The Role of Special Education Interest Groups in National Policy

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They enable members to share expertise, discovery and best practices. Organizations that are not technical may also have Special Interest Groups, which are normally focused on a mutual interest [9] or shared characteristic of a subset of members of the organization. For identity-based advocacy groups, see identity politics.

Together they organize a Pan-SIG conference each year. These interest groups represent interests that support and lobby for areas of special need. For example, the Sierra Club focuses on protecting the environment as well as the wild places on earth. The focus also on the education of people on preservation of the environment. Groups like this advocate for their special interest and form a base of support that will assist them in moving along their public issue.

These political "entrepreneurs" are the classic view of the policy maker. An also much needed to these special interest groups is the patron.

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These patrons provide capital as well as support for the interest groups. The cause has to be one that many support and can get behind due to the quantity of other causes that lobby their patrons for support.

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Many of these dominant groups have sub-supporting groups that lobby for more specific issues, but assist in the overall cause. The federal and state governments along with the districts must invest in complete human capital systems.


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It is the best approach in preparing and retaining committed and capable mentors for the long-term [8]. A reasonable strategy in talent management for the education sector must focus on recruitment, development, and retention of intelligent and efficient teachers [9]. Teachers need to go back to school periodically to become better educators [10]. Good mentors can become outstanding by going further than textbooks.

This is the logic behind continuing education.

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Technology in the form of web-based workshops and lectures will be helpful [11]. School administrators and district officials must push their teachers to make use of available resources and opportunities to continue the learning process. Conferences with workshops are also valuable because these activities provide teachers with tools for integration of technology in the classrooms and Continuing Professional Development Units in boosting their careers.

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