Eternal Bulwark (TQuel Magic 3) (The TQuel Magic - A Trilogy)

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The situation is desperate as the mainland elves and their allies try to stop the enemy from gaining control of the route between the worlds of elf and man. Half-elf Kirsty and her companions have travelled to the years , , and 19 A time travelling, fantasy adventure with a difference - the past cannot be altered. Half-elf Kirsty and her companions have travelled to the years , , and during their quest to find the magical jewels that will seal the route.

Now they must go back in time again - to the era of the Iceni Queen Boudica and the Ninth Roman Legion in a desperate search for the final three. Kindle Edition , pages.

Eternal Bulwark (T'Quel Magic 3) (The T'Quel Magic - A Trilogy)

Published December 29th first published September 19th To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Lists with This Book. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Sep 27, Donna Barney rated it really liked it Shelves: Great book, very interesting original plot and believable characters. I deducted one star for some pretty sloppy editing that, at times, got in the way of the story. Alicia Roberts rated it really liked it Aug 27, This alliance of convenience has granted the Horde a better footing in the mostly Alliance controlled Eastern Kingdoms , and in turn, with the Horde's protection, and even the assistance of the Argent Dawn , [14] the Forsaken were able to keep their holdings in Lordaeron.

This section concerns content related to the original World of Warcraft. Having carved out an alliance with the Horde, the Forsaken looked to expanding their ever-growing empire of undeath. By freeing the minds of the undead under the sway of the Lich King, Sylvanas came to preside over an impressive faction of her own. Nathanos was named the champion of the Banshee Queen and took up residence on the Marris Stead to train and direct his Queen's new champions. Sylvanas sent adventurers to train under Nathanos, and later to help remove the zealous Scarlet Crusade presence constantly harassing Forsaken lands.

Sylvanas sanctioned the creation of the Deathstalkers , [38] which has quickly become one of the most powerful spy organizations on Azeroth, and also oversaw the early production of a master plague capable of bringing the Scourge to its knees - the Royal Apothecary Society rising to meet this goal. Sylvanas tasked Varimathras with the conquering of the human and dwarven lands in southern Lordaeron. The Forsaken have incorporated the notion of Hallow's End into a core part of their culture.

Sylvanas hails it as the night where the Forsaken are strongest - the night where their enemies fear them the most. She appears in a ghostly form outside of the Undercity to burn the large wickerman ; much to the crowd's delight. The Wickerman Festival celebrates the anniversary of the Forsaken's campaign against the Scourge and Burning Legion and the birth of the Forsaken as a people.

Since the Cataclysm, Sylvanas gives a new speech during Hallow's End, and there are sound files for this speech, just as Genn Greymane has. This section concerns content related to The Burning Crusade. In undeath, Sylvanas still considers herself one of the foremost protectors of Quel'Thalas , and repeatedly offered assistance in the form of supplies and troops to the blood elves. This is due to the fact that the Dark Lady still had a lot of love for Quel'Thalas, its people, and identified with them on many fronts.

Sylvanas played a large part in convincing Thrall to accept the blood elves into the Horde. It is delivered to the Banshee Queen herself, and Sylvanas is briefly taken aback by the sight of it. However, she quickly composes herself and lashes out at the adventurer - ensuring them that it means nothing to her and that Alleria Windrunner is a long dead memory; dropping the necklace. She dismisses the adventurer from her chambers, though in a rare moment of emotion, summons a choir of high elven banshees and begins to sing a melancholic song for her bereaved homeland.

She then kneels down to pick up the necklace. On behalf of Mehlar Dawnblade , Sylvanas would later assist sin'dorei Blood Knights in the creation of a powerful scourgestone ; Sylvanas' intimate knowledge of the Scourge's workings proved essential in its creation. Sylvanas alongside Varimathras attacked a camp of the Scarlet Crusade in Tirisfal Glades and defeated its leader, Renee Lauer who was responsible for the deaths of some Horde members.

