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Back wheel and all other bike parts were collected, cleaned, fixed and adapted for this bike. The floor and the door of the box are made out of wood, the walls are aluminum advertisement panels. Then came the coloring part with spray and finally the montage which deserved this part of surprises but the cargobike is alive and riding perfectly!! Thanks to everybody from the Lastenrad werkstatt and especially Benner, Richard, Simon and Christophe for your help, your patience and for sharing your knowledge with us! Wollt ihr auch Foodsaver werden?


Oder kennt Firmen, die manchmal Lebensmittel zu fairteilen haben? Sprecht uns an oder schreibt uns! Soap manufacture workshop is bring us to the reflection about cosmetic products. Purchasing shampoo, soaps, tooth paste we often end up reading lines of chemicals on the back side of a package, wondering why they are so many of them, trying to imagine how all these components could influence qualities of a product and your own health. The cosmetics industry does have certain standards to live up to, but we can never know for sure if a label is completely honest with consumers.

On Wednesday 27th of April, Soap workshop was devoted to exploration of soap manufacture using cold method, which based on the mixing natural oils with lye. Palm oil served for hardness, coconut - for great bubbles, castor oil brought mildness, olive oil - of course softness and essential eucalyptus oil were added to increase antiseptic qualities. The participants were exploring complicated and at the same time easy process of soap making discovery together with long-awaited spring time. Each participant designed a unique Notebook and sewed it with a glue-less sewing technique.

We have been collecting paper material from printer shops, old Calendars with images, one side printed paper and magazines and through this workshop a collection of varied notebooks was created. We expect 35 members of various selforganised collectives from 8 countries to show up! The Carnival wants to raise voices against the isolation of refugees and make clear political demands against the tightening of asylum laws and the discrimination of refugees. Friday, 11th of March - o clock - Info evening with movie, vegan ku: Tauschladen ist wieder auf!

Sei dabei mit einem Beutel und hilf uns essen zu retten! We will also be introducing our organisation to those who don't know it yet, brain storm about ideas and possibilities, and try to get some supporters that can help us keep the project running. As always swap shop every tuesday and thursday Foodsharing each tuesday at But thats not all! Upcoming also lots of workshops: And urban gardening, movie screenings, jam-sessions, open wood workshop, sew-cafe, a potential CSA veggies delivery spot, art exhibitions and more!

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Skills, Knowledge and space for micro-revolutions and evolutions of everything one needs to live off the grid! Wolltet ihr euch schon immer mal kreativ auslassen? Dann kommt schon ab 15h vorbei! For the last time the Mareschstr. We will start during the day, the swapshop will be opened and we will collect our trashy decoration from the basement and transform the flat.

You always wanted to do that? Come over from 3pm. You can just stay until the postapokalyptic brunch on sunday and enjoy the jam session! Our year has started really wild, as you might have heard: Dear Mareschstrasse, we are moving out! Yes right, our new space is much bigger and beautiful, but check it out yourself. But for our move to happen smoothly, we have to start organizing the move, packing, emptying the space, dismantling everything.

Wanna spend this time with us? Wanna give something back? Maybe a solidarity concert? Workshops and actions are welcome! This time will be also time to collect donation to finanze the moving and the installation in the new place. Feel free to help us leaving donation see details below. We are sure your clothes can wait till march. After that crazy and intense time of sharing, dropping, creating, crafting, swapping, skill sharing We will disappear from the surface but be busy building stuff, extra invitation will follow ;. For big and tiny children, families, friends and all the other curious people dogs are also welcome, of course - Do You know, who can help You to repair broken chair, or shoes?

What to do with a lamp you do not need? Where to find affordable second hand things? Is there a place to borrow tools? Trash2treasure game is about meeting likeminded people, using the streets as our playground, exploring the neighbourhood and mapping the places, where people can repair, recycle, reuse items instead of buying new ones. There are too many things already produced and too much material wasted, so together with You we want to research how to save material, time and money and make a treasure map.

With the project we want to bring fun into environmental topics, make time and space to meet the neighbours, learn the neighbourhood and together make sure its a happy place for everyone - big or small, poor or rich, with 2 or 4 legs, with a workshop, cafe or backyard garden. During the treasure hunt we will visit some of the places, do some upcycling, swapping and reparing as well as discover new places - all the results will be collected and launched in an online and offline map in the beginning of next year.

