The Ascent of Mount Mandala

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Dave Graham - 2nd Ascent of The Mandala

The approach from the south via the South Face is a lot more difficult in technical terms — it has only been successfully climbed from the south on one occasion in by Bruce Parry and Mark Anstice. It sounds very much like a route only suitable for experienced rock climbers. Ricky Munday is leading a party to attempt a second ascent via this route in December It will involve flying into Sumtamon and then trekking in for a week to the Eilanden River. After that they will rely on information provided by Mark Anstice and follow hunting trails used by men from the village of Tabasyk and onwards up the southern cliffs.

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Good luck Mr Munday! Wikipedia English Wikipedia Indonesia. Do you think there is a way out on the south west of the ridge?? Also From eipomek did you pas the village of langda or did you follow the north ridge? Thanks a lot for your help. Did you Drew a map of your climbing?? Two climbers from Latvia summited Mandala on March 20, unsupported. Trekked to mountain from Eipomek NW , the most eastward village surat jalan was given for westerners. We followed main ridge crossed it twice , it took nine days and some 6 or 7 mountain passes to reach base did new route from NW.

After summit continued SE to Sape and Oksibil. There are regular Trigana flights to Oksibil as well 4 per day. Basic Bahasa Indonesia knowledge is must to complete trek like this on your own. Dari info yang aku pernah temukan, ekspedisi Pak Steven tidak mengunakan jalur dari Bime atau mana pun, kelihatannya mereka mengunakan heli untuk sampai titik yang lebih dekat. Ngomon-ngomon, boleh aku tau soal rencana pak Sugeng lebih rinci?

Where Does The Puncak Mandala Rise?

Allo Steven, Saya berencana mau ke Mandala bulan Maret-April ini, kalau dari Bime butuh berapa hari utk sampai ke puncak? Apakah betul ad gua dibelantara? Boleh aku tau soal Mandala? Dimana boleh dapat keterangan tentang pendakian kalian?

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Bagaimana jalurnya dari Bime boleh dapat di cari? Saya baru pulang mendaki puncak trikora dan puncak mandala oktober Saya berasal dari anak Tanime, kalau Bapak Perlu berkomunikasi mengenai wilayah gunung Juliana atau mandala silakan hubungi alamat diatas ini. Boleh saya minta kontak sesuai alamat tersebut diatas. Saya sedang mencari informasi ttg Gunung Mandala. Munday will fly to Bime in the Star Mountains tomorrow morning from where he will start the trek to the base camp of Puncak Mandala 4,m , the first of the three peaks he will attempt to summit during the six-week expedition.

He will use porters from the Ngalum tribe to gain local support and reduce the risk of Papuan separatist groups interfering with his solo attempt to summit Puncak Mandala.

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Munday will travel by light aircraft and trek through extremely remote and challenging rainforest to each base camp. The six-week expedition has three objectives: Ricky will live on freeze dried food and cope with the ever present dangers of malaria, dangerous snakes and altitude sickness. It is important to understand here that none of the Buddhist tantric deities are believed to exist externally.

Rather, they represent the ultimate and profound state of mind which sees that self and phenomena are empty of inherent existence. If this is an intriguing idea for you, then you may want to learn more about the distinctive Buddhist philosophy of dependent origination.

Chakrasambava is understood as a wrathful manifestation of Buddha for combating the compelling mental condition of perceiving things as concretely existing. With the initiation and guidance of a qualified teacher, the practitioner gains the benefit of seeing things as they really are—that is, illusory and empty of inherent existence. Cultivating wisdom together with compassion form the complementary two wings for full flight to enlightenment.

Tibetan Buddhists believe that pilgrimage to sacred sites like Drilbu Ri is a great purification of self-centered concerns in order to adopt more expansive mental states that are conducive for wisdom. Traditionally, Tibetans have traveled hundreds or even thousands of kilometers, often in full body prostration, to complete such pilgrimages.

Puncak Mandala

I understand that Drilbu Ri and Mount Kailash are two of the foremost sites for kora. It is said that the completion of such circumambulations bring manifold results, multiplying divine merit. As for me, I came here to research Indo-Tibetan mandalas as a visual artist. Then found, as I was told, that Lahaul does not have so much in the way of drawn images of mandalas. Rather, the land itself is a mandala which one should experience physically. The weather was such a wonderful wide range all that day. Dawn began with some overcast clouds, which then gradually lifted later in the morning to give way to wholesome, crystal clear sunshine by late morning when we reached the top.

Historical Role

After a picnic brunch of omelette sandwiches with Indian pickles which S brought with him, a light snowfall came to herald our time to pack up and start the hike down the other side of Drilbu Ri Mountain. The destination was Gondhala Village, where we would then get a bus or taxi back to Keylong. Oh, and by the way, I thought making it to the top of Drilbu Ri meant the hard part was over.

The return on the other side of the mountain was less steep, more graduated but MUCH longer distance. It was also colder and so windy at times that you literally had to resist being blown over a decline. I was so grateful S had brought me an extra jacket to wear. Later, I felt like my eyes were playing tricks on me because Gondhala never seemed to come any closer no matter how long and how far we walked!

The village visually seemed like it stayed the same distance away. I finally did get exhausted and waved the white flag. I was never so happy before to see a road—wonderful, smooth, FLAT road! Eva, these blog entries are terrific. I love following your amazing journey.

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Thank you for keeping us posted with these gorgeous views. Hello there, we also completed our kora of the Drilbu last week. Glad that you have blogged about it.

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Leave this field empty. Sept 16 th Drilbu Ri Mountain kora circumambulation 5 a. The destination is the top of the mountain near where those seven peaks appear at upper left.