After this, Renee was resurrected as a Forsaken. Sylvanas once went to see Faranell who showed her the effects of the New Plague. She was satisfied with the result but warned Faranell that the Plague should never fall to wrong hands. Arthas killed and consumed the dream form of Ner'zhul thus he became the only person known as the Lich King.

In that moment he opened his eyes and Sylvanas felt that something terrible was happening. This section concerns content related to Wrath of the Lich King. The time had finally come to deal with the Scourge. After the duel between Garrosh and Thrall fueled by Garrosh's belief that immediate action needed to be taken was interrupted by a Scourge assault, Sylvanas helped to defend Orgrimmar. After the Horde victory, Thrall declared war upon the Lich King. Pleased, Sylvanas dispensed Putress to assist the Horde in Northrend - his vast knowledge of the plague surely being a beneficial addition to its arsenal.

With the Horde now dedicated to a Northrend campaign, Lady Sylvanas and a group of Royal Dreadguards traveled to Sunfury Spire to gain the support of the blood elves towards the war effort. Sylvanas instructed Lor'themar to send a force of blood elves -- magisters , Farstriders and Blood Knights —to Northrend, though Lor'themar was apprehensive, reasoning that he had only just overcome the war on Quel'Danas.

Sylvanas noted that the blood elves are a part of the Horde only by her hand and that if they do not mobilize they would surely lose its support - and Forsaken support in their lands. With his arm twisted, Lor'themar relented, and agreed to send a contingent of blood elves to the Undercity. Sylvanas prepared to leave, though Rommath was outraged at this turn of events. He threw Sylvanas' offers of aid back at her, stating that the situation was blackmail.

Sylvanas informed him that all she desired was the strength to defeat their greatest foe - and that moreover, her offers were just that - offers. Lor'themar quickly ended their conversation, and Sylvanas' eyes flashed for the briefest of moments at his Thalassian farewell. The Horde thus began their assault on the frozen region of Northrend. While the main Horde advance , led by Garrosh Hellscream , attacked from Borean Tundra ; the Forsaken - coming under the banner of the aptly named Hand of Vengeance - assaulted the region from Howling Fjord with their considerable navy.

Under Sylvanas' direct leadership, the Hand of Vengeance brought with it everything in the Forsaken's arsenal - including the penultimate phases of their enigmatic plague, which would be perfected during their time in Northrend. One of the new Forsaken camps in Northrend is New Agamand , where most of the Royal Apothecary Society 's members took up residence to finish perfecting the plague to unleash upon the Lich King. Lady Sylvanas had been methodically and patiently overseeing the creation of this contagion for several years now, and it seemed the time, at last, had come to test it on the Scourge.

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However, Grand Apothecary Putress , whom Sylvanas had deployed in Northrend, would soon come to undertake this honor - by hurling the perfected, ravenous plague at the Scourge , the Alliance , and even the Horde during the Battle of Angrathar the Wrathgate. As the combined Horde and Alliance forces began their assault upon Angrathar the Wrathgate , an uprising broke out within the Undercity. Varimathras and hordes of his demonic brethren, in league with Putress, overran the city, slaying all those who would not submit to their dark rule.

Sylvanas herself nearly died in the coup, but managed to escape with a number of loyalists and fled to Orgrimmar. Determined not to allow the dreadlords a foothold in Horde territory, Thrall and Sylvanas planned an immediate counter-attack. In the midst of their planning, however, Jaina Proudmoore arrived with terrible news: Jaina had been sent to elicit an explanation for the betrayal at the Wrathgate.

Though Thrall and Sylvanas explained that the Horde was not responsible for Putress, Jaina had warned them that King Varian would most likely pursue retribution. Sylvanas returned to the Undercity at the head of a Horde army, determined to retake her city. Along with Thrall and Vol'jin , she led the assault into Undercity itself, a cry for her people upon her lips. In the Throne Room, Sylvanas fought and finally slew Varimathras, retaking her throne. As this was occurring, King Varian launched his own assault on the Undercity from the sewers, eventually finding and killing Putress.