Everyone is more than welcome to contribute by participating in the treasure hunt, supporting with researching the area, online mapping solutions, or ideas for spreading the map. The game will take place on 12th of December from The meeting point is the cozy Tauschladen, Mareschstr. The round during the neighbourhood will take 1 - 2 hours, at the end of the gamethe map will bring us all back to the Tauschladen, share the stories of treasure hunters, have some presents for such nominations as the fastest, slowest, most environmental and others!

Please register for participation as a team or an individual by sending a request to mariiaservetnyk gmail. The registration is open till 7th of December. Thanks to everybody for that beautiful moment of learning, sharing experiences, community living and so on!! We hope you all enjoy that moment as much as you.

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You were all of you a very nice team and we really had a great time. Now it's time for feedback analyse and evaluation to propose you maybe another training course next year.

A special congratulation to our wonderful vegan cooker Fay www. Thank you to all the organisations which took part in that training course. You all do an amazing work in your country and we want to share it:. Becoming part of Recycled Creativity Festival Yes, but how? Here is list of times ane places, where helpful hands are needed! Please sign up with your name in the list http: Lets throw the Recycled Creativity Festival - all ends meets beginnings at Recyceld Creativity Festival on 26th of September!

DIY workshops and experiments, music and performances, ku: Lets catch the last summer sun, play with some trash, listen to others playing and learn more about healthy and happy life. Join the festival and be part of it — come and bake cakes, spread the word, help with workshops, swap some things, get inspired and spend some nice time in our yearly recycling celebration!

Let us know - info recycledcreativity. Thursday, 24 th of Sept — at Saturday, 26 th of Sept — Participants need to be over We will not be able to host any underage participants. Please bare in mind the new Erasmus Plus travel limits for your country euro. Reimbursement will be given only on the basis of an existing ticket.

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Results will be sent on your e-mail on Members of self-organised youth collectives wanted! Background of the project The idea to organize a training course, aimed to promote active and participative citizenship through sharing the knowledge and experiences of self-organisation and exploring the different methods for group work, came based on the need of sharing the common urge to look for place where the daily meaning of activities is visible, the work is more than an a forced activity, the organisation's work is coherent with its values, there is a place for own reflection, feedback and ideas, the decisions are transparent and collective, everyone can affiliate with the goals of the organisation.

All participants selected for this project should meet the following criteria: Applicants will be informed about their acceptance within 2 weeks. If you have any questions regarding the project and your application, don't hesitate to contact us. Da hat sich so manch einer schon gewundert und gestaunt, dass ihm der Schreibtischstuhl nicht nur geschenkt wurde, sondern auch noch neu bezogen und repariert. Aber so sind wir eben: Ein gelungener Tag voller Recycling, Reusing und Repairing.

Danke an euch alle! The entire project was delivered in English, as trying to make Slovenian or Estonian the main language would be next to impossible believe me, I tried to focus in on their conversations and they could be talking about flying-pigs for all I knew. Therefore, as the only native English speaker, I was designated to the living dictionary and editor. The program ran similar to a summer camp — living in close proximity with one another, having continuous people time and a tight packed schedule of activities in which we would be teaching up-cycling methods and also creating video tutorials to be shared online and shown to the youngsters in the local community of Cristuru Secuiesc and area.

During the day we spent hours of creative thinking-and-making time to produce Up-cycled creations from things that would otherwise be trash and forgotten. On our last day we dressed up a member of our team as Trash Man and we went out to do a Eco- Flash Mob- in which we went out to the streets and as a human machine we created an assembly line making little tetra pack wallets. Lots of kids enjoyed our demonstration and the community took home the final product with curious smiles on their faces.

Main Currents in Nineteenth Century Literature - 6. Young Germany by Georg Brandes

Lots of creative minds from all over Europe worked together and we enjoyed culture nights every evening, in which our group represented more of Berlin than German culture. So many ideas, laughs and hugs shared — and before we knew it the project was over and time to go home and continue to share our creative discoveries.

Delicious pro-biotic snacks and drinks were eaten and great discussion made. Eyes were opened to the world of fermentation. We feel not able to any more set a border-line between activism, art, pedagogy, social work and general creativity while defining creative activism with the goal to create a practical guide about it. Come to Ida Nowhere, and bring your ideas about creative activism!

