La révolution facebook (Essais et documents) (French Edition)

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Bogostreets - Colombia's Cultural Capital. See all programmes Culture. Christmas with the Sotto Voco Choir 43 min. Disappearing Insects - A Silent Catastrophe 53 min. Digital Stress - Xenius 27 min. Digital Africa - Innovative Ideas from Africa. And the gilets jaunes are no exception.

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The Internet is a communications tool. Every radical movement has had their communication tools, such as radio with the French Resistance , yet those coded messages in the s needed a network on the ground to make sense of them and respond. And French nightly television news has run non-stop footage and analyses of the protests. But how can the gilets jaunes movement sustain itself? How Digital Activism Favors Conservatives Harvard University Press , I found that over time, movements that have resources and infrastructure are more likely to harness the power of the Internet, and conservatives tend to have an advantage in this regard.

The "gilets jaunes" movement is not a Facebook revolution

Over the long run, it takes focused time and expertise to maintain online participation for social movements. Hierarchical, not horizontal, groups are more likely to be able to do this. Simply, more, not less, organization is required for digital activism to endure in a movement.

Breaking the rules

Yet I am not arguing that the gilets jaunes was sparked by a conservative organizational bureaucracy. It is an organic popular movement that wants the government to be more, not less, involved in improving the lives of the working-class. In the absence of a strong grassroots organization, others will take over, including orchestrated dis-information digital campaigns. But nor is propaganda new to political movements. This is a movement that is linked to power and economic differences — not just people feeling a financial squeeze at the end of the month but also eyeing the growing inequality between the elites and the working class all over France.

They are embedded in a societal context that drives their participation. Pages liked by this Page. First Lady Chirlane McCray.

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