipated costs and liabilities related to compliance with these laws and regulations are an inherent part of our business.

It is possible that future conditions may develop, arise or be discovered that create new environmental compliance or remediation liabilities and costs. While we believe that we can comply with existing environmental legislation and regulatory requirements and that the costs of compliance have been included within budgeted cost estimates, compliance may prove to be more limiting and costly than anticipated.

We may be unable to establish and maintain an effective system of internal control over financial reporting, and, as a result, we may be unable to accurately report our financial results or prevent fraud. We are subject to reporting obligations under the U. Failure to achieve and maintain an effective internal control environment could result in our inability to accurately report our financial results, prevent or detect fraud or provide timely and reliable financial and other information pursuant to the reporting obligations we have as a public company, which could have a material adverse effect on our business, financial condition and results of operations.

Further, it could cause our investors to lose confidence in the information we report, which could adversely affect our stock price. Our business operation may be affected if we are forced to relocate our manufacturing facilities and stores. We leased the premises for our office located in Shishi and one corporate store. However, none of our lease agreements have been registered with the relevant governmental agencies.

According to our PRC legal counsel, Grandall Law Firm Beijing , without registration, our rights to use and occupy the premises may not be secured if any third parties such as other tenants who have registered their lease agreements challenge us under PRC law. Moreover, while we have taken various measures to verify the ownership of property such as checking utility bills and search government records, most of our landlords have declined to confirm whether they possess the property ownership certificates and land use rights certificates for our properties.

As a result, we have been unable to verify whether third parties may assert their ownership rights under PRC law against most of our landlords or challenge most of our leases in the future. If our rights to use the premises are challenged, we may be forced to relocate to other premises. We may not be able to relocate to a suitable premise promptly or lease alternative premises on terms at least as favorable as our existing ones. In addition, relocation costs and interruption of production may have a material adverse effect on our business operation and financial performance.

Changes in the economic and political policies of the PRC government could have a material and adverse effect on our business and operations. We conduct substantially all our business operations in China. Accordingly, our results of operations, financial condition and prospects are significantly dependent on economic and political developments in China. These current and future government actions could materially affect our liquidity, access to capital, and ability to operate our business.

The global financial markets experienced significant disruptions in and the United States, Europe and other economies went into recession. Since , growth of the Chinese economy has slowed. The PRC government has implemented various measures to encourage economic growth and guide the allocation of resources. Some of these measures may benefit the overall PRC economy but may also have a negative effect on us. Our financial condition and results of operation could be materially and adversely affected by government control over capital investments or changes in tax regulations that are applicable to us.

In addition, any stimulus measures designed to boost the Chinese economy, may contribute to higher inflation, which could adversely affect our results of operations and financial condition. Uncertainties with respect to the PRC legal system could limit the legal protections available to you and us. We conduct substantially all of our business through our operating subsidiaries in the PRC. Our operating subsidiaries are generally subject to laws and regulations applicable to foreign investments in China and, in particular, laws applicable to foreign-invested enterprises.

The PRC legal system is based on written statutes, and prior court decisions may be cited for reference but have limited precedential value. Since , a series of new PRC laws and regulations have significantly enhanced the protections afforded to various forms of foreign investments in China. However, since the PRC legal system continues to evolve rapidly, the interpretations of many laws, regulations, and rules are not always uniform, and enforcement of these laws, regulations, and rules involve uncertainties, which may limit legal protections available to you and us.

In addition, any litigation in China may be protracted and result in substantial costs and diversion of resources and management attention. In addition, most of our executive officers and directors are residents of China and not of the United States, and substantially all the assets of these persons are located outside the United States. As a result, it could be difficult for investors to affect service of process in the United States or to enforce a judgment obtained in the United States against our Chinese operations and subsidiaries.

You may have difficulty enforcing judgments against us. Most of our assets are located outside of the United States and most of our current operations are conducted in the PRC. In addition, most of our directors and officers are nationals and residents of countries other than the United States. A substantial portion of the assets of these persons is located outside the United States. As a result, it may be difficult for you to effect service of process within the United States upon these persons.

It may also be difficult for you to enforce in U. In addition, there is uncertainty as to whether the courts of the PRC would recognize or enforce judgments of U. Courts in China may recognize and enforce foreign judgments in accordance with the requirements of the PRC Civil Procedures Law based on treaties between China and the country where the judgment is made or on reciprocity between jurisdictions. China does not have any treaties or other arrangements that provide for the reciprocal recognition and enforcement of foreign judgments with the United States.