Upon discovery of various Forsaken experiments on their human captives, King Varian was set on declaring war on the Horde. King Varian entered the Royal Quarter shortly after Varimathras' defeat, branding them monsters and charged at the Warchief and the Dark Lady. However, he was quickly teleported out of the battle by Jaina, who took the Alliance forces back to Stormwind. With the battle over, Sylvanas was thus able to reclaim her throne, with the treacherous rebels put to death. Sylvanas was willing to take vengeance against the Lich King at almost any cost, even by making a weapon as deadly as the plague.

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Whether she was aware that Putress and Varimathras were planning to use the concoction remained a mystery. Rumors persisted that she knew about the attack at the Wrath Gate beforehand, and her denials did not assuage the doubts of her detractors. With that, Sylvanas herself made the journey to Northrend - to finally deliver her vengeance upon Arthas. Sylvanas led the Horde forces to the Frozen Halls inside Icecrown Citadel , to confront the Lich King and gain her vengeance against Arthas for destroying Quel'Thalas and damning her to undeath. Accompanied by Dark Ranger Kalira and Dark Ranger Loralen , she instructed Horde heroes in their battles through the accursed halls and joined with several Horde champions of the Argent Tournament.

Following the defeat of Ick and Krick , Krick begged for mercy before Sylvanas, and attempted to sate her with the knowledge that Frostmourne itself is within the halls - unguarded. Krick is ultimately disposed of by Scourgelord Tyrannus , and Sylvanas made the journey to the Halls of Reflection. Before entering the halls, they had to battle with Tyrannus. Right after his death, Sindragosa appeared and killed almost all the combatants except Sylvanas, her two rangers and the adventurers, who she pulled out of Sindragosa's range. She sent Kalira to get reinforcements and with Loralen and the adventurers entered the Halls of Reflection.

Upon reaching Arthas' private chambers in the Halls of Reflection and standing so close to Frostmourne, Sylvanas felt the pain of her death to this blade renewed. Nonetheless, she attempted to commune with the spirits within the sword, hoping that "salvation lies within".

At that point, the spirit of Uther the Lightbringer appeared, warning her that the Lich King was on his way, and of the foolishness of attempting to defeat him there. He revealed that even if Arthas were to be destroyed, there must be someone to take his place as master of the Scourge, lest they wash across the world like locusts, consuming everything in their path. To defeat the Lich King, Uther said, he must be destroyed at the place he was created: Just then, the Lich King arrived and reclaimed his blade, consuming the soul of Uther within it.

He summoned Falric and Marwyn , his two top lieutenants, to kill the intruders. While the adventurers battled the pair and the ghosts they summon, Sylvanas and Dark Ranger Loralen gave chase as the Lich King fled to his inner sanctum. Upon defeating the death knights and their ghostly allies, the party found Loralen dead in the hallway and sounds of battle coming from the chamber before them - Sylvanas and the Lich King in single combat. Realizing he was too powerful to confront there, as Uther had warned, Sylvanas and her escorts fled, breaking through the ice walls and packs of undead minions the Lich King summoned to slow their progress.

As they reached the outside, they realized that it is a dead end, and resolved themselves to die in battle against the Dark Lord. Just then, the gunship Orgrim's Hammer arrived on scene to rescue them. As they fled the Halls of Reflection, Sylvanas realized that the Lich King's powers have increased tenfold and that to defeat him, a mighty army was needed, one greater than even the Horde could muster.

Eventually, Arthas fell in combat with Tirion Fordring and his champions, ending his reign of terror. The adventurer brings the vial to Sylvanas, waiting in Light's Hammer. As the whole of Azeroth was enveloped within the effects of the Emerald Nightmare, so was the Undercity and the Banshee Queen herself. Sylvanas dreamt about being a high elf once again after the actually dead Varimathras had turned her back into one.