Through the years the network has developed as a cooperation between NGOs around Europe, supported by a network of activists, artists and curious citizens from Europe and overseas. After creating 8 issues of the magazine, became necessary to gather the experiences about creative activism in a shape of a handbook that can be passed on to other multipliers. To gather knowledge, experience and ideas about the role of creative activism in society and to generate a tool for evolutions in urban and rural communities is the aim of this book.

After two years, the book received the final form, and now ready to spread, print it and involve others to it. It can be a tool for the community makers, social workers, and it can help also to the active citizens, who wants to make neighbour actions, can be useful for collectives to group building. The book is never finished — anybody can write in it, and everybody can change the structure of it, customizable. The book is an online platform where anyone can join and add new articles, we offer a structure and programmed web tool to be used and hope that somewhere in some years the book will have doubled the volume with quality contributions about creative acts and methods from around the globe.

It all started with three days in a fancy estate deep in the countryside of Brandenburg. There were all kinds of talented people, that came together to plan and prepare for this huge event. You can see what we did there here. After a lecture about fashion industry from the very great ladies of Clean Clothes Campaign we moved strait into making: Music and a film were quickly created, costumes and flags, a 4 meter inflatable needle and stencills to promote the event. Our team was in charge of organizing two days camp, where everyone makes their own trash costumes for the parade.

This event, planned for a week before the actual parade, happened at the UrbanSpree. Out in the sun with our sewing machines and dumpstered materials we created really cool Trashion.

But more importantly it raised awareness and got lots of attention, as the public discussion about garment industry workers rights was heating up anyway, due to the opening of a Primark brunch in Alexanderplatz a week before. It was super nice! We had two events: We ate a cake, did some chin-chin with our glasses, wrote birthday wishes on flags and enjoyed being surrounded with the people we love and the dear people that help us along the way. The second birthday event was organized for us, members and volunteers.

We went on a carefully planed adventure around the neighbourhood- looking for clues to get to a secrete destination. There we had a picnic, shared memories and had a funny fight about where to plant a young but heroic apple tree. Our photographer and EVS volunteer Gerben took this great pictures. Wenn ihr mehr wissen wollt, lest hier nach. Daher haben wir diesen wunderbaren zweiten Raum neben dem Tauschladen dazugemietet und nun all unsere Materialien aus dem Lager der Villa Kunterfunk geholt und verstaut.

Schon etwas her aber im Sommer lernten wir von Wolfram wie man vegane Seifen macht. Super Seife, sagt bescheid, wenn wirs mal wieder machen sollen! The handbook is a manifest of creative activism and intended to function as a trigger to move from thinking to doing, by sharing different methodologies, best practices, experiences, advice, anecdotes, tips and tricks.

The online community and publication created by open and flat structured collective of authors is meant for youth educators, activists, artists, community facilitators and everyone else who believes in progress by bottom-up and a socially engaged microrevolution.

You find it here: You can find stories from different collectives and activists; yay flautas, Fuck for forest, Partizaning, Molestar. The Handbook is an open process so we are happy to receive more action reports and interviews from around the world. Masta Handbook - Peer to peer education.

We are making plans again! The last weekend of May we met with our partner crews from Scotland Xchange scotland and Spain Ye too Ponese to plan the workshop program of the next year with the Masta Handbook, and develop the online book concept to work well also for print…. It is coming soon and we are getting well exited! In the meeting we also made a workshop to try out our materials with the NGO, International Young Naturefriends over skype! Mit dabei waren u. Hier findet ihr eine Liveberichterstattung des Karnevals, mit uns ab Minute 48!

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We tried to understand, how closed ecosystem can work and make one of them by ourselves. Some tips, how to do make your own terrarium: The third layer - soil, and then let your fantasy work - plants, moss forests, princes, deer, flamingos etc. In Naturlabor Easter workshop on March 29 we talked about weird and less weird traditions we use to do in Easter. Chocolate bunnies or egg battles? But the main reason we wanted to come together was to find out - How to colour Easter eggs by natural plants and patterns. After experiments with onion skins, purple cabbage, chamomile, candle wax, blueberries, leaves, beets etc.

She is a fashion design student specialised in plant natural dying and was able to facilitate for us the complex process that she has been experimenting for many months! Here some images of the workshop! We made a very special Christmas Present to sell at the markets this weekend. We collected lots of random small things that we had been keeping in our houses - that were waiting to be used or because they were nice - and washed quite some glass jars with lids.