In addition, according to the PRC Civil Procedures Law, courts in the PRC will not enforce a foreign judgment against us or our directors and officers if they decide that the judgment violates basic principles of PRC law or national sovereignty, security, or the public interest. So it is uncertain whether a PRC court would enforce a judgment rendered by a court in the United States. The PRC government exerts substantial influence over the manner in which we must conduct our business activities. The PRC government has exercised and continues to exercise substantial control over virtually every sector of the Chinese economy through regulation and state ownership.

Our ability to operate in China may be harmed by changes in its laws and regulations, including those relating to taxation, import and export tariffs, environmental regulations, land use rights, property, and other matters. We believe that our operations in China are in material compliance with all applicable legal and regulatory requirements. However, the central or local governments of the jurisdictions in which we operate may impose new, stricter regulations or interpretations of existing regulations that would require additional expenditures and efforts on our part to ensure our compliance with such regulations or interpretations.

Accordingly, government actions in the future, including any decision not to continue to support recent economic reforms and to return to a more centrally planned economy or regional or local variations in the implementation of economic policies, could have a significant effect on economic conditions in China or particular regions thereof and could require us to divest ourselves of any interest we then hold in Chinese properties or joint ventures. Restrictions on currency exchange may limit our ability to receive and use our sales effectively.

The majority of our sales will be settled in RMB and U. Although the Chinese government introduced regulations in to allow greater convertibility of the RMB for current account transactions, significant restrictions still remain, including primarily the restriction that foreign-invested enterprises may only buy, sell or remit foreign currencies after providing valid commercial documents, at those banks in China authorized to conduct foreign exchange business. In addition, conversion of RMB for capital account items, including direct investment and loans, is subject to governmental approval in China, and companies are required to open and maintain separate foreign exchange accounts for capital account items.

We cannot be certain that the Chinese regulatory authorities will not impose more stringent restrictions on the convertibility of the RMB in the future. Fluctuations in exchange rates could adversely affect our business and the value of our securities. The value of our securities will be indirectly affected by the foreign exchange rate between the U. Appreciation or depreciation in the value of the RMB relative to the U.

Fluctuations in the exchange rate will also affect the relative value of any dividend we issue that will be exchanged into U. However, the PBOC regularly intervenes in the foreign exchange market to limit fluctuations in RMB exchange rates and achieve policy goals.

Following the removal of the U. It is difficult to predict how RMB exchange rates may change going forward. Very limited hedging transactions are available in China to reduce our exposure to exchange rate fluctuations. To date, we have not entered into any hedging transactions.

While we may enter into hedging transactions in the future, the availability and effectiveness of these transactions may be limited, and we may not be able to successfully hedge our exposure at all. In addition, our foreign currency exchange losses may be magnified by PRC exchange control regulations that restrict our ability to convert RMB into foreign currencies.

As a result, fluctuations in exchange rates may have a material adverse effect on your investment. Substantially all of our sales are earned by our PRC subsidiaries.

New E-Book: KB’s Complete 2014 Monday Night Raw and Smackdown Reviews Part I

However, PRC regulations restrict the ability of our PRC subsidiaries to make dividends and other payments to their offshore parent companies. PRC legal restrictions permit payments of dividends by our PRC subsidiaries only out of their accumulated after-tax profits, if any, determined in accordance with PRC accounting standards and regulations.

Allocations to these statutory reserve funds can only be used for specific purposes and are not transferable to us in the form of loans, advances, or cash dividends. Any limitations on the ability of our PRC subsidiaries to transfer funds to us could materially and adversely limit our ability to grow, make investments or acquisitions that could be beneficial to our business, pay dividends and otherwise fund and conduct our business.

Under Circular 37, PRC residents are required to register with the SAFE or its local branches prior to establishing, or acquiring control of, an offshore company for the purpose of investment or financing that offshore company with equity interests in, or assets of, a PRC enterprise or with offshore equity interest or assets legally held by such PRC resident. In the event that a PRC shareholder fails to make the required registration or update the previously filed registration, the PRC subsidiaries of that offshore special purpose vehicle may be prohibited from distributing their profits and the proceeds from any reduction in capital, share transfer or liquidation to their offshore parent company, and the offshore parent company may also be prohibited from contributing additional capital into its PRC subsidiaries.