However, her fears gripped her once more as the actually dead Lich King reappeared and tortured her while Varimathras betrayed her once again in her dream. Sharlindra and the other denizens of the Undercity could not bring her out of the spell's grip. While irritated that she was not there to see him fall, Sylvanas took solace in knowing that the work she had begun in the lush forests of Quel'Thalas was at last complete: With her life's - and unlife's - goal sated, Sylvanas could think only of the bright fate that had awaited her before Arthas tore out her soul and prepared to hurl herself from the citadel onto the saronite spikes below, the only thing capable of destroying her completely.

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As she contemplated the end of her long journey, nine Val'kyr encircled her, granting her visions of her past. Sylvanas ignored them and hurled herself off the Frozen Throne. Sylvanas saw a vision of her peoples' future. Without her leadership, the bulk of the Forsaken was sacrificed by Garrosh Hellscream in a failed assault on Gilneas. At the Bulwark , Apothecary Lydon organizes a last, desperate counterattack against the invading Alliance forces.

As the tide turned against them, the Forsaken threw themselves into raging fires rather than face the onslaught to come. As the vision ended, Sylvanas found herself floating in a dark void, where she knew only terror, cold, hopelessness, fear, and regret. She also ran into the ghost of Arthas and was surprised to find that all he was at this point was a frightened and lonely little boy.

Looking at the man who had inflicted such torment, Sylvanas admitted that had her soul not been broken she may have actually felt pity for him despite what he had done to her. As she realized that this realm of anguish was to be her eternity, the Val'kyr appeared to her again. Led by Annhylde the Caller , they offered the Dark Lady a pact: Sylvanas accepted the pact and was returned to the realm of the living surrounded by the eight remaining Val'kyr. Sylvanas returned to Silverpine Forest , where Garrosh was leading the assault on Gilneas and stated that the invasion would be carried out her way; Garrosh begrudgingly accepted, and Sylvanas ordered her fleet around to the southern coast to harass the villages and split the defenders.

Reflecting on what she had been through, Sylvanas realized that her people were no longer simply arrows in her quiver, but an important resource that would not be squandered. This section concerns content related to Cataclysm. Following the Wrathgate fiasco, the Forsaken as a whole came under scrutiny from the wider Horde. Use of the Forsaken Blight was explicitly banned, though the apothecaries were permitted to work on a considerably weaker strain. Sylvanas was then ordered to move south into Gilneas because the Horde wanted a port in northern Lordaeron. Through her ally, Ralaar Fangfire , she had learned that the legendary Scythe of Elune was in Gilneas and sought custody of it.

However, the Forsaken had not counted on the Gilneans controlling the worgen curse that had spread among them, and the Gilneans uniting their forces after internal struggling to push the Forsaken out of Gilneas City. She quickly turns the tables despite her disadvantage, and aims a poisoned arrow at Genn - though Liam hurls himself in its way; dying in the process. Frustrated, and with the new Warchief's presence breathing down her neck , Sylvanas orders the city to be drenched in blight to secure a certain victory.

The Gilneans learn of this and begin to evacuate their citizens. With the battle over and Gilneas once again in Forsaken hands, Sylvanas retreats. However, the Forsaken lose their holdings in Gilneas after a night-time raid by the 7th Legion. In a meeting with Garrosh Hellscream whom Sylvanas does not appear to think particularly highly of , Sylvanas reveals the newest allies of the Forsaken - the val'kyr , the ascended vrykul women who once served the Lich King, and uses them to raise dead enemies as Forsaken as a solution to the undead not being able to procreate.

After an insulting exchange with the highly revolted Garrosh, High Warlord Cromush is dispensed to "guard" the Dark Lady and keep tabs on the Forsaken. Sylvanas personally takes to the battlefield in Silverpine Forest , leading her army against the Alliance counterattack from Gilneas. The Forsaken come under heavy fire from the Gilneas Liberation Front , backed by the Bloodfang pack and the 7th Legion troops. While the Forsaken forces begin to push forward with the help of their allies, old and new Orcish reinforcements and the val'kyr , respectively , the latter efficiently bringing in the fallen to bolster their ranks, Sylvanas devises a plan to end the battle in victory- beginning with the resurrection of Lord Godfrey.