We filled the crap in the glass jars doing our best according to our artistic and creative judgement and labeled it: Funnily enough quite some people liked the Random Junk jars. When they asked the price, we said, you can say how much you want to give, then we can agree on the price together. On the contrary, people would have to make an effort to decide if they really wanted it, and how much money did they think they would be willing to pay for it. The game was about this idea, that something that appears very valuable for me, should also have a very high price. Or all the concerns that this raised around value, price and quality.

At first they were confused and had a really hard time saying a number. Other times they would offer a price initially that they already considered underpriced themselves. It was them having a struggle about wanting something and paying for it and me watching their story and their process. When they said a number and I said, yes, then they were incredibly liberated, feeling that we had reached an agreement. People here in Europe see a product and ask for the price. The price of the product or service is an inherent quality with a role in the decision making process of whether they want the product or not.

In many cases the price is even decisive. This is a lot of the problem about money: On the other hand I do find some of our Random Junk really beautiful - thank you to everyone that loved it as well and bought it. Words and Photos by TauMh. Every Naturlabor is learning us something new. Last Friday we were making organic deodorant. This time Tau was our specialist and showed us how to do it - it is really easy and works! Shea butter, baking soda, cornstarch and your favourite essential oil - that is all you need!

But Naturlabor is not only about practical skills. It is also about eating and talking! During sitting all together in a big table we were talking about normal deodorant bad input to our bodies, exchanging experiences and many, many different ideas we had. We are wondering now what should be the topic of next Naturlabor. Do you have any ideas or skills you want to share? Stream for change a retrospective. Actions and reactions from 5 different countries: Now you can read and see what happened the past months. You can find information online about how to make moss graffiti.

We decided for a mixture with some fresh picked moss, buttermilk and sugar. Read more in the original post! Seedbombs are designed to enable seeds to be sown in a hard to reach place. Perfect tool to go wild with flowers and reclaim your nature! The PONS Dictionary delivers the reliability of a dictionary which has been editorially reviewed and expanded over the course of decades. In addition, the Dictionary is now supplemented with millions of real-life translation examples from external sources.

So, now you can see how a concept is translated in specific contexts. We are able to identify trustworthy translations with the aid of automated processes. The main sources we used are professionally translated company, and academic, websites. In addition, we have included websites of international organizations such as the European Union. Because of the overwhelming data volume, it has not been possible to carry out a manual editorial check on all of these documents. So, we logically cannot guarantee the quality of each and every translation. We are working on continually optimizing the quality of our usage examples by improving their relevance as well as the translations.

In addition, we have begun to apply this technology to further languages in order to build up usage-example databases for other language pairs. We also aim to integrate these usage examples into our mobile applications mobile website, apps as quickly as possible. My search history My favourites. Javascript has been deactivated in your browser.

Reactivation will enable you to use the vocabulary trainer and any other programs. Are you missing a word, phrase or translation? Submit a new entry. Compile a new entry. In the version featuring white-chrome surfaces, elegant and sensuous forms in pure white meet a generous chrome surface at a precisely drawn circumferential edge.

The lack of ideology, the high level of emotionality , the numerous changes of perspective and the brilliance of the language are like a never-ending stream, which over the centuries have mingled together in a wondrous way with our thoughts and feelings, but also our ways of telling on the stage. Shakespeare is our precious resource which feeds the theatre with its 25 permanently employed people and drives them to seek new shores. The thesis is that due to its aesthetic mode of expression, the emotionality displayed both on stage and in the audience and the resulting discussion, theatre becomes an entertaining social and cultural event and offers specific possibilities of sensibilization and reflection.

Wim Wenders zur filmischen Interpretation: Wim Wenders comments on the cinematic interpretation: With tears in his eyes he recounts his wartime experiences and talks about his problematic relationship to his daughter. In Venetian painting, the message and emotionality of the picture was often conveyed through the use of colour.

These are the charming houses that you immediately fall in love with because they have attained a stylish patina over the years, since they practically exude emotionality and you sometimes have the impression that the walls long to tell their story. Vital sensuality and emotionality versus cool, mechanical functionality — this contrast is emphasised through the conflict between the traditional technique used to depict the soft, rounded forms of the young woman and the montage of materials from which the bridegroom is made up. The entry has been added to your favourites.

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