Furthermore, failure to comply with the various foreign exchange registration requirements described above could result in liability under the PRC laws for evasion of applicable foreign exchange restrictions. We do not have control over our beneficial owners and cannot assure you that all of our PRC resident beneficial owners will comply with SAFE regulations. The failure of our beneficial owners who are PRC residents to comply with these SAFE registrations may subject such beneficial owners or our PRC subsidiaries to fines and legal sanctions.

Furthermore, since Circular 37 was recently promulgated and it is unclear how this regulation, and any future regulation concerning offshore or cross-border transactions, will be interpreted, amended and implemented by the relevant PRC government authorities, we cannot predict how these regulations will affect our business operations or future strategy.

These risks may have a material adverse effect on our business, financial condition and results of operations. At the time of the acquisition, Hongri International, the parent company of Vast Billion, was owned and controlled by Mr. Sun Keung Chan and Ms. Cheung, dated March 9, , pursuant to which Mr. Yan was granted an option to acquire all of the shares of common stock that Mr.

Yan may exercise this option during the period commencing on the date which is six 6 months after the date on which the first registration statement is filed by the Company under the Securities Act, and ending on the fifth anniversary thereof. However, the PRC regulatory authorities may take the view that these transactions and the reverse acquisition of Hongri PRC are part of an overall series of arrangements which constitute a Round-trip Investment, because at the end of the transactions, the stockholders of Hongri PRC became majority owners and effective controlling parties of a foreign entity that acquired ownership of Hongri PRC.

Any of these actions could cause significant disruption to our business operations and may materially and adversely affect our business, financial condition and results of operations. Such classification will likely result in unfavorable tax consequences to us and our non-PRC stockholders. However, it remains unclear as to whether the Notice is applicable to an offshore enterprise incorporated by a Chinese natural person.

Nor are detailed measures on imposition of tax from non-domestically incorporated resident enterprises are available. Therefore, it is unclear how tax authorities will determine tax residency based on the facts of each case. We may be deemed to be a resident enterprise by Chinese tax authorities. SAT Announcement 7 specifies certain factors that should be considered in determining whether an indirect transfer has a reasonable commercial purpose. Under SAT Announcement 7, the entity which has the obligation to pay the consideration for the transfer to the transferring shareholders has the obligation to withhold any PRC corporate income tax that is due.

If the transferring shareholders do not pay corporate income tax that is due for a transfer and the entity which has the obligation to pay the consideration does not withhold the tax due, the PRC tax authorities may impose a penalty on the entity that so fails to withhold, which may be relieved or exempted from the withholding obligation and any resulting penalty under certain circumstances if it reports such transfer to the PRC tax authorities.

Although SAT Announcement 7 is generally effective as of February 3, , it also applies to cases where the PRC tax treatment of a transaction that took place prior to its effectiveness has not yet been finally settled. As a result, SAT Announcement 7 could be determined by PRC tax authorities to be applicable to the historical reorganization, and it is possible that these transactions could be determined by PRC tax authorities to lack a reasonable commercial purpose.

SAT Announcement 7 and its interpretation by relevant PRC authorities clarify that an exemption provided by SAT Circular for transfers of shares in a publicly-traded entity that is listed overseas is available if the purchase of the shares and the sale of the shares both take place in open-market transactions. However, if a shareholder of an entity that is listed overseas purchases shares in the open market and sells them in a private transaction, or vice-versa, PRC tax authorities might deem such a transfer to be subject to SAT Circular and SAT Announcement 7, which could subject such shareholder to additional reporting obligations or tax burdens.

Our failure to fully comply with PRC laws relating to social insurance and housing accumulation fund may expose it to potential administrative penalties. The PRC laws and regulations require all employers in China to fully contribute their own portion to the social insurance and housing accumulation funds for their employees within a certain period of time. Failure to do so may expose the employers to make rectification for the unpaid contributions by the relevant labor authority. As of the date of this report, Hongri PRC has not paid housing accumulation funds for its employees.

In addition, Hongri PRC failed to make contributions to the social insurance in full amount for its employees before In addition, in the event that any current or former employee files a complaint with the PRC government, Hongri PRC may be subject to making up the contributions to the social insurance and housing accumulation funds as well as paying administrative fines. The total cost of these contributions and any related fines or penalties could be significant and could have a material adverse effect on our working capital.