Darius decides to surrender and Sylvanas allows him to leave with his daughter and his men. Shortly afterward she is killed by Godfrey, who quickly flees to Shadowfang Keep. After a moment of thought, the three val'kyr sacrifice themselves and give Sylvanas life once more. This convinces Sylvanas beyond a shadow of a doubt that the val'kyr are the future of her people.

The Dark Lady and her forces are eager to conquer the Arathi Highlands , and the fallen and resurrected Prince Galen Trollbane , now a member of the Forsaken, along with Dark Ranger Alina are presiding over the possible conflict. Sylvanas herself mused to Alina that the Forsaken's complete conquest of Lordaeron may be the only way they can find satisfaction, and perhaps, relief.

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She expresses dissatisfaction with how Koltira Deathweaver deals with the Alliance - especially after the Alliance forces assault the Forsaken's side of Andorhal , despite Koltira's apparent truce with the enemy commander, Thassarian. Sylvanas steps in to turn the battle around, unleashing the val'kyr to secure a safe victory. After the Alliance is defeated, Sylvanas confronts Koltira about his ill-fated truce with Thassarian, and scolds him for being weak. A portal to the Undercity is opened and Koltira is pulled through by a hooked chain, where Sylvanas will attempt to purge him of his compassion for Thassarian and make him more of a servant of the Horde - more specifically, a servant of Sylvanas and the Forsaken.

Lady Sylvanas later sends Lady Cozwynn to the Twilight Highlands , to serve as the Horde liaison to the new Dragonmaw Chieftain, Warlord Zaela , in order to improve her relations with the Warchief and "mend broken fences. Lady Sylvanas and the Forsaken as a whole have come under the observation of the neighboring Argent Crusade forces and certain members of the Ebon Blade. As similarities between her and the Lich King increase, the Forsaken are now being watched very closely. Sylvanas was present at the Horde leader meeting called by Warchief Garrosh Hellscream , in which the Warchief made clear his plans to attack and crush the nation of Theramore.

Sylvanas was opposed to this notion, wary that the Alliance may take their anger out on the Forsaken and sin'dorei if their main base of power on Kalimdor is compromised. Sylvanas repeatedly looked to Lor'themar Theron for support, playing upon his sympathy, though Lor'themar gave her none. Garrosh assured Sylvanas that any counterattacks would be dealt with, and the Dark Lady dispensed Captain Frandis Farley to represent her during the siege of Theramore. After the war, Malkorok had Farley killed in the inn in Razor Hill for questioning his actions in the meeting with Baine and Vol'jin.

This section concerns content related to Mists of Pandaria. Vol'jin vaguely referenced her as an ally against Garrosh Hellscream in the burgeoning Horde Rebellion noting that she needs "no excuse" to strike against Garrosh. While nearing to make a landfall, she and Theron discussed raising the dead. While the blood elven regent forbade her to use her resurrection skills on the elves, he did not care about the human ones. She planned to use her angels to fill the streets of Orgrimmar and raise the dead but it is currently unknown if she succeeded or not.

Sylvanas is present along with the rest of the Horde's leadership barring Ji Firepaw , who was injured earlier in the siege at the defeat and arrest of Garrosh. When Thrall names Vol'jin the new Warchief, Sylvanas nods in acknowledgment. However as the quote below indicates, she's not quite as accepting as she appeared, hinting that she's going to give him a hard time to 'test' him. Aethas , Lor'themar , and Sylvanas at Bladefist Bay. Sylvanas at Dranosh'ar Landing during the Siege of Orgrimmar. Sylvanas is initially displeased at the idea of a trial rather than an execution and opposes the appointment of Baine Bloodhoof as Hellscream's defender.

When Baine's defense of Hellscream proves better than the Banshee Queen would like she accuses him of being an "Alliance sympathizer", prompting the tauren chieftain to somewhat aggressively, albeit calmly, deny her claim while grabbing her upper arms. Vereesa Windrunner , noticing her sister's mutual hatred for Garrosh, anonymously summoned her to Windrunner Spire to plot the assassination of the tyrannical former Warchief.

