The Girl Who Dream Elephants

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This dream represents you inner cruel nature that is trying to find its way out. You pack up a lot of negativity inside yourself and you feel like you are going to burst every second. To release all of this negative energy try talking to people who have hurt you or made you feel this way.

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This dream represents your timid nature. This affects your relationship with other people and makes you unable to improve in certain areas of your life. To beat this fear you have you need to break out of your comfort zone and try out new things. It is hard but in the end it will definitely be worth the trouble. This dream represents your relationship with powerful people who can potentially hurt you or make your projects and ideas fail.

You fear that they will make their promises true and that you will be in a bad position. To avoid being hurt by these people you need to be careful around them and watch out for any clues that might suggest that they are up to something.

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This dream represents someone who is very close to you or someone who you have just met. This person will bring a lot of positive energy into your life and you will be able to make your plans come true because of their help. You will become close friends with person and you will be able to make a longtime relationship with them. This dream has a negative aspect.

Dreams About Elephants – Meaning and Interpretation

This will bring you a lot of worries and anxiousness that you will have to deal with in the following period. To avoid being overwhelmed by this situation make sure to act and think carefully before you make any decision.

This dream has a positive meaning. You will be extremely lucky in the upcoming period and you might even win something or get a promotion. These amazing creatures have lived with humans for centuries, and have a complex relationship with us. On the one hand, they are revered as deities such as Ganesh, on the other they have been used to carry humans into war, they are used as work animals to move logs and plow fields, and they are hunted ruthlessly for their ivory tusks.

The first and most noticable aspect of elephants is their physical size.


Elephants can symbolise something important and vast, or even obvious. Is there something everyone else is aware of but you are trying to ignore? Yet in other cultures, white elephants are symbols of good luck, and in some cases even considered holy. More than simply being large, elephants are of course strong: Elephants then can appear in dreams when we are drawing on great inner reserves of strength. It may be that we feel there are significant challenges to overcome, or a heavy burden to bear. Ganesh, however, with his strange elephant head, forces us to look beyond the mere physical, and realise the spiritual nature of things.

This is a more profound approach to the removal of obstacles that our dreams may be indicating we should consider. Elephants, though strong, are also inherently social creatures, and usually not given to violent outbursts unless provoked or protecting their family.

They are often attributed with great wisdom due to their combination of strength with gentle natures, their long lives and complex social structures. Dreaming of elephants may be a reflection of strong family bonds, a need to protect and nurture those close to us. Elephants may arise in dreams when we are challenged, but they may also make an appearance when are going through family changes, when children are born, or when we feel a growth in our responsibility, and even in our wisdom.

These can be stabilising, reassuring and inherently positive dreams. Elephants in dreams can symbolise commitment, personal growth and the attainment of a certain wisdom that comes with maturity. They can also reflect learning to lead by inclusion, of balancing strength with gentleness, of understanding the importance of communication and patience.

The memory of elephants is also legendary. They live a long time and are able to remember other elephants and even humans from their earliest years. In dreams, this could be a sign that there are some significant memories worth revisiting, a reminder that there are valuable things we should not forget. Ultimately, our perception of elephant dreams will reflect our other perceptions of life. Hi, dear please tell me. One big elephant living in my home in my dream last night and elephant go in my path puja wala room.

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  • Please tell me my own this dream. Always remember our subconscious mind is there to help you figure out your place; not just in this world, but the cosmos…. I dare not urge you to take severe actions based on dream s as literal interpretation as tho all your mind may want is consideration, i. The elephant may symbolize: Best of luck, LaLa. I had a dream of an Elephant was being submerged in water. In my dream I thought that seeing this elephant was going to bring me good luck. I had a dream, A Most advance Equipped house with a High Security in an island surrounded by a Thick arc shaped forest it.

    Where two people came for a business deal over there one after the other, First deal was finished and he left happy in a yacht , Now the turn for the second person coming for a deal, As we are in a discussion from Nowhere a group of elephants walking on the river and coming towards House so, a guy second one who got scared and running here and there.

    Even Security guys are in a huge confusion after seeing elephants from all sides. I ordered to fall back all the people to strong room inside the house, in between a two guys slipped into river , i went to save them and saved and brought them back to house. All the elephants entered the house in a row and wandering around the room. As i have said , House strong room is fully advanced one and strongest, nothing gonna happen even all elephants attack at a time.

    All the elephants were silent and sat at the every side in a circle none of them were making a move. One of the guy whom i have saved was the second guy who came for business, he asking me and the people all inside the room scared and wanted to shoot the elephants, for which i was totally reluctant and stood on behalf of them as moral support nothing gonna happen to them. I found a elephant looking at me , only me and listening keenly to my words. I felt inside, if it really listen to me, does it read my eyes and come towards me? In a surprise it stood and came towards close to the breach limit of protection and whispering something.

    I feel some happiness when it came towards me, and same happiness i have seen in its eyes. I never had such a beautiful dream in my entire life …………………………………. I had a dream of flying some sort of plane or helicopter and looking down into a field of elephants and there were many of them filing out of this wooden shack and it looked as if their legs had been hacked off but not all the way through and they would stumble out of the shack pass a precipice as their legs fell off….

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    This dream is troubling me what does it mean. The Elephant in my dream last night was running in circles through my apartment saying that he loved to lie and wanted to lie. The Elephant to me symbolized memories my first thought when I thought of the Elephant, an elephant never forgets. Wanted to hurt me. Chat with a dreams coach today.

    Dreaming of elephants may represent your memory in general or a specific, perhaps repressed, memory that may be trying to emerge from your unconscious; may be referencing something from your past that you keep remembering or bringing up and which you need to release or let go as it no longer applies to the present. You may think of others which can help you determine the interpretation of your elephant dream. Dreaming with elephant is also related to Dreams with elephant 21 Jun.

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