We may be exposed to liabilities under the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and Chinese anti-corruption laws, and any determination that we violated these laws could have a material adverse effect on our business. We have operations, have agreements with third parties, and make most of our sales in China. The PRC also strictly prohibits bribery of government officials. Our activities in China create the risk of unauthorized payments or offers of payments by the employees, consultants, sales agents, or distributors of our subsidiaries, even though they may not always be subject to our control.

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It is our policy to implement safeguards to discourage these practices by our employees. The skit title changes every episode to add on a few words each time. On 2 April , Cosmic Girls appeared on the skit as guests. On 7 August , actor Shim Hyeong-tak appeared on the skit as a guest. If this project fails, Lee Seungyun will quit Gag Concert for a month. On 29 Mar , model Lee Yeon appeared at the end of the skit. On 7 September , Tae Jin-ah appeared as a guest for Chuseok special. Kim Taewon Musical comedy about school life filled with various colourful characters.

On 7 September , real workers who have to work hard throughout the national holidays appeared as guests for the Chuseok special; Yu Changseon a fireman who talked about poor drives and prank calls , Kang Hyejin nurse , Lee Hyeonu unemployed guy who hunts for jobs , and Jeon Jeongok housewife, Park Eunyeong's mother. Song Jungeun A noisy family and their noisy daily life. On 24 April , fitness model Ray Yang appeared on the skit as a guest. Ryu Geunil, Jeong Seunghwan, Park Jisun, Kim Minkyeong, Kwon Jae-kwan, Kim Seongwon When all else fails in negotiations, the world's greatest lobbyists are in the unlikely forms of two middle-aged ahjumma s who are good in persuasion at all costs.

A skit about hearing what different people think or say about the same thing. Jang Donghyeok, Lee Hyeonjeong, Im Jonghyeok A skit about a noisy family with a father who is brusque, mother who always feels deceived, and son who has no interest in studying. Comedian Jang Donghyeok's return to comedy after 6 years. Kang Yu-mi, Yoo Se-yoon About a duo that demonstrates everything about being with your significant other. Park Eunyeong, Kwak Beom The boyfriend who made his girlfriend angry begs outside her front door for forgiveness, but he unluckily misses every single opportunity to prove that he's sincere.

The skit was abolished without saying goodbye to viewers and the project ended as a failure. Gag Concert's longest skit. On 20 September , Ilya Belyakov joined the debate as one of the audience. The skit ended due to the departure of director Jo Jun-hui, [94] and the skit moved on as Young President. Lee Sanghun, Song Yeonggil, Song Wangho Three actors from Chungmuro start their own live internet broadcast and act based on the comments. Park Eun-yeong has a hard time due to her irritating mother-in-law, Kim Kyeong-ah, but then comes Kim Kyeong-ah's mother-in-law, Kim Ji-ho, who gives her a difficult time.

In this skit, Oh Nami tries to hit on guys from the audience. Park Jisun works with the truth, Kim Daeseong talks about the facts, and Park Yeongjin pinpoints things that have nothing to do with the purpose of the hearing. Song Byeongcheol Drama happens when you have to pick an animal to slaughter for your restaurant. Park Seongho 13 , Lee Jonghun, Ryu Geunil, Kwak Beom, Kim Byeong-seon Musical comedy where two things are compared, to which the conclusion is that there is no big difference between them.

They also compared some styles from celebrity which is worse than before on 'one step back'. Lee Hyeseok, Kim Jincheol, Kwak Beom Two friends who spend their days tossing a baseball back-and-forth while talking about daily life. On 28 September , pianist Shin Jiho appeared as a special guest. Park Seongho 13 , Ryu Geunil Stories from the forest. Jang Kiyeong When 2 robbers happen to commit robbery in the same place at the same time. Ahn Somi, Heo Min. Lee Seongdong, Kim Hoekyeong Feeling flirtatious in the bar, Lee Hyeonjeong tries to chat up different kinds of men, who are totally unfazed.

Lee Suji, Seo Taehun, Park Eunyeong, Jo Jinse, Jo Raehun Jo Raehun's plight during investigation doesn't get any better when his lawyer can't get his facts straight, his mother is too nervous to help him escape, and the interrogator is his ex-girlfriend. Due to Ladies' Code's tragic accident that happened on September 3 and then EunB's death , the corner was excluded from the recording within the same day for the Chuseok special broadcast on September 7; [98] RiSe died hours before the actual broadcast.

The skit resumed a week later September 14 with a significant change: Strawberry Milk 's OK as signature song. Im Jonghyeok, Jang Yunseok, Choi Jaewon, Shim Mungyu, Song Jaein Two university freshmen find it difficult to celebrate their settling in while sharing the room with a senior studying for his exams. Quiz Cafe 4 June — 29 October Korean: About a platoon which is starting to go crazy after days of isolation.