Concocting a new, untraceable poison with her Forsaken subjects, she and Vereesa planned to lace Hellscream's last meal with it. In the meantime, Vereesa entertained the idea of joining her sister in a leadership position of the Forsaken despite the fact that it would require her to abandon her children. Sylvanas realized that the Forsaken would not accept a living creature into their leadership and decided she would murder Vereesa so that her "Little Moon" could be reborn at her side as an undead.

At the last moment, Vereesa relented and informed Anduin Wrynn of the poison in Hellscream's food. Despite Hellscream's hateful words and remorseless attitude, the prince saved the imprisoned orc's life, foiling the Banshee Queen's plan. After learning of the plan's failure, the Banshee Queen rampaged through the wilderness, angrily killing any wildlife unfortunate enough to get in her way and proclaiming that she would never attempt to love again.

This section concerns content related to Warlords of Draenor. When the Dark Lady asked for volunteers to make the trek into Draenor, Dark Ranger Velonara answered without hesitation. Any opportunity to please the Dark Lady is worth the risk.

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Sylvanas also sent the mage Vivianne to assist the commander on Draenor and to retrieve samples of the Infested for study. As the Legion began invading Azeroth , Sylvanas called Nathanos to partake in a ritual meant to make him stronger. He agreed to take part, though not before attempting to provoke her.

When he discovered that the ritual would involve the val'kyr sacrificing his cousin Stephon Marris , he felt no regret, only the duty-bound oath he had made towards Sylvanas. The Val'kyr proceeded to place herself between the human and the undead and began chanting guttural words in an ancient tongue, flashes of blue and gold pulsing from her hands. Nathanos lost his senses for a time, his world exploding in fire and pain. When the Blightcaller's wits returned, he found that he had been transformed to become stronger than before and not be as decayed and withered as he had been.

However, upon looking into a mirror, he noticed that his new face was not entirely his own. He then noticed that the second ritual table was empty save for a bit of ash and oily residue stains. Sylvanas directed Dark Ranger Anya to escort her champion to the armory to see him outfitted in a manner that befits his station. Along the way, Anya implied to Nathanos that Sylvanas had feelings for champion, a notion that the Blightcaller disagreed with, as he personally felt that whatever emotion his mortal heart might have held, now it had room only for rage and contempt.

This section concerns content related to Legion. The Forsaken's ruthless leader is a formidable champion of her people. But with the Burning Legion 's invasion, the stakes for the Dark Lady have never been higher. Should Sylvanas perish, her demise will be the beginning of her eternal damnation. All that stand between her and this doom are her val'kyr , yet few of these spirit guardians remain. As her fate edges closer to the abyss, Sylvanas must decide how far she'll go to protect her people Sylvanas took part in the Horde's attack force heading for the Broken Isles in a joint assault with the Alliance.

When a demonic attack critically damaged the Alliance's gunship, she vaulted onto it before it crashed into her own. She fought alongside Varian Wrynn against a rampaging abyssal and survived the gunship's fall to continue the battle on land. During the Battle for the Broken Shore , Sylvanas and Baine Bloodhoof 's forces regrouped with Vol'jin , Thrall , and the Horde reinforcements and fight their way to defeat the demons of the Black City.

They then pursue Gul'dan and witness the sacrifice of Tirion Fordring after the warlock summoned Krosus. After the Horde forces defeat the demon with the Alliance's help, Sylvanas tells King Varian Wrynn that the Horde will hold the high ridge and cover the Alliance's flank while the Alliance confront Gul'dan. The Horde forces hold the high ridge until they discover that another portal opened up behind them and its vast reinforcements threaten to overwhelm the Horde defenders.

The Horde is overwhelmed from an attack from behind and Vol'jin was mortally wounded by a poisoned spear. Sylvanas rides to secure her Warchief who urged her not to let the Horde die this day. Seeing the Horde forces crumbling and incoming Burning Legion reinforcements, Sylvanas blew her war horn signaling her val'kyr to secure injured Horde soldiers and ordered a retreat. The Horde abandoning their strategic position left the Alliance vulnerable however and Varian watched in shock and disappointment as he witnesses the Horde forces quit the field.

