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She is so desperate that she threatens suicide, and the Friar instead suggests that she takes a potion that will make her appear to be dead. He promises to send a message to Romeo, asking him to return secretly and be with Juliet when she wakes, once her 'body' has been taken to the family crypt.

The Nurse discovers Juliet 's 'body' dead' when she goes to wake her for her marriage Paris. Friar Laurence is called, counsels the family to accept their grief, and arranges for Juliet to be 'buried' immediately. Romeo's servant, Balthasar, reaches Mantua before the Friar's messenger and tells Romeo that Juliet is dead. Romeo buys poison and leaves for Verona, planning to die alongside Juliet's body. Trying to break into the Capulet crypt, Romeo is disturbed by Paris and they fight.

Romeo kills Paris and reaches Juliet's body.

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He drinks the poison, kisses his wife for the last time, and dies. Having learned that Romeo never received his message, the Friar comes to the crypt to be with Juliet when she wakes. He finds Paris's body and reaches Juliet just as she revives. He cannot persuade her to leave her dead husband, and runs away in fear.

Juliet realises what has happened, takes Romeo's knife and stabs herself to death with it.

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The watchmen discover the gruesome sight and call the Prince, to whom the Friar confesses everything. Having heard the full story, the Montagues and Capulets are reconciled. Peace has been achieved, but the price has been the lives of two innocent young lovers. Discover loads of facts, videos and in-depth information about Shakespeare's plays.

Really get to grips with the stories, settings and characters of Shakespeare's plays.

Key moments and facts | Romeo and Juliet | Royal Shakespeare Company

Unlock his language using the same techniques our actors use in rehearsals. Romeo and Juliet , directed by Neil Bartlett.

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The scene is set Act 1 Scene 1 Montague and Capulet servants clash in the street, the Prince threatens dire punishment if another such brawl should take place, and Romeo tells his friend, Benvolio, of his obsession with Rosaline. The lovers meet for the first time Act 1 Scene 4 Romeo is persuaded to attend a masked party at the Capulet household. Romeo risks death to meet Juliet again Act 2 Scene 1 When everyone has left the party, Romeo creeps into the Capulet garden and sees Juliet on her balcony.

The wedding is held in secret Act 2 Scene 5 Juliet tells her parents she is going to make her confession to Friar Laurence, meets Romeo there and, despite some personal misgivings, the friar marries them immediately. Romeo angrily kills Juliet's cousin, Tybalt Act 3 Scene 1 Romeo meets Tybalt in the street, and is challenged by him to a duel. The unhappy couple are parted Act 3 Scene 5 Arranged by the Friar and the Nurse, Romeo and Juliet have spent their wedding night together. The Friar suggests a dangerous solution Act 4 Scene 1 Juliet arrives at the Friar's to be met by Paris, who is busy discussing their wedding plans.

Juliet is found 'dead' Act 4 Scene 4 The Nurse discovers Juliet 's 'body' dead' when she goes to wake her for her marriage Paris. Romeo learns of the tragedy and plans suicide Act 5 Scene 1 Romeo's servant, Balthasar, reaches Mantua before the Friar's messenger and tells Romeo that Juliet is dead. This prologue reveals the ending to the audience before the play has properly begun. But today, millions of data signals are being sent as consumers bounce across hundreds of touchpoints, especially online search.

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