Lee Dongyun and Lee Sejin as the only normal soldiers. Kim Janggun as a soldier who is going crazy. Jeong Myeonghun as an elite medical crew who can't remember things. Kim Jimin as a crazy ghost. Yun Hanmin as a colonel who easily gives up. Lee Suji as a seller. Im Jaebaek Frequently used onomatopoeia to be changed to become more detailed and real. On 20 September , announcer Kim Beomsu appeared as a guest for Chuseok special. Kim Jeonghun, Kim Minkyeong, Park Jiseon Things that happen during a regular script reading of a soon-to-be makjang soap opera drama, mocking broadcast stations' use of product placement that make no sense, problems with drama writers, and more.

Kim Kiri, Seo Taehun Comparing drama scenes with reality. K Kim Jaewook possesses psychometry , the extra-sensoral ability to get information and see things from the past when touching an object. Jimin always seems to say something that makes sense, but it turns out she is slurring words, and in later episodes she appears shockingly in and out of random places.

The contest that allows you to say anything. Contestants usually say the opposite of what one would expect them to say based on the context. The corner is about two detectives in violent crimes division who are secretly dating. His interrogation process tests the humor of suspected subjects by making them come up with acrostic poems.

They blame everything, from being passed over CF deals, to celebrities "less beautiful than them", to their single status, on the "curse of the nines". Lee Sanghun, Jang Yunseok, Kim Byeong-seon Two salespersons compete to sell their conflicting products, making the passengers on the metro react to them. But when it's down to the last person - who has both products on - his reaction is a peculiar one.

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Im Jaebaek, Park Eunyeong, Lee Seongdong, Kwon Jae-kwan, Im Woo-il, Jeong Haecheol About an acting crew who spoil the script to attract attention with their exaggerated acting skills, just for the taste of the spotlight. Rules of the Time in terms of the mafia family and attempts of finding solutions to problems through connections. Jeong Yunho, Lee Suji, Park Seongkwang, Lee Sanghun A thief attacking bank employees, and asks them to act out to cover for him when he gets a phone call from his mother or girlfriend.

Park Yeongjin About a tenant struggling from a stubborn building's security guard and the old men living around. On 31 May , Big Tide cheering group appeared in the skit. Lee Chan, Kim Wonhyo, Lee Munjae About three friends, one rich, one poor and one getting by who are struggling from the same thing in a different way. But Yu Minsang becomes the villain instead when the villain looks like the victim instead. Park Jisun, Lee Huigyeong, Kim Huiwon, Jang Yuhwan, Yu Minsang About a nouveau riches couple and daughter-in-law trying to take advantage of their new-found wealth in every situation while still unconsciously acting like their old way of life.

Noh Ujin, Song Pilgeun, Kim Jeonghun, Song Wangho, Lee Sanggu About a stubborn gang leader and his subordinate and how they deal with the police when their crimes are discovered using mindless excuses. In the year , due to the exhaustion of food, the human race is about to die off. The survivors made their own underground world with their own rules; being fat means power, authority, honor and wealth, only fat people rule this world.

All comedians starring in this corner are overweight, and they compete on who weigh more by showing off their characteristics and eating ability. The band released an album Fashion City in Ahn Yoon-sang, Eom Taegyeong Musical comedy; the name of the skit refers to buffering a video online.

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The skit includes repetition, freezing, and looping as some of the problems that may actually play out when loading a video with a slow internet connection. Two exorcists seek to expel him. Hong Hyeonho is stuck in the collapsed tunnel, but funny things happen over the phone while waiting for help. Im Seongwook, Kim Nina etc. About three handsome friends plus random handsome all-around stranger that keep interrupting Pilgeun's dates with his girlfriend.

The corner starts with NC. A 's Oh My God. Voice phishing and scamming attempts.

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This skit took 's Top Excellence Award for Idea. On 20 September , singer Park Wan-kyu appeared as a guest for Chuseok special. Noh Ujin About an angry tourist and crazy tour guides. Shim Mungyu, Jo Chunghyeon, Kim Seunghye A counter-terrorist team has arrived to eradicate the "terrors" found in the city, such as mothers-in-law, nosey siblings, and middle-aged ladies in public. On 28 December , Sayuri appeared as guest for new year special.