Varian is forced to order a retreat via gunship. As it takes off, however, Gul'dan summons an immense fel reaver through the portal, which grabs onto the airship, causing it to tip and send many Alliance soldiers plummeting to their deaths. King Varian sacrificed himself to distract the Burning Legion so that the remaining Alliance forces can secure their escape. Sylvanas grimly gazed at the massive fel explosion that resulted from Gul'dan executing the subdued Varian Wrynn with fel magic as she steered her Forsaken battleship back to Orgrimmar.

After the loa spirits grant Vol'jin a vision, Vol'jin decides to make Sylvanas warchief of the Horde in his final moments. Vol'jin is burned on a funeral pyre, and during the ceremony, Sylvanas asks the masses of the Horde who will aid her in avenging him. The members of the Horde reply with thunderous battle cries and roars and the other Horde leaders pledge their loyalty to the new Warchief.

When demon infiltrators assault Orgrimmar, Sylvanas' forces and the Illidari envoy, Allari the Souleater , are able to repel the attack. Seeing that demon hunters will play a crucial part in the war, but mistrustful of their motives, Lady Windrunner sends a Horde champion to act as the Horde's envoy to the Illidari and, unofficially, as her spy. Sylvanas later takes the Forsaken fleet to Stormheim. Suddenly, the fleet is attacked by a single Alliance gunship, the Skyfire.

Sylvanas tasks her champion, Nathanos Blightcaller , and a Horde adventurer to defend the fleet. Before her royal flagship -- The Windrunner -- could be boarded by the Alliance, Sylvanas escapes to Stormheim to fulfill her mysterious agenda alone. Sylvanas can later be found in Helheim making a deal with Helya. There they attempt to overtake the vrykul city by force but are repelled. Sylvanas chooses a different approach and sends a Horde adventurer to undergo a rite of ascension to gain access to the vault that Sylvanas desires entrance to.

Once the vault is opened, Sylvanas reveals she intends to subjugate Eyir and force her to make more Val'kyr for the Forsaken. At the vault, Sylvanas uses a magical lantern called the Soulcage to bind Eyir and tortures the Val'kyr to obey her commands. Genn Greymane lets out a beastly howl and speaks to Sylvanas in a menacing tone from the shadows. Genn tells Sylvanas her quest for immortality has left her vulnerable and cries out that he will have his vengeance on her as he pounces at her from the ceiling. He declares he will avenge Varian, Gilneas, and his son as he strikes at her; eventually knocking her down.

Genn then charges at her but Sylvanas evades him and shoots a poisoned arrow at his shoulder, thus turning Genn human. Sylvanas taunts Genn by saying she overestimated him and calling him an "old wolf". Genn then reveals that he stole Sylvanas' magical lantern during his last charge and smashes it on the ground, thus freeing Eyir. Sylvanas watched in shock and anger as Eyir is released from her binds and disappears. Genn walks out of the vault, snapping the shaft of Sylvanas' poisoned arrow lodged in his shoulder, and tells Sylvanas that since she stole his son's future, he now took hers.

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Though Eyir has escaped her grasp, Sylvanas intends to pursue the Val'kyr even if she has to hunt her through the halls of Valhalas. When a Horde player reaches Prestige Rank 2, Sylvanas can be found in the Undercity alongside other notable leaders of the Horde. War has come to Alfheimr, the home of the elves. The situation is desperate as the mainland elves and their allies try to stop the enemy from gaining control of the route between the worlds of elf and man.

Half-elf Kirsty and her companions have already travelled back to the years , , and during their quest to find the magical jewels that will seal the route. Now they must go back in time again - to the era of the Iceni Queen Boudica and the Ninth Roman Legion in a desperate search for the final three. You can download Apple Books from the App Store.

Opening the iTunes Store. If Apple Books doesn't open, click the Books app in your Dock.