The End of the Road (Wanderer)

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The Wanderer — which can justifiably be described as the inspiration behind the grey nomad lifestyle — was made in the UK After years of being kept in storage and taken out only occasionally it has reached the end of the proverbial road. The legendary vehicle has travelled tens of thousands of kilometres in its lifetime, blazing the way for a lifestyle revolution that has reverberated throughout the world.

It is made from mahogany and maple wood, and painted black and gold. It boasts a bookcase, china cabinet and musical instruments in its stunning interior.

Vengeance Road (The Wanderer Book 1)

The caravan can be pulled by two horses and first went on tour in , and was last used in An extraordinary sight in its day, Dr Stables had to employ a valet to cycle ahead and clear the roads, warning road users it was coming. My sister and myself are heading over to Scotland to follow his journey and hopefully meet some relatives and of course visit The Wanderer. The glory days are over for this Mother Road Town - the Interstate brought those days to an end. Now it is a quiet little spot on the old highway.

There is a nicely restored gas station though thanks to the efforts of the Historic Route 66 Association of Texas. Beautifully restored gas station. The oldest Church in the area.

Sharing the road to adventure

All that's left of the famous Reptile Ranch. I didn't see any wayward snakes when I was there.

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  6. Everything is just a little bit bigger and better in Texas! And that includes the rest rooms. To say I was impressed is putting it mildly.

    End of the road for caravan that inspired a lifestyle

    What is really great about this stop is that it has interpretive computer programs, exhibits, and Route 66 history for the traveling public to enjoy. What better way to get the word out! Plan to stop and spend some time here, you won't be sorry you did. This newest rest area is located a short distance west of Alanreed, Texas on I This Route 66 playground would delight any child. The interpretive Route 66 history around the playground just might be an educational experience too. But don't tell your kids, they'll be having too much fun on old